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Liquitex Professional Fluid Medium, 8-oz, Matte Matte 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

(12 customer reviews)

Creates a matte, non-reflecting finish when added to acrylic colors
Lightweight, non-toxic; Opaque when wet, translucent when dry
Intermixable with Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint Colors and Mediums
Conforms to ASTM D4236; Safe for educational use


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Value Series Acrylic Paints like Liquitex BASICS are formulated to offer dependable standards of performance at a more affordable cost. Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint is developed for students and artists that need quality at outstanding value. Each color is uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of the individual pigment. 48-Color Spectrum; A heavy body acrylic paint that retains peaks and brush strokes. Contains permanent artist pigments. All colors dry to a satin finish. Intermixable with all Liquitex Professional Acrylic Colors and Mediums. Ideal for learning color theory and color mixing. All colors hold the AP Seal from ACMI and are safe for educational use. Visit our Liquitex CARTGET Storefront for full product assortment.

Specification: Liquitex Professional Fluid Medium, 8-oz, Matte Matte 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Weight 3.52 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.2 × 2.2 in

12 reviews for Liquitex Professional Fluid Medium, 8-oz, Matte Matte 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Chelsea

    I bought this to test as a varnish over acrylic paintings. Even with a completely level isolation coat, there are thousands of tiny air bubbles in the varnish that will not go away after letting the mixture sit or using a vibrating table. The tiny air bubbles remain visible and trapped in the varnish, and the larger ones come to the surface and can be popped but leave irregularities in the finish. I’m very glad I tested this first, because using this would ruin any painting I wanted to have a nice, clear coat of gloss over.Read more

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  2. Wire Inspirations

    I go through about 1 gallon a month of this medium. I’ve tried 6-7 mediums for acrylic pours and this is my favorite. It is hard to manipulate the gallon. I pour it into a gallon beverage container with a spout and then use that to refill a 32 ounce bottle I keep on my work bench. They need to make the gallon easier to pour with a spout or something. It always makes a mess.Read more

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  3. Janelle B.

    I used Liquitex gloss medium varnish over acrylic paint on canvas with horrible cracking and yellowing results. After about an hour the entire surface has micro cracks, the varnish cracked everywhere. I tried waiting until completely dry and applied a second coat with same results. Do not recommend this product if you are covering an acrylic painting. It totally destroyed my painting.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    The product arrived ahead of schedule. The product was exactly as described. The high side is, there are all kinds of products in the world promising to do the same as this product. Rule of thumb, find one product line you enjoy and stay with it for the duration of your project. The less than glossy side of the product is, the company is marginally responsive to artist questions. The company tends to put a lot of stock in ‘watch’ our video. This is a huge boring. The art store employees tend to learn and come to know products and I prefer the human to human experience. Maybe I’m just not up to talking to a robot, whereby the company who has a live voice and knowledge will get my business every time. Right?Read more

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  5. kpha

    This is a hard product to find. I needed it for some glass painting that I wanted to do. I was painting on some glassware that I could cure in the oven to make it permanent. My acrylic paints kept getting too thick. I was making lots of mistakes and cleaning the glass a lot…. so I researched what I needed. This does help keep the paint wet enough to use for a longer time. In addition, it is water-based. Most of the mediums that I found in the craft stores were oil based and I didn’t want that hassle. Plus, the ones that I found online were very expensive and I wasn’t even sure it they were the right product. This was cheap enough that I was willing to take a chance on it. Now, if it would only paint by itself…. I am certainly no Van Gogh, but who knows…. maybe with enough patience and practice..Read more

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  6. warbler

    I use this to extend the color and flow of my thick acrylic paints. It guards against over-diluting with water. I have to be careful not to overuse it when mixing ’cause it has a pretty significant gloss to it. If you don’t pay attention, you can get overly-shiny patches on your canvas. I’ve also added it to my varnish layers. Again, it helps prevent against over-diluting with water. This is a very useful product. I love it!Read more

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  7. Andrea Acailawen

    I bought this to get a matte finish with my acrylic paints, as I do a lot of illustration work and matte surfaces are easier to photograph and scan. I work semi-regularly with gouache and I like the flat, velvety finish. The finish of this medium is similar, though using it with satin or glossy acrylic paints doesn’t create the same smooth, level surface that you’d get from using either traditional or acrylic gouache. It thins the paints a bit, so that thick, velvety consistency isn’t there. But the surface sheen is comparable. This ultra matte medium mixes with both heavy body and soft body/fluid acrylics very well, and I imagine it would also work with acrylic inks. It extends the drying time a little, works with water and a little goes a long way! I found that I needed very little of this medium to get a matte finish with most of my acrylics. Increasing the amount of medium reduces the pigmentation and coverage of the mix, which is fine if you’re glazing with it or using watercolor painting techniques, but it can also make the paint a bit more streaky, especially if you’re using soft body/fluid acrylics. With heavy body acrylics, the paint consistency, pigment load and color are also a factor. So, finding the right balance for what you’re doing at the time, as well as the consistency and pigment load of the acrylic paint you’re working with, is essential. Since I build up my colors slowly with a lot of layers most of the time, this medium suits a lot of my acrylic work nicely. Oh, I also have tried using a fine layer of this medium on finished work to create a matte surface. While it definitely works, it adds the slightest cloudiness to the paint surface that’s is visible on some colors. It’s probably best to go with a matte varnish if that is needed, but in a pinch for work that will be scanned/photographed and processed digitally (illustration, hand-painted motifs for design, etc), it’s not much of an issue. How does this compare to Liquitex’s Matte Medium? I also have the regular matte medium and, in comparison, this one is definitively more matte. It creates a flat finish very similar to gouache, even with acrylics that are pretty glossy to start with, while the regular matte medium leaves more of a satin finish with glossier paints and really only gets to a truly matte finish when mixing it with more satin-looking paints. When they say “ultra matte”, they really do mean ultra matte!Read more

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  8. Andrea P

    I tried to put some of this as additional medium in the mix for pouring painting, but it tends to thicken up very quickly and the colours then don’t have the right fluidity by the time you’re ready to pour them. I also haven’t seen any relevant change on the colour’s shine, hence there is no real benefit by adding it to the mix. Though I used this as a finishing varnish to protect the finished paintings and it works very well. Just use a little bit and spread it quickly (brushing on the same direction in the whole painting) to apply a very thin protective layer. If you put too much then it might look a bit too glossy. Though maybe that is what you’re looking for. I guess it depends on the project.Read more

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  9. Intrepid

    A great way to thin acrylic paint, prevent it drying too fast and gives a protective sheen. I didnt need much mixed with the paint, a few brush dabs. My first time painting, this has helped my inability to paint fast enough and with a nice effect.Read more

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  10. wustylez101

    Does exactly what I needed it to do. Be sure to read the label as it can actually be diluted down depending on use to make it stretch a little further. I’m happy with the results after using over both watercolor and acrylic on canvasRead more

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  11. Valerie sloane

    I difenently will be buying more of this, brought my paintings up beautiful, the colours came up more vibrant, and a beautiful we shine, love this stuff thank youRead more

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  12. SG95

    I used this product for covering ceramic works to make them a bit more durable. I have used on a few projects and so far so good, nice consistency not too thick, product works best of you do 2 thin layers (make sure to let coats dry in between application). Leaves a nice gloss finish, Quick drying. I would re – use and buy buy via Amazon as super quick delivery.Read more

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    Liquitex Professional Fluid Medium, 8-oz, Matte Matte 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
    Liquitex Professional Fluid Medium, 8-oz, Matte Matte 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


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