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LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly

(8 customer reviews)

This LG 3045EL1002S is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part manufactured to exact specifications
Replacement Drum Assembly for LG Dryers
LG Drum Assembly rotates within the dryer to circulate air around the garments
High quality OEM LG 3045EL1002S Dryer Drum Assembly is manufactured with premium materials for durability and exact fit, be sure to follow instructions in installation manual when installing this part
Repair your appliance with confidence when you choose Genuine LG OEM Factory parts


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This high quality OEM LG EBR67466109 Main Power Control Board Assembly is manufactured to exact specifications with durable materials and will fit a variety of LG Washing Machine models. The LG Main Power Control Board Assembly manages the washer’s functions such as filling, washing, draining, and spinning. Offering security and reliability that your LG Washing Machine will function correctly to employ the right process and the right stage of the wash cycle. Please be aware that your LG Washing Machine should be disconnected from the water and power source prior to replacing this part. Compatible Models: WT5070CW,WT5170HV,WT5170HW,WT5170WH,35563

LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly. For use with the following LG Electronics models: WT1201CV, WT4901CW, WT5070CW, WT5170HV, WT5170HW, WT6001HW. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

Specification: LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 2 in

8 reviews for LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly

4.4 out of 5
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  1. M. Ezekiel

    I can’t speak to longevity yet, and probably can’t any time soon (my old drain pump lasted almost 10 years), so I gave the benefit of the doubt and put a 3-star for that. Everything else was 5-star. When I contemplated buying this part, Amazon’s website said that it may not be compatible with my washer model. I took the risk anyway because all the research that I had done pointed to this specific drain pump, and this was the best price I could find. The only problem was that there’s no way that the included pump mount would work on my washer. So I simply removed the rubber grommets from the new mount, and installed them on the old mount before bolting the new pump on. It was very easy, and it has been working perfectly since. The new pump has the exact same specifications as the old one, and was made by the same manufacturer as the old one; Hanning Electro Werks.Read more

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  2. Lance S

    Was able to save several hundred $$$ by replacing the pump myself. My hands are big so maneuvering in those small spaces was tricky/frustrating. So I removed the bottom of the washer (just a handful of screws), installed most of the pump, then just had a couple of steps left once screwing the bottom back on. CRITICAL NOTE: follow other reviewers advice and don’t use the cheap clamps that come with it. They will not hold! Invest a few bucks in some screw clamps and you are good to go.Read more

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  3. trn885

    This pump fit perfectly like others have said and the installation was fairly simple. So far I have had about 30 loads run through and all is well. The only time I was a little worried was when I tried pulling out the water leak sensor plug. The whole sensor came out of its mount but that actually made it easier to install on the new short plug that was attached to the pump. My old pump was inoperative so the washer still had water in it even after I bailed out the tub as best I could. To get the rest out I used my wet/dry vac and put the drain hose inside the vacuum hose and it sucked the remaining water out just fine. Its hard not get get things wet inside so just make sure you dry up any mess especially around the water leak detector probe (the thing connected to the short plug on the pump) otherwise the washer will think there is a leak.Read more

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  4. Sydney Roth

    I was so happy to find this piece for our washer on amazon. I know if it didn’t work I could at least get my money back- but the good news is it WORKED!! Washer drain pump died and I didn’t want to replace a perfectly good washer in our new home! Found a YouTube video and did it myself- was very pleased with my purchase

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  5. Jennykc

    My washer pump went out and I was gonna order it from the manufacturer but they wanted way to much money. We installed it ourselves and it took less than 15 min to have it all done. Works great and have t had any issues. A lot cheaper than buying a new washer or having someone come out and install one.Read more

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  6. Amanda

    This actually just arrived a few minutes ago. Unboxed it & it is definitely not a new part. The piece of plastic that covers the top is cracked, the bottom pegs show signs of wear. Pretty frustrated but if it fits my washing machine then I’ll have to use it because I need a washer! Will update this review once I know if it fits/works or not.Read more

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  7. Rusty

    Had a problem with my LG washing machine not draining the tub during a wash cycle. Read up on it and figured it was probably the drain pump not pumping out the water. Ordered this one which actually fits a variety of models, took the washer apart, replaced pump, put back together and now were back in business!Read more

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  8. Indrid Cold

    The item arrived sooner than expected. It was a perfect fit and extremely easy to install, an arthritic chimpanzee with broken thumbs could install it in short time. It fixed my washer’s woes.Read more

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    LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly
    LG 5859EA1004G Washing Machine Drain Pump Assembly


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