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Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming – Black

(10 customer reviews)

Low surface friction for high dpi gaming: Hard surface improves mouse and cursor control in high speed gaming
Consistent surface texture: Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision
Matched to logitech G sensors: The ideal surface, game lab tested to maximize logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and performance
Stable, rigid base: Rubber base keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action
Durable multi layer construction: Made to last with a hard tracking surface and strong polymer core


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G440 features a low friction, hard polymer surface ideal for high DPI gaming, improving mouse control and precise cursor placement.

Specification: Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming – Black

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 13.39 × 0.12 × 11.02 in

10 reviews for Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming – Black

3.5 out of 5
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  1. eM

    I love this mousepad, but its got a few key issues. There are a few things you need to know about this pad. First off, it is made of three (3) layers, the top layer is a very thin, textured black surface. The middle layer is a hard white pad that gives and keeps the mousepads shape. And the bottom layer is the soft, rubbery blue texture that keeps it in place, even on a glass top desk. The bottom layer is also the layer that makes up the 90% of the thickness. I’ve bought two of these mouse pads in 4 years, and considering its a $40 mouse pad, that is not a good thing. The first one, the top two layers began to separate and create a very nasty filming effect (the top layer is again, very thin). The second one I’m using now is actually separating between the two bottom layers AND the top two layers. The bottom layer, because of its design “shrinks” over time, causing the top two layers to have a lip over the edge of the thickest part (the bottom layer). At this point Its becoming unusable, as the bottom layers “Shrinkage” causes the top two layers to separate. I likely won’t buy another one, though I do like this mousepad, it simply does not hold up to use, and the 1 year warranty means I’m buying another one every year and a half.Read more

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  2. jd

    This is a great mouse pad. Slightly larger than my S&S Steelseries hard mouse pad that it replaced. It measures 13 3/8 in by 11 in. (give or take a 1/32 in). It is a hard plastic pad not a cloth pad (which I HATE). The size is plenty large enough for gaming. The back side has a powder blue rubber pad the same size which is glued to it. It really stays in place which was one problem I had with the Steelseries pad which only has little dribbles of rubber randomly dropped on the back side. I would periodically have to wash it off so it would start gripping properly again. It’s too early to tell (just got it today) but I don’t think I will have the same problem with the G440. At least not as often or as bad. For thickness the G440 is about twice as thick as the Steelseries hard pad but this was not a problem for me at least since it is still thinner than cloth pads I’ve tried (including the Steelseries QCK/QCK+ pads, though they are close). Pro’s: Good for gaming especially. Nice larger than average size but doesn’t take over your whole desk. Seriously smooth gliding surface for mousing over. Tracking is precise and doesn’t cause skipping. Stays put since the rubber on the bottom side takes up the whole bottom surface. Con’s: The edges are too sharp out of the box. Left as is they will irritate your wrist. This should have been dealt with at the factory but see note later on for fixing this. Subjective: Slightly thicker than the S&S Steelseries hard mouse pad which may be good or bad depending on your preferences. Note: The sharp edge is easily dealt with by simply taking an emery board for doing fingernails (your wife or girl friend probably has several just lying around) and carefully removing the sharp bottom edge where your wrist slides back and forth. I used one of the black ones that measure about 3/4 in. wide and 7 in. long and it worked perfectly. You only have to round it off very slightly to remove the sharpness and then you’re set. A minute or two max. and you’re done. Only do a little at a time then test it and repeat if necessary. Depending on the “newness” of the emery board you may want to use the finer side. If an older board then the rougher side may work better.Read more

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  3. Tito

    I bought this product a number of months ago and while it is -perfect- for the logitech g502 mouse it wears down quickly. i think after a good month or two of 6-8 hour sessions the mousepad develops (as another reviewer said) drag. it feels terrrrible to use currently, when i use it i have to use the edges or sides that haven’t experienced much mouse activity. because of this issue this mousepad is not really worth 30$.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    INITIALLY a very good mouse pad, exactly what I was looking for – a very slippery surface that the mouse glides on effortlessly. AFTER TWO months of continuous use at work with a Logitech MX Master the pad developed a much higher drag than it had before. The mouse pads are new as is the mouse itself. The drag is so bad that it is worse that the wooden table that the pad lies on. It doesn’t look like that is due to some sort of dirt, because I could not clean it no matter what. I’m disappointed how this product turned out to be. UPDATE – 04 Feb 2019 The pad has started to delaminate. The lower soft layers have shrunk so that the upper hard layer has started to de-laminate itself on the edges. It is now overhanging the other layers by about 1-2mm on all sides. The shrinking of the lower layers has also induced a bend in the mouse pad. UPDATE – 18 March 2019 The pad has bent itself very much and started to de-laminate. See attached photos.Read more

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  5. SempreFamiglia

    I’ve used the Logitech G440 as my mouse pad of choice for the last 2 years. I replaced my first one in Dec. 2017 after the pad had worn down over approximately 6 months of use. The pad has a rubber backing with a polymer layer for the top. The polymer layer has a light texture to it, and makes my mouse movement (using both a Logitech 502 Proteus spectrum and a Logitech G600) buttery smooth out of the box. I LOVED this pad when I first got it. Eventually though, toward the center of the pad, you can feel where the texturing has worn down. The result is poor tracking when the mouse hits these spots, as well as increased friction. Both of these issues combined essentially make the pad useless. When I replaced my original one, I thought maybe it was a defect so ordered another one and I’m now having the same problem as before — and doing some research online, it seems like this is a common issue with this particular pad. That being said, I won’t be buying this again and do not recommend it for anyone who spends a solid amount of time gaming as you will be replacing it in a few months (depending on usage of course). There are better, more durable options out there for similar price.Read more

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  6. User111

    Hard surface G440 Pros: The material is nice, the surface is smooth and the mouse glides very easily on top of it, the down surface is rubber which keeps the pad in its place when you move the mouse, its size is more than enough for high dpi games, and since it doesn’t bend easily (could be a con too) you can use it on your bed without having to put something under it Cons: The edges are sharp, and it will be uncomfortable for your arm if you are wearing short sleeves. It’s not very flexible, so you need to be careful where you place it since a small bend will probably ruin the pad. hard to use for low dpi Cloth Pad G640 the best mouse pad i owned so far, the material is high quality, its size is more than enough, moving the mouse on it is smooth and easy, and its thin and comfortable for the arm. i use it almost for everything, but i feel that it works best for low and mid range dpi, for high dpi games i use hard surface.Read more

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  7. Mark Amundrud

    After 3 months of moderate gaming use, the center of the mousepad has worn smooth and no longer picks up the mouse precisely. Having to purchase a new mousepad now and looking elsewhere. Also, i had to put tape around the edge to lessen the sharpness of the edge, otherwise it would have been rather uncomfortable. This mousepad seemed great at first, but wore out far too fast!Read more

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  8. Luzenhart

    Diferente de todos os mouse pads que já tive. Além da ótima qualidade do material, considero ele ideal para quem tem problema de suar muito as mãos, pois ele diferente dos outros mouse pads tem uma camada de polímero que não absorve o suor e não atrapalha na leitura de dpi do mouse. Isso agregado ao bom tamanho dele e baixa fricção com o mouse tornando mais fácil o controle do mesmo, torna ele um mouse pad gamer de qualidade excelente. Recomendo! Nota 10!Read more

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  9. Brenner Reubertt

    Tenho em cerca de 7 produtos variados da Logitech, e nenhum deles jamais me decepcionou principalmente pelo suporte, então acreditei que o Mousepad me traria a mesma qualidade dos outros produtos, mas errei. Em precisão e conforto para jogar, produto perfeito, mas se você utilizar como Mousepad do dia a dia, onde você provavelmente vai apoiar o pulso na mesa, seu braço vai raspar nas bordas que são bem afiadas com certeza marcando ele ou até machucando. Uma simples raspagem nas bordas resolveria esse problema, ou um acabamento com borda arredondada. O problema é que na fabricação onde deve haver placas gigantes de Mousepad, houve apenas o corte seco e nenhuma finalização. Por isso fiquei bem decepcionado.Read more

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  10. Junior B.

    Como é de se esperar este é um produto bem rígido e firme se comparado aos flexíveis. A superfície faz deslizar muito bem os pés de teflon dos mouses porém é curioso que, ao mesmo tempo que o mouse desliza, as digitais dos dedos não deslizam com facilidade melhorando assim a precisão. A base emborrachada que entra em contato com a mesa cumpre super bem o seu papel mas não é a melhor fixação que eu já vi, talvez numa mesa de vidro fique mais aderente. Por ser rígido eu até que achei ele confortável e harmonioso. Suas dimensões são suficientemente ideais já que tenho mãos enormes e seria possível duas mãos minhas dividirem tarefas simultâneas sobre ele, então ainda que você seja espalhafatoso e abuse dos movimentos ele irá cobrir isso. Consideração 1: eu gostaria de registrar que se você também é fresco e aplica álcool em suas coisas para limpar, talvez essa não seja a melhor ideia aqui. Após muitos papéis com álcool (puro) eu notei que a superfície ficou minimamente desbotada e ressecada em alguns pontos, pode ser que haja reversão com algum tipo de hidratação no material. Consideração 2: se o seu mouse tem uma construção que privilegia ângulos pontiagudos que possam entrar em contato com essa superfície ao erguer e mover o mouse de certa maneira tenha certeza de que irá arranhar, isso aqui facilmente arranha! Então eu diria que apesar de ótimo este não é um Mouse Pad para qualquer pessoa, se você não se considera cuidadoso (a) é melhor procurar outra coisa ou então compre e use-o para abanar o churrasco em algumas semanas quando ele já estiver todo destruído porque deve ser ótimo. xDRead more

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    Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming – Black
    Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming – Black


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