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Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Aurora HDR

(8 customer reviews)

COMPATIBILITY: Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Capture One Pro 21 for MacOS, Photoshop CC with Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut Pro and Skylum Aurora HDR
PRO AND BEGINNER, achieving the perfect edit quickly becomes second nature with Loupedeck+’s intuitive buttons, dials and sliders.
ERGONOMICS: Edit thousands of photos and video clips with ease. Command multiple editing functions at the same time. Focus on your image and video with Full Screen editing.
SETUP: Quick and Easy. We have selected some factory default functions for each supported software, so you can begin editing immediately.
CUSTOMIZATION: Take charge of your editing. Get your photos and video just the way you want it with a plethora of customization options.


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Manufacturer: Loupedeck. Date First Available: June 18, 2018. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #6,090 in Electronics. Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,032 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars. Item model number: LD+. ASIN: B07C2X4R9M. Item Weight: 1.48 pounds. Product Dimensions: 155.91 x 59.84 x 16.14 inches.

Specification: Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Aurora HDR

Weight 1.48 lbs
Dimensions 155.91 × 59.84 × 16.14 in

8 reviews for Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Aurora HDR

2.4 out of 5
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  1. Don Taylor

    I really wanted to love this, but that just isn’t going to happen. The concept is genius, 5 stars, but the execution falls flat, actually, it falls down a deep hole. Like many Kickstarter type products, they have a really slick website, filled with grand notions of their visions for a “better way”. They probably spent most of the money on marketing, R&D, package design and finding a Chinese manufacturer who would deal in low production runs. Unfortunately, the one place they failed to invest, is in the product itself. Mine arrived warped, bowed in the middle, turned up at the ends. This is exaggerated by the fact that it has 6 feet, so it just rocks back and forth on the two center feet. And that really speaks to how cheaply this thing is made (and designed). At $260 I expect a solid piece of hardware. (I paid half that for an Apple Magic keyboard. Anodized aluminum, Bluetooth connected, rechargeable, etc.) If this were bright yellow, green and orange, it could easily pass for a Fisher Price toddler toy, its that cheap. Actually, I’ve seen toddler toys better made. Other than being made of cheap plastic that warps while sitting in its box on a warehouse shelf, it has other issues. I could overlook that fact that at this price point it should have Bluetooth and a recharging port. What I cannot overlook is how flimsy every component being touched feels and operates. The buttons are hollow and weak, they have a lot of travel but no definite engagement, lots of side to side play, the covers feel like they will fall off at any moment. The dials literally wobble, as if they not attached to anything inside the device and offer no resistance at all. I would expect that since this device exists primarily to offer tactile feedback, the dials would at least feel like it is attached to something. But they just seem to spin freely, again like some toy for a toddler. The “Control Dial”, the largest dial, moves so much from side to side, it could be mistaken for a joy stick, its really that bad. (Which would have been a really good idea, instead of the arrow keys.) The wheels are the worst, while they do have a stop click, they also wobble laterally with way too much side to side play. All of the dials and wheels have a press function (like an old school mouse scroll wheel) but are completely inconsistent as to how much pressure needs to be applied. The only way I’d keep this is if were sold for $39 because that’s all its worth in its current form. But for $260 it should be solid, have metal wheels and dials with a textured rubber grip that turn and press cleanly without play, the buttons should be tight with a distinct feeling of engagement. If they addressed the fit and feel it would be worth maybe $100, but to be worth $260, it needs a lot more work and Bluetooth and be rechargeable.Read more

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Just received a brand new Loupedeck plus and it is warped. Warped to the point that it wobbles on my desk like a bad table in a restaurant. It is flimsy plastic and defective. Keys seem to work but I am requesting a refund. The build quality is poor.Read more

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  3. Kevin Doyle

    Let me start short and sweet. If you are a Lightroom user, I think you will fall in love with Loupedeck+. I have used it 2 days now, and it is very intuitive on Lightroom. The knobs for all the main adjustments like Exposure and Saturation have this velocity-based adjustment protocol. This means if you turn the know quickly, or aggressively it will make a large change, and rotating it slowly is for fine adjustments. Plus pushing the knob straight down with a satisfying click will reset the adjustment to zero. Incredibly intuitive, loved it immediately. I have very large hands, and I love the spacing and the size of the controls. Clearly a lot of thought went into the ergonomics here. The feel of the entire piece is quality. I found that its operation became intuitive quickly, and there are a lot of controls here. A Fn key acts as a modifier, doubling the functions of all controls. I culled and edited a 3000 exposure shoot, and by the time I was through, I felt I had a command of the functions. I can say 2 things, first, I found myself tweaking more than I did in just the software itself, because it is so accessible, all laid out for you. I also found that I got to my final edit of images I did not have to round trip into an external editor much faster and far more enjoyably than with the software itself. For me personally, I do not want to edit without it now. It is clearly the proper tool for the job. It is a lot like why you buy a top-of-the-line pro camera, all the controls are physical and accessible, no navigating menus to get what you want. This is a 5 star product, for Lightroom. Unfortunately, I don’t use Lightroom, I use Capture One and at least for now, there is the rub. The implementation on C1 is in beta release, and lacking a lot of the slick functionality of the LR version. After trying this on Lightroom, I desperately want this tool to edit with. In C1 at the moment, Loupedeck is interfacing by emulating a keyboard, meaning turning a knob generates key presses in the system. It does not have the “push knob to reset” functionality, and since a knob turn is generating what the system sees as a series of key presses, Undo requires hitting a number of key presses to actually Undo the knob turn. Clumsy and inelegant. Loupedeck installs a Capture One Keyboard shortscuts file to interface. The problem there is a number of C1 users, including myself, bought the Capture One bundle from Phase One that included the Logic Keyboard for C1. That keyboard requires its own Keyboard shortcut to work. So right now Loupedeck will not work with the Phase One keyboard, and vice versa. Now Capture One has internal support for the Tangent Wave controllers, and this is activated by a checkbox in the preferences of C1. TangentWave panels are great, but they are almost $4K for the whole rig, and far more than a photographers needs. They do support the “press to reset” knobs as well. Tangent also make a VS version, using an iPad for the panel, but dragging my finger on glass doe not have the great interface feel of a physical knob. I emailed both Phase One and LoupeDeck to ask that they please work together to make this as seamless on C1 as Loupedeck it on LR. I plan to keep bugging both companies. Love the LoupeDeck+, just need to see it fully functional on Capture One.Read more

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  4. Michael

    Kann dem Loupedeck nicht viel gutes abgewinnen außer das es eine nette Idee ist. Bin auf das Loupedeck gestoßen und war absolut begeistert von der Idee auf diese Art Bilder zu bearbeiten, und das ist sie immer noch. Allerdings erfüllt das Loupedeck für einen Preis von ca. 230€ nicht im geringsten die Qualitätsanforderungen. Das Loupedeck besteht nur aus relativ billig wirkendem Plastik, für 230€ sollte man da schon mehr erwarten können. Das Loupedeck wackelt am Tisch da den Konstrukteuren offensichtlich jede Grundkenntnis der technischen Mechanik fehlt (6 Füße auf der Unterseite, 2 davon in der Mitte, das Ding wippt wie eine Schaukel am Tisch). Das große Kontrollrad wackelt fürchterlich die Tasten fühlen sich an wie bei einer 10€ Tastatur, vielleicht auch schlechter. Ich rate vorerst vom Kauf ab. Vielleicht bringt Loupedeck ja bald eine bessere Version raus die qualitativ viel hochwertiger ist. Sehr schade weil die Idee echt sehr sehr cool ist.Read more

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  5. Garry Johnson

    I was given a £100 amazon voucher for Christmas which ment my loupedeck only cost me £100. This seemed a reasonable outlay to me. I was wrong, it is absolutely worth the £200! Firstly it makes choosing, discarding, and grading images superb fast. I’ve over 100,000 images to go through and this will save me days. Secondly it has taken my post processing to a whole new level. It is difficult to over state how much easier and quicker it is to get the results you want. With everything at your fingertips literally, it’s a completely different experience to using a mouse or graphics tablet. Find myself altering settings I used to ignore. My only grumble is that for £200 it should come with a carrying case. I bought the one in the picture for £20 and it does a serviceable job. XANAD Logitech Craft Case for Logitech CRAFT Wireless Keyboard Storage Travel Carrying Protective Case more

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  6. Tobi

    Ich muss sagen dass die Idee des Geräts sehr gut ist und ich fasziniert war als ich davon gelesen habe. Bestellt habe ich es mit der Hoffnung dass die Bewertungen bezüglich der schlechten Verarbeitung nicht zutreffen, da man für den Preis ja doch schon was gut Verarbeitendes erwartet. Allerdings habe ich nach dem auspacken bemerkt dass die Bewertungen leider zutreffend sind. Das verarbeitende Material ist dem Preis nicht gerecht. Billiges Plastik, die einzelnen Bedienelemente wackelig, einfach keine 229 Euro wert. Geht deshalb auch zurück. Da warte ich lieber auf etwas Hochwertiges aus dem Hause Loupedeck (oder auch anderer Marken), da die Idee echt gut ist.Read more

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  7. Bryn

    I saw a very brief mention of one of these a few months ago and instantly recognised what a brilliant idea it was, like having an audio equaliser desk, but for image/light editing via Lightroom. No need to fiddle around with a mouse, put the image into full screen mode and adjust all settings without having to take your eyes off the screen… The reality: a really slick web site and packaging (a thick brown cardboard lidded box, with an embossed black box inside which itself has a black embossed sleeve) gives the impression of a high-quality product, which it should be at £200! First issue, the unit didn’t sit flat on my desk, who wants a rocking ‘keyboard’ ? I contacted the support guys weeks ago, but no response. I found that the issue had be reported on the US amazon product page, with a solution from the Loupedeck support of putting it on your knee and bend it back into shape…. Well that worked and it has remained flat ever since. Other main issue is that it feels cheap, especially the large ‘control dial’ it wobbles around like a joy stick, but it isn’t. I have been using it on an off for three weeks. I am still not yet proficient with it but getting there. I still use the mouse, mainly for; cropping, straitening, applying the graduation filters and the spot removal tool. I have made my own personalised ‘cheat sheet’ to remind me what all the controls do, including the few I have customised. I really really want to love it. I do like it and will keep using it. It is worth £200? Probably, if you value your time, as it will save you loads of time and considering how much we all pay for our camera equipment and computers, go for it

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  8. Shaggy Dog

    I run subscription Lightroom Classic CC on two Macs – one with bang up to date OS and one with an older version of Mac OS. Installed their software first, before plugging in the console. As is my experience of these peripherals it didn’t work. Emailed their support – emails get answered but a few days later. No “ownership” of the problem – just told I had “incompatible software” without even asking for greater detail. Deeply unimpressed. Save yourself the hassle.Read more

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    Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Aurora HDR
    Loupedeck+ The Photo and Video Editing Console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Aurora HDR


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