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Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)

(13 customer reviews)

Tee off in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest instalment of the Mario Golf series, coming to Nintendo Switch. Join your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters on the fairway on courses filled with lush, natural scenery.
Get into the swing of things with button controls or use motion controls by holding the Joy-Con controller like a golf club. Just like the real thing, you’ll need to study the wind and terrain, but there are also handy features to help you ace your shots. Take advantage of a shot gauge that shows you how your shot will curve due to slopes, and a scan that lets you examine a course’s terrain.
Among the game’s new features is Speed Golf. In this mode, everyone tees off at the same time, then you’ll race through the course to reach your ball. Give it another whack to get it closer to the hole, then keep going! Outpace your opponents to come out on top. Your golfing skills aren’t the only things at play: make use of dashes and special shots to beat the competition.
Take a Mii character from rookie to pro golfer by teeing off against various Mushroom Kingdom characters in Story Mode. Level up with experience points earned during matches, then allocate these points to different stats to develop your character.
You can also enjoy multiplayer with up to three other players, both locally and online.


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Mario golf: Super rush.


Specification: Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)

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13 reviews for Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)

4.1 out of 5
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  1. O. Rawcliffe

    My grand children rated this game #4 out of the 24 games they now own. I’d say that makes it worth the money.Read more

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  2. Mary

    This was a gift for my daughter. She has a Switch and asked for a game for her birthday. She seemed to really like it.Read more

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  3. Mark A. Floretta

    Excellent productRead more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Graphics were really goodRead more

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  5. Nicole

    Great family gameRead more

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  6. Jrich

    Super fun game to play with family and friends. Haven’t gotten too far into the actual game but playing in groups is funRead more

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  7. Eileenwhelan

    It’s a Christmas gift and we haven’t used it yet but my grandsons call from my phone to be so excited because they both got oneRead more

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  8. Alex

    I’d like to update my previous review! This is a great game and the seller “Video Game 911” really helped me out immensely when I couldn’t find it! Would recommend!Read more

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  9. Picard

    It’s been too long since a Mario Golf title was released, so the anticipation surrounding this title has been understandable. But how does it fair following Camelot’s other, sometimes polarising, Switch efforts? I feel like this title has more in common with Mario Tennis Aces than you may realise, since the overall experience feels just a little incomplete. An initial large update with plenty of changes, plus the promise of more content to come sends signals of a rushed game. To be clear though, this is not simply ‘Ultra Smash-fixed’, but an entirely new game from the ground up. Tennis Aces worked because the gimmicks of Ultra Smash were removed and replaced with a highly competitive focus – at the expense of a traditionally Nintendo-like experience. Golf Super Rush takes these cues and in some ways goes a step further. There’s plenty of visual eye candy even in the menus, creating a more original experience than some other Wii U patchwork titles we’ve had thus far. There is only so much Nintendo/Camelot could go for with the simplistic artwork style, but it all comes across quite nicely – if desperately lacking in anti-aliasing. The characters look great with decent personalities, the music – if a little repetitive – is also decent, and the software runs fluidly. But speaking of environments, the courses are arguably the weakest point of the game. I don’t take issue with the more calm, realistic designs that are undoubtedly lovely to look at, but the absence of any classic Mushroom Kingdom design makes the play feel a little sterile and more in common with Wii Sports. Speaking of which, the motion controls are not worth a carrot. It’s wholly inconsistent and more difficult to master than the Wii pack-in title, which anyone could adjust to. I appreciate the game design is geared towards deeper, more competitive gameplay, but learning the best way to ‘swing’ the Joy-Con so as to register your actual power is ridiculous. Thankfully, the button controls become straightforward after a few rounds and you’ll have no issue mastering the basics. The game modes are generally interesting and, at the very least, the traditional golf mode works great. ‘Rush’ mode, which is something of a selling point for this title, aims to speed up the gameplay with the added control of running around the course and putting in balls as quickly as possible. My issue with this is the lack of strategy involved when the real skill is simply making quick decisions at the point of striking the ball. ‘Battle’ mode aims to fix this with its environmental obstacles, enemies and random events, which will either provide frantic fun for a group of friends or frustration. I lean towards the former, but this doesn’t dress up the lack of polish that gives you a laugh for all the wrong reasons. Finally, the ‘Story’ mode offers a more fleshed-out experience than that seen in Tennis Aces, making it seem like it actually wasn’t an afterthought (Surprising for Camelot). It’s overall impact on the title is negligible however, with the ability to power-up a Mii character being the main draw. That said, it’s light-hearted, simple and attractive to younger players. Online play can be summed easily; a stutter-fest that’s no improvement from other Nintendo titles. Though the range of customisation for games is welcome. So, should you be in a rush to buy Mario Golf? I’m disappointed that Camelot to continues to release half-baked products that are destined to be ‘finished’ with DLC, and it’s for that reason that I don’t think we’ll see the best of this gamer for at least another few months. Additional content has been promised, and with the certainty of adjustments along the way, I feel Mario Golf Super Rush will eventually become a must-own. Just not yet…Read more

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  10. Luke A

    I was a big fan of Mario Golf on the 64 and GameCube, but it kinda lost its way. It’s very much just aim and shoot in this latest version. There is a 0% chance of duffing a shot, which kind of defeats the point. Right? Your 5-year-old child might enjoy it, the same way children enjoy playing keepie-uppie with a balloon. Without any real challenge or skill required it just becomes a grind. Save the money and spend it on a better game

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  11. Philip Doyle

    A bit of a whiffer this time round for Mario. As a person who doesn’t want to race strangers online round a golf course I get this isn’t for me. The solo games are ok but no real progression apart from not many new courses, compared to the brilliant Everybody’s Golf on the PS series this is very basic. Even the hardest level is a bit of a challenge for 6 year olds, that’s about it. The solo adventure mode is perhaps the most annoying software Nintendo has ever released. A waste of an afternoon and straight on eBayRead more

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  12. jonathan mcnicholl

    Played all the Mario Golf games through the generations, you know what to expect if you have too as its still pretty much the same formula…just minus the fun and party modes. But this game is pretty much bare bones, Nintendo fanboys will defend everything Nintendo do, but as it stands there isn’t a hell of a lot for your money. Handful of modes and all of them mostly the same with a gimmick added in like speed golf. in theory still just stroke play with everybody starting at same time same holes except 1st to putt saves a few seconds. X Cross mode seems a bit more interesting but sparingly used. Adventure/story mode is a borefest as quickly becomes pointless mini challenges to earn better equipment, then most of the matches seem to be speed golf which for some reason Nintendo want to push…..as short as it is it will become boring rather quickly. Online the usual minefield due to the random gamers…who you going to get matched up with….a decent gamer or a whiney kid? its a lottery. Not many courses either if remember correctly about 6 and you only have to finish a single 18 holes on previous one to unlock next and only 17 character include your Mii. With a bit of luck Nintendo may release the rest of the game slowly as dlc because they promised free updates….but may just be characters going by their track record. For me its a work in progress…just wish the price was as budget at the content is as it stands.Read more

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  13. ben morley

    Amazing game, fun to play in groups or on your own. It’s got it’s own inimitable mario style and while it’s fun as a casual game it does also have a skill element too. It’s nice to see unlock progression from playing in a game these days instead of the credits or battle pass system on other games. The tracking of the joy con is very accurate and makes for some very fun gameplay. 5 starsRead more

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    Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)
    Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)


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