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Lazarro Green-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-300-GR

(5 customer reviews)

Are You looking for your new Straight Soprano Saxophone to fulfill all your musical needs… We have the perfect instrument for You – “Lazarro” Straight Soprano Saxophone”
Our “Lazarro” Saxophones are perfect for any occasions: lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras. We follow USA Standards for our Saxophones, that is why they are teacher and school approved
We are a USA Brand that you can trust. Our Saxophones are not just stylish, but also very durable, have great sound quality and are always hand checked by our professional team in New York.
“Lazarro” Saxophones made according to International Standards, regardless of the colors and keys, and feature the same sound quality, mechanisms and durability.
Package: Lazarro Straight Soprano Saxophone, Curved and Straight Necks, Mouthpiece with Reed, Cap and Ligature, Box of 10 Lazarro Reeds, Fabric Case, Neck Strap, Cleaning Cloth, Reeds Holder, Cleaning Rod, White Gloves, Screwdriver, Cork Grease and Tweezers


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Bb Straight Soprano Saxophone Lazarro has Bb Keys, High F# Key.Made from Real BRASS and has Hand Engraved Bell Decoration, High Quality Leather Pads with Metal Resonators, Adjustable Key Height Screws and Metal Thumb Rest

Specification: Lazarro Green-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-300-GR

Weight 6.95 lbs

5 reviews for Lazarro Green-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-300-GR

4.8 out of 5
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  1. MamaSews

    So I haven’t played in years! Like 13 years since I dabbled in church band and 15 since high school band. I marched an alto and for jazz and concert, played a tenor in the way back. My mouth is completely out of shape!! I have always wanted a soprano though so I finally ordered this one. It’s pretty cool! The sound will improve as I do but its not the horn, I assure you its me! I used everything that came with the sax to play it and I agree with most reviews, the mouthpiece is total crap! I have another one coming tomorrow. I’m using the reeds because I figure by the time I run through them, (12, not 11 as advertised) I’ll be able to notice the nicer reeds. For now, I’m honking and squeeking so bad that there is no reed that can save me! Lol I wish so bad that these Chinese horns were available when I was in school. I played a few of the most used up beat down saxes on the planet and for a few hundred bucks could have had one like this! There is really everything you could need in the box ready to go! I don’t know how you could put a lyre on it to March, maybe thats not something people do?? But other than that, everything is as expected. My tenor is a vintage selmer Paris super action 80 and I’ve had a couple Altos, Yamaha and some off brand I can’t remember now. Point is, I’ve played a few different levels of sax, although not soprano, and this one really seems to be made well! My senior year, I was also the in house repair person for saxes, I could fix most anything that the marching band could destroy unless it needed welded so I do know how they should work. The keys are very responsive and the pads seem to be a fine quality. I did order a few Chinese pads for my tenor a few years ago, had some dried out and nasty ones, and they were absolutely fine so I do expect these to be OK as well. I was reluctant to order this because it isn’t something I really have time for anymore but I’ve been making time to play and I’m really loving it!! Good thing I drank that bottle of cheap wine at new years and bought it! Hahahaha!!! That explains why its pink! Who ever heard of a pink saxophone? I love it!!Read more

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  2. Jazz is Alive!!!

    Professional saxophonist for over 30 years; and personally own professional vintage horns. I play a Selmer Mark6 Tenor sax five digit serial number; and a Silver plated Buescher soprano from the 1920’s with a sweet tone. I found the Lazzaro nickel silver soprano to be quite an amazing sax for the price; comparable to many other horns in the $1500 to $2000 range. I can see quality and durability and pleasantly surprising tone and playability. For a sax at this price and playing potential; meaning I would use it on a gig; I’m quite happy and pleasantly surprised. 5 Stars!Read more

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  3. Joe Faber

    Overall, this is very nice for the money. It is attractive and seemingly well made. Some of the issues I have had with it are the mouthpiece is junk, the two reeds it comes with are junk, there is no swab for cleaning and I had a key sticking issue that worked itself out over about a week. I beginner would likely be more frustrated with these issues not knowing what to do. I have since purchased a better mouthpiece and began using the better reeds that were included with the set. I am still not excited about those reeds and will probably purchase better ones. Final tally? This is still a very nice instrument for the money and worth buying. I would recommend it to a friend or family member.Read more

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  4. Paul E Self

    This is scary! this is a great horn for a fantastic price! the quality! intonation! sound! and overall build of the horn is beyond what I expected! this is a “quality horn” the finish is absolutely beautiful, the key work is great! it feels good in my hands! but the main thing it’s responsive with an “expressive sound” very balanced in all octaves and that’s with the stock mouthpiece that came with the horn! Can’t wait to play it with Mr. Meyers hard rubber 6 M chamber! OMG!!! I can really play a gig with this horn!!!! for the price… this is scary!! in a good way!Read more

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  5. Mark Beck

    I have been playing in bands for 40+ years. I have owned and sold many saxophones over time including Selmer Mark VI’s. I wanted a soprano sax to play on a couple of songs and did not want to spend a lot. I was pleasantly surprised to find a soprano in silver/gold for $220 that matched the colors of my Jupiter Artist Tenor and Alto saxes, so I decided to take a chance and order this model.I am totally amazed with this Lazarro! It has a perfect finish, a real nice case and all the accessories that you need. Now all mouthpieces that come bundled with new saxophones are basically narrow tipped and for beginners. This mouthpiece is no exception. I did not have my Otto Link at hand when the shipping package arrived so I initially tried out this horn with the stock mouthpiece. I was able to blow a 2 octave D major scale effortlessly, in perfect tune, right out of the box..After breaking in the reed a little I was able to blow easily from low Bb to high F#. With my Otto Link I am able to play with a nice warm sound effortlessly. All the tabla keys are aligned, so is the octave key. The action is a little bit stiff right now but that is what you want, as it will loosen up with use. I read the bad reviews and wondered why my experience is so… just the opposite. My guess is that the bad reviews are bogus and are from the competition trying to steer you away to consider their product. In closing, I am NOT affiliated with Lazarro in any way and would give this Soprano sax 5+ stars if it were possible.Read more

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    Lazarro Green-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-300-GR
    Lazarro Green-Gold Keys Bb B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone Sax Lazarro+11 Reeds,Care Kit~24 COLORS Available-300-GR


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