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Likebook P10 E-Reader,10″ E-Ink Tablet Paperwhite Reader with Adjustable Front Light,Cold /Warm Light ,Android 8.1,2GB Ram+64GB ,Dual Touch, Hand Writing ,Support WiFi OTG Type C

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●10 Inch big size E-ink carta touch Screen (1200*1600) screen ,with Warm & Cold double temperature light and flat tempered glass coverlens , clearly present image and text ,with eye protection
●Android 8.1 operation system, an open Android system for installation of more third part Apps, available.2GB+64GB memory,Ultra-long stand-by time with more compatible .
●Dual Touch Control supported : (Pen need buy seperately )active capacity pen and touch with finger are supported that it is easy for reading .good partner to make notes, meeting minutes, drawing,Sketch etc, 4096 Degrees of Pressure Sensitivity gives you a chance to draw or write down your inspiration.
● Convert handwriting to text, good for meeting minutes or some other remarks, Professional PDF reader, Your best assistant for learning.
●The new generation of Reading Engine ZReader, give you a new reading enjoyment, original version Book layout/multi-language, multi-fonts mixed layout/reading history recording /quick translation accompanies you /display/reading personality adjustment.
●Multiple ways of transmitting books, faster and more convenient. USB,bluetooth and wifi transmitting, USB C fast connection, one touch to transmission.


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CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz. Display Technology: E Ink. Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB. Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi. Human Interface Input: Touchscreen. Screen Size: 10 Inches. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 0.01 x 0.01 inches. Item Weight: 458 Grams. Color: Blue. Brand: Likebook. Manufacturer: Boyue. Date First Available: May 10, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #58,809 in Electronics. Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 16 ratings 3.8 out of 5 stars. Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. ASIN: B08Z8GXHD3. Item Weight: 1.01 pounds.

Specification: Likebook P10 E-Reader,10″ E-Ink Tablet Paperwhite Reader with Adjustable Front Light,Cold /Warm Light ,Android 8.1,2GB Ram+64GB ,Dual Touch, Hand Writing ,Support WiFi OTG Type C

Weight 1.01 lbs

9 reviews for Likebook P10 E-Reader,10″ E-Ink Tablet Paperwhite Reader with Adjustable Front Light,Cold /Warm Light ,Android 8.1,2GB Ram+64GB ,Dual Touch, Hand Writing ,Support WiFi OTG Type C

3.6 out of 5
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  1. al

    I’ve been thinking about buying a 10 inch e-reader on and off over the last couple of years, yet I couldn’t justify spending close to $500 on one. Recently, I scanned the market again for an e-reader and saw the P10. I almost didn’t buy it thinking that it’s still on the expensive side considering the hardware is a step back (while the screen might actually be a step up), but I am glad I bought it. First off, this makes reading a pdf enjoyable. The only other devise which I could get through a pdf was a 12.9″ iPad. Yet even on the iPad, pdf’s were very unpleasant to read. With this devise the screen is smaller but the pdf’s are much more pleasant to read. I can cut out the corners or re-flow it. The auto crop or self crop is better. The re-flow feature is useful with flaws. It makes the text larger and legible for larger pdf’s, yet it cuts the bottom line halfway so one can only see the top portion of that line, and re shows the bottom two lines on the next page. I would prefer if it showed the complete bottom line and didn’t repeat any lines. Also, there are a group of three stars on each side, towards the top on every page or two, that slightly cut into some text. So I only use re-flow on rare occasions. epup files are good to read too, but the p10 has issues loading some epup files. It succeeds with most. I don’t know if it’s the device’s fault or the file’s fault. With A2 mode on, I can play brain games like chess, sodoku, various puzzle games and card games. I can also use this as a media player after downloading a better music player app (I didn’t try their stock app). This has blue tooth 5.0, so the range is superb with the bluetooth. At first when I started playing music through it, the battery drained real quick. I realized that a good deal of music apps have a dark screen with moving images. I switched to a simple-looking app with a white screen, changed out of the music tab while listening. This seemed to help. My battery only drains about 20% after 4-5 hours of music streaming/ brain game use. On too the battery life, when using this for reading with wireless connections off, google framework off, (If you keep google framework on you will have a terrible battery life) and keeping the back light on low, I can can use this all day with about a 10% drop in battery life. The reader is on the slow side and it’s not the e-inks fault, rather its software optimization and processor speed, which is to blame. Get used to hitting a button and waiting a few seconds for it to respond. Sometimes it responds quicker and other times it can get bogged down, but mostly it’s fairly responsive. People complain about it being heavy, so when I got it I almost lifted it up too quickly. When people say heavy, they mean e-reader heavy I was thinking laptop heavy, this is still feather weight at about a pound in my book. But I got this with the official case and when paired with the case, the e-reader felt heavier and more substantial (without the case it feels fragile). But with the case the p10 can put stress on the wrist when holding it with one hand. On to the case, the case is very elegant but awfully made. My case didn’t even have a cutout to help it stand, and the back part flapped when held all the way on the side while closing the case. So I used velcro to attach it at all four corners. This stopped the case from flapping and I ended up liking the case as well. I tried to see if the p10 will fit into other cases and the closest I got was fitting this into an iPad 10.2in case. The iPad’s case fits the width, but it’s about 10mm too long (0.4in). One more thing if you buy this make sure you have another usb C to A cable. The cable that comes with this is junk. It does not fit all the way into the port unless one uses excessive force. At first I couldn’t figure out why my computer was not registering the device. Luckily, I had another cable. My computer instantly recognized the P10. I forced the p10’s cable into an external hard drive and the cable worked, so if you don’t mind risking breaking the port, use the included cable. Overall, this is a fantastic device that gets used more than I thought I would. I did not get the pen so I can’t comment on the writing, but from what I heard it’s not too good. It would be nice is they gave the option to use the capacitive touch for underlining, letting me use a stylus for underlining and a keyboard or voice to text for notes. something like an iPad where one can use their active stylus or their finger. Ps it comes pre-installed with a screen protector, which is a pleasant bonus.Read more

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  2. Michelle Nguyen

    I have the likebook ares and absolutely loved it so I saw a bigger one and thought why not. I do likebook p10 but I’m super sad they got rid of the SD slot, I wish they would have either given that option or increase the memory size. I’m also having a difficult time with being able to upload the template for my notebooks. Its not perfect but its still awesome. Wish they had more video to show us all the cool features it has. Overall this e-ink book is pretty awesome. Way better then the MobiScribe or any other ones I’ve seen so far. The price is reasonable too. I would for sure suggest this for anyone.Read more

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  3. Stephen Mitchell

    The P10 is a great reader. I have used it now for three weeks and am enjoying its features. As an eReader it is marvelous. I also read many PDFs and it does very well with them due to its 10″ screen. It does run Android 8.1 so my favorite Bible app would not run on it, but another one does. I also loaded a Kindle app on it and downloaded my Kindle books. That works fine on it. The notepad function works fine with the additional pen. I have taken notes on it and converted them to typed text (the conversion requires a wifi connection). I have also done a little drawing on the notepad and am satisfied with its limited capabilities in that dept. The included browser app is slow but works. Patience is the main requirement to use the browser app. The P10 also has Bluetooth but I have not used that feature. The P10 also has the English manual on the unit. The manual is often difficult to follow as it completely lacks any icon graphics to identify what icon it is discussing at each point. It must be read with the P10 on and in front of the reader with the reader tapping different icons to find the one discussed. To do this, I printed out the manual from the internet and did not try to use the one on the unit. The English is awkward at times due to it being written by someone who is not a native-born English speaker. Overall, I like the P10 very much over my old 6″ eReader.Read more

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    En general es una buena tableta, principalmente para leer libros en cualquier formato, el gran problema se presenta cuando quieres salvar tus notas en PDF, ya que no he hallado la forma de hacerlo,si alguién sabe por favor diganmelo, Se me ocurrió hacer un screenshot de la nota y conectar la tableta a mi pc, y esta foto imprimirla en PDF y luego guardarla en la pc, para luego reenviarla a la tableta como un archivo PDF, pero se justifica tanto trabajo, pués creo que no, en realidad no sé que voy hacer ya que el pricipal motivo por el cuál la compré es para escribir, escribir y escribir.Vuelvo a repetir si alguién sabe como salvar las notas en PDF, por favor ayudeme.Read more

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  5. K&L

    Sent this back after a couple of days of trying it. The built-in reading app doesn’t remember what book I’m reading. Had to go find it every time I wanted to read. Tried using 3rd party apps from the Play Store, but they were too slow to be functional.Read more

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  6. Sharp

    Response delays long (takes longer time to turn pages)Read more

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  7. Cliente de Amazon

    Procesador muy lentoRead more

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  8. Amazon Customer

    No es rápido como une tableta normal porque su procesador solo es de 4 procesadores. Pero, esto no es una tableta, es un lector de libros y toma notas. Para ésto funciona muy bien. El otro detalle es que cuando usando el sistema de iluminación, no es perfecto. Se nota donde se encuentra los LEDs que iluminan la pantalla, pero no es tan mal que distraiga or reduce la experiencia. Hay que tener en cuenta que este es un sistema económico y no de los más caros. Aún, está bien hecho y me ha funcionado como lo esperaba. Me gusta que pude instalar los programas que necesito, como diccionarios, MS word, Kindle, chrome, Goodreads, etc. También instalé one drive y google drive para transferir mis archivos. No necesito conectar al la computadora. Para usar el diccionario que tiene hay que copiar uno de formato MOBI en su archivo para diccionario. Si ya conoces a el sistema de Android, podrás usarlo sin dificultad. No viene con buenas instrucciones. Los que tiene está en inglés y traducida muy mal. Se nota que usaron a Google translate en ves de un humano nativo. También recomiendo que no compren la funda porque so pega bien a la superficie del lector P10. La superficie no es plana y la funda se pega al lector con cinta adhesiva. Si se necesita la pluma para aprovechar de todo el funcionamiento del lector. Para hacer notas se necesita su stylus official. Otros stylus no funciona con sus abilidades de hacer notas en libros ni en su programa para notas. La pluma está bien hecho.Read more

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  9. Armando

    El lector funciona bien y no ha tenido ningún problema de conectividad. La pantalla es bastante grande, pero si eres de los que lee libros cuyo formato es grande o simplemente quieres leer en una pantalla más grande a la habitual, funciona muy bien. El único inconveniente es que está versión no incluye una ranura para insertar tarjetas micro sd por lo que si quieres pasar archivos tendrás que hacerlo de forma manual con el cable o su aplicación.Read more

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    Likebook P10 E-Reader,10″ E-Ink Tablet Paperwhite Reader with Adjustable Front Light,Cold /Warm Light ,Android 8.1,2GB Ram+64GB ,Dual Touch, Hand Writing ,Support WiFi OTG Type C
    Likebook P10 E-Reader,10″ E-Ink Tablet Paperwhite Reader with Adjustable Front Light,Cold /Warm Light ,Android 8.1,2GB Ram+64GB ,Dual Touch, Hand Writing ,Support WiFi OTG Type C


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