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Marvel Universe Top Trumps Card Game (002142)

(13 customer reviews)

Entertaining educational card game loved for bringing your favorite super heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe to life
Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like
Find out how much of an wisecrack Spider-Man is, Iron Man’s skill and Black Panther’s mystique in this edition of Top Trumps – Marvel Universe
Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay
Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump


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All the greatest Marvel characters, and some lesser known heroes and villains, make up this brand new Top Trumps pack. Great superheroes from stories like Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Ant-Man and Spiderman as well as their nemeses are together at last!

Specification: Marvel Universe Top Trumps Card Game (002142)

Weight 3.87 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5.5 × 3.75 in

13 reviews for Marvel Universe Top Trumps Card Game (002142)

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Colleen Ciecura

    Bought as a birthday gift for a friend who loves Elvis. He has just started playing Top Trumps and this is his first Deck, He loved it. I know we will be playing this during our game nights. I love the little information facts on each card . The cards have nice pictures of the album covers. Top Trumps is a themed deck of War cards but it is so much more fun because of that fact. Instead of face value number you choose from 5 options of number values to go head to head with. Example with the Elvis deck Weeks at #1 7 weeks vs. 2 weeks 7 wins. if it was a tie you do War and check Weeks at #1 on both Top cards. Winner takes a new card and picks a category. Highly recommend.Read more

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  2. Mark Treitel

    My 9 year old came back from camp and asked me to get this. I had no idea what “Top Trump” was. Basically, it’s an expanded game of war, where you use 1 of 6 traits and name that trait and the person that has the highest number in that trait, wins the card (like War). There is some strategy but also lots of luck. Much more fun that War. The marvel aspect was also good. Good family game.Read more

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  3. Jason Felix

    It is like an advanced version of the card game War, where you choose one of five stats and then it is compared against the card for the other player. It has helped kill a lot of time on car trips for my kids. They absolutely love DC Super Hero Girls, so this is just a great set for them.Read more

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  4. J. H.

    My boys loves these games and I love how easy they are to carry around and entertain them in a bind. Each game typically follows the same format/instructions but sometimes the numbers don’t make sense, so we agree on how to use that particular group/value and play accordingly. I also read a lot of reviews to see how others interpret the rules for that specific deck.Read more

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  5. Justin Grow

    I was pretty excited when I found out Top Trumps made a Fast & Furious edition of the game but was pretty disappointed when it arrived due to the fact that they tout featuring a lot of the top cars from the film franchise but it mainly featured cars from the more recent films and too many repeat cards featuring various incarnations of Dom’s Charger. As a Paul Walker fan I was really hoping to see more of his cars like the Supra, the Skyline, the Evo, the Eclipse, etc. No such luck. Mostly Dom’s vehicles. It would have been nice to see random cars like Orange Julius’ or Suki’s, etc. Totally disappointed…Read more

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  6. D. Logan

    I like the size of these two items and thing the girls I have in mind to give them to will like them too! Was looking for a couple of things not too big but covered their individual interests-think these will cover my problem!Read more

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  7. RDemeule

    Lot of fun, helps them learn about more characters. Easy to learn and very mobile. Card case is a plus. Will buy more versions.Read more

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  8. Beowulf

    This is ok for little kids, but it gets dull for adults. It’s basically like War with a few variables.Read more

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  9. Mr C

    I bought these for my nearly 4 year old daughter to help her reading and numbers. She’s understood the game very quickly and it is definitely helping her learn. They are very vibrant and easy to read the stats which helps. Top Trumps can go on forever so we always play so that the winner of each turn discards either the card they used or a card they won. My only complaint is I wish top trumps would make each stat out of the same number, ie all out of 20 or 50, as it makes it obvious for little kids to see what the best stat is. I’m also thankful that the creators of this deck avoided the dreaded ‘top trumps rating’ that they use very frequently when they can’t be bothered to use their imagination! Oh and see if you can find the misspelt troll in the text on one of the cards! Ha!Read more

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  10. Emily

    So long as you acknowledge “Courage” and “Survival Skills” are the same trait, this is compatible with the previous “Trolls” set. Note though most returning Trolls have lost points in this stat, with Branch dropping down to a massive low 25 for example. There is only one major Spoiler card in the deck for the movie and thats Prince D’s card. I’m going to add I have one issue with this deck and thats some of the fluff Trolls from set 1 return like Harper. There are so many Trolls they could have featured instead of re-using old characters. In addition they had Tribe cards for “Cherubs” and “mermaids”, but honestly they felt like fller. And Bliss Marina and Coral Blush use their pre-redesign versions but both look different in the movie. All and all, this feels… rushed out. Like maybe it should have waited to be produced.Read more

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  11. Terry

    Bought these as a present I think they’re slightly different box to the original from the 70s but good nostalgia had never seen Elvis ones before. Good value.Read more

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  12. melissa Beale

    Exactly what I wanted and service excellent. My parcel went missing no fault of the seller and thy sent me another straight out, was so please as this was a birthday present. Will definitly be buying againRead more

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  13. Graeme

    Fun classic game but I find the stats questionable. Look at the Rock ratings in the photograph. Somethings not right. How can A Big Hunk o Love, which is a rock song have much lower Rock Rating than Are You Lonesome tonight or Don’t which are both slow love songs and no rockiness in them at all… ?Read more

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    Marvel Universe Top Trumps Card Game (002142)
    Marvel Universe Top Trumps Card Game (002142)


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