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Loctite 492140 Threadlocker 242 All-Purpose Medium Strength Bottle, Blue, 36-ml

(13 customer reviews)

RELIABLE ADHESION. Works on all metals, including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, plated surfaces).
REMOVABLE WITH HAND TOOLS. Well suited for automotive and other applications where maintenance or servicing is required.
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS are valve cover bolts, water pump bolts, oil pan bolts, drive shaft bolts, rocker arm adjustment nuts, carburetor studs.
CONVENIENT CURING. Sets in just 5 minutes & is fully cured in 24 hours.
LOCTITE 242 is ideal for all nut and bolt applications ¼” to ¾” (6 mm to 19 mm). Eliminates the need for stocking expensive lock nuts and lock washers.


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Style:36-ml Loctite Threadlocker 222 is a low strength, noncorrosive purple threadlocker designed for fasteners under 1⁄4″ (6 mm) that require occasional adjustment. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly. Typical applications include carburetors, relay locks, headlamps, throttle body assembly, choke assembly and fuel injection set screws, body panel mounting fasteners. Invented by Henkel as a revolutionary method to positively lock and seal threaded fasteners, Loctite threadlocker adhesives are used in a wide range of applications from delicate fuel injection components to heavy-duty transmission and engine assemblies. Specified by automotive OEM’s and approved for use on factory assembly lines, threadlockers work by filling the spaces between threads. The result is a secure, one-piece assembly that will not loosen under stress.

Specification: Loctite 492140 Threadlocker 242 All-Purpose Medium Strength Bottle, Blue, 36-ml

Weight 2.24 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 × 3.75 × 1.2 in

13 reviews for Loctite 492140 Threadlocker 242 All-Purpose Medium Strength Bottle, Blue, 36-ml

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  1. JJCEO

    I started using Loctite products over 45 years ago and I learned how well it performed while assembling aluminum parts for instrumentation. I now use it on my guns as I assemble them to prevent parts from coming loose from shock and vibration. I just put together a new AR15 build and I used it all over the gun for the accessory parts. I installed a new Magpul MIAD pistol grip, a Magpul vertical rail grip, a tactical flashlight, a Magpul front and rear MBUS set of sights, a Vortex 3X flip up scope and a Daniels Defense Omega Free floating hand guard quad rail. All of the screws and Allen head screws had Loctite applied as I did the assembly. I even applied it to the mounting screws on the Aimpoint Pro red dot sight. I like the blue Loctite as it helps to hold the screws more securely in place and helps to prevent corrosion which is important on a rifle or gun. The blue formulation locks the parts in place but you can still take the gun apart when you need to. I recommend that you not use the red Loctite on gun assembly and it is very difficult to take apart as it has a much stronger holding power. This is a great product with a proven history of working in difficult applications. I rated it at 5 stars and I recommend it to you.Read more

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  2. Alan Z

    Don’t want screws to come out or nuts to fall off? Get Loctite. I’ve ben using this stuff for years, most recently to stop a screw in a office chair from falling out. Loctite holds things securely, but can be deliberately “broken” with a sharp twist of a screwdriver or wrench. I’d call this a “medium duty” thread locker — great for chairs, eyeglasses, gun parts, and just about anything threaded not subject to intense vibration. For example, I would use Loctite Blue on interior parts of a car, but not on screws related to the drivetrain. I find Loctite Blue to work well with metal and strong, stiff plastics. It does not make a good bond with porous materials like wood, sheetrock or concrete, or on very bendable plastics. It handles weather quite well, so you can use it for outdoor applications. I have never had a piece secured by Loctite Blue come apart accidentally, and I’ve also never had problems “breaking” the Loctite to get the screw, nut or bolt out. By the way, there is an industrial strength version, Loctite Red. However, it is extremely difficult to remove Loctite Red, so only use it in situations where you don’t plan to ever remove the screw, nut or bolt.Read more

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  3. bwp_guardian

    This is a great product to use with working on rifles or other guns for seating your screws. This provides enough holding power but allows you to still unscrew the screws when needed. Please, if working on a firearm USE this product and not the red or strong loctite as that is a good way to not allow someone to get the screws out. Thank you.Read more

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  4. dreamcatcher

    This stuff really IS amazing! I immediately went to work with it as soon as I opened the package, and began coating the loose screws on my kitten’s cat tree. Word to the wise tho, there is def some room for improvement in the applicator, as I made a terrible mess with it at first. Be careful when using it and make sure you have something underneath to protect your work surface. Thankfully, it does actually clean up quite easily tho. It’s been a couple months, and as far as I can tell, it does seem to be helping, so why not give it a try?Read more

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  5. RichardS

    Stopped working and was useless 4 months after purchasing. Manufacturer’s spec says good for 12 months after being opened. And yes, I cleaned all parts first with alcohol and followed all directions. Used this stuff before just fine. Now after 4 months since this purchase the stuff doesn’t work anymore.Read more

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  6. Honest Review

    Good product from what I can tell. It was a thinner gel than what I was expecting and not enough product for my needs. I would recommend for small projects and expect the product to drip quite a bit (Just a hair thicker than water)Read more

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  7. Robert H.

    When you actually see the liquid come out of the tube of Loctite, it looks too thin of a liquid to do anything to make the screw (or nut) any tighter. Time and the environment must make it sort of congeal because I put a very small amount of it on a screw that holds a mounting bracket on a bicycle that wiggled loose every day and I’ve not had to tighten it once since then. That was a couple of months ago. Good Stuff!Read more

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  8. Steve

    I have a desk chair that the bolts kept coming loose on. I took them out and added this thread locker and followed the directions and I haven’t had a problem again. Great stuff!Read more

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  9. Rene Berber

    Hay aplicaciones que requieren, o al menos es muy recomendable, utilizar un fijador de rosca. Para eso está toda la línea de estos productos Loctite que resaltan por su calidad. Este producto lo utilizo al ensamblar piezas en mi moto, y va a ser igual de útil en el carro. Esto es dónde la vibración puede hacer que se afloje algo.Read more

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  10. Orlando

    Este pegamento o sellador de rosca lo compré ya que me lo habian recomendado. Al utilizarlo funciona muy bien le he estado utilizando en proyectos donde las tuercas se pueden aflojar por vibraciones y la verdad que al aplicarle el sellador las tuercas no se aflojan, además la fijacion no es permanente ya que en caso de remover el tornillo o tuerca se puede hacer sin problema. Ampliamente recomendadoRead more

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  11. EisNinE

    I own a Benchmade 52 ‘Morpho’ Balisong and a Benchmade ‘Contego’ Axis-lock, and coincidentally, they both needed Loctite ‘Threadlocker’ 242 to keep the pivot screw from loosening. The Balisong needed threadlocker on every screw, which I only realized when one of the tiny zen-pin screws went flying amidst the flipping. If you own knives, this is the stuff you want. If you have no idea what the f*** I’m babbling about, this still might be the stuff you’re looking for. It locks screws up solid, but not so solid you can’t break the grip with a driver. It won’t mess things up irrevocably if you apply it then realize you forgot a washer, for example. But as far as hard use, preventing screws from loosening due to vibration and shock, it’s excellent.Read more

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Anything with the Loctite brand is going to be of quality. The threadlock works fine on steel and titanium bits and creates a strong bond to the pieces.Read more

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  13. collut

    I needed this because the screws on my computer had a nasty habit of getting loose and falling out. So far it has been incredibly useful in many other loose-screw related situation around the house, so I’d totally recommend this.Read more

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    Loctite 492140 Threadlocker 242 All-Purpose Medium Strength Bottle, Blue, 36-ml
    Loctite 492140 Threadlocker 242 All-Purpose Medium Strength Bottle, Blue, 36-ml


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