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Master Lock 653D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

(11 customer reviews)

Indoor padlock is best used as a school Locker lock and gym lock, providing Basic protection and security from theft
Set your own four-digit combination lock with non-slip grip for easy handling; bright Color for easy identification
Combo lock is constructed with a metal body and hardened steel shackle
2 in. (51mm) wide lock body; 1/4 in. (6 mm) diameter shackle with 15/16 in. (24 mm) length, 3/4 in. (19 mm) Width
Available in red, blue, yellow, and Orange (Color randomly selected at time of shipment)


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The Master Lock 653D set your own combination padlock features a 2in (50mm) wide metal body for strength and durability. The 1/4in (6mm) diameter shackle is 15/16in (24mm) long and made of hardened steel, offering extra resistance to cutting and sawing. The soft touch bottom and sides provide no-slip gripping. The limited lifetime provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Specification: Master Lock 653D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.12 × 3.69 × 1.75 in

11 reviews for Master Lock 653D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors

3.7 out of 5
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  1. jackusa

    I used this lock for a locker. Somebody broke this lock and stole everything.Read more

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  2. Leo K.

    From left to right Master Lock 1535D Master Lock 653D ORIA Combination Lock Master Lock 140T I’ve been looking for a solution to lock my gun and ammo case. The primary purpose is to prevent children from accessing the magazine and bullets. I have a bio metric safe for the gun itself. Factors that influenced my decision includes the perceived security, the quality of construction, the ease of lock/unlock. I’m sure all of these locks can be hacked open somehow. I’m not looking to prevent someone with a cutter. That said, I leaned towards hardened steel shackle. The first lock I purchased was the Master Lock 140T. A solid choice if you can confidently secure the physical keys. What I did initially was to put the keys in my biometric safe. The problem with that is if someone can open the safe, they can immediately unlock the cases as well. Hiding the key elsewhere to me is not an option because children are great at finding things that adults thinks are hidden. But if you can keep the key secure, the lock is small but feel very solid. The second lock I purchased was the ORIA combination lock. The thing I like immediately about it was the positive engagement of the number input dials. Each click feels precise. It feels the best of all the combination locks in this list. I don’t know what material it uses, but it doesn’t feel as solid as the locks fro Master Lock. Part of this maybe how the lock is painted. The I purchased Master Lock 1535D and 653D. The 653D is what I end up using. The input dial is a close 2nd to the ORIA, but the shackle is clearly hardened steel and the case seems like full meta as well. The 1535D feels just as solid as the 653D even though it’s painted glossy black. But the problem is in the combination input dials. First they are not precise. You can set them half way between two numbers. The deal breaker though is the placement of the line where u need to lineup the key number. As you can see from my photo, with the lock on my gun case, it’s very hard to bring it up to my eye sight. This lock is perfect for a gym locker, but for a gun case like mine, it’s not going to work. I hope this helps someone when determining which lock to use.Read more

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  3. Rich

    Just lost everything from my gym locker. DO NOT TRUST this lock for anything you value. A quick web search shows that with firm pressure downward on the lock, a thief only need start with the bottom number first and work upwards. As the correct number is moved into alignment, the lock body will give slightly. Takes just a few seconds and you will make a thief very happy. Please consider this something to use for decorative purposes only and never to protect anything of value.Read more

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  4. Gaetano B

    Good for gym lockers (go to Planet Fitness). Easy to dial combination quickly— much better than spin-the-dial combo locks. Like being able to change combination— easy to do once you get the process down (read PDF instructions listed in Amazon product info, YouTube video, etc). Master Lock even has a website where you can store combination info should you need it. One criticism of product description that might have helped purchasers who said lock was not secure for their needs: Master Lock rates lock as 4 on a 1 – 10 scale where 10 is most secure. This lock is made for ease of use— not high security. It works fine in a high traffic area where thieves might be seen tampering with lock. This 4 of 10 rating is clearly shown on front of lock packaging. Amazon should list it in product description. I am pleased with lock and would recommend it for basic security needs.Read more

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  5. R. Morris

    I’ve bought a few of these to use (one to replace another I lost) and have been happy with them all. As others have noted, they aren’t extremely high security: the shackle is a bit thin and the lock itself isn’t that large (so it could be susceptible to cutting), and there is also a flaw that allows a knowledgeable thief to figure out the combination one number at a time by touch. That’s why I’m docking a star. However, I’ve used mine both indoors and outdoors for several years and they’ve held up well, so they get points for durability. Use these where to you want to prevent casual theft since they won’t fool a dedicated thief–but, again, a lot of locks this size can be cut through anyway, so it’s all a matter of how much risk you think there is. I’ve used this on the door of an indoor storage unit in a secured facility (I’d consider low-risk) that still required the use of a lock, but I’ve also used it on my bike’s cable lock (though in other cases I’d also use a U-lock for added security). Setting your own combination is easy to do and makes it easy to remember, but keep in mind the other tradeoffs of a lock this size.Read more

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  6. Traxbe

    I use this for my gym locker. It works fine and is easy to use. One nit-pick that I would change: in order to lock it, it has to be on the correct combination. I would prefer it if you could scramble the numbers and then close the lock. What you have to do instead is make sure the numbers are set the the correct combination, close the lock, and then scramble the numbers. This typically requires 2 hands and is, in my opinion, an unnecessary step when all you want to do is lock it scrambled anyway.Read more

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  7. Ketan Aggarwal

    I prefer to wait at least a month before writing a review becuase I feel sometimes products feel great in the beginning but only later reveal their flaws. I use this everyday at the gym and toss it in bag with sweaty clothes after I’m done with it. So it definitely takes a beating day in day out. But I gotta say, out of all the locks I’ve ever used, this one still maintains that smooth, no resistance feeling of a brand new lock. If you’re looking for a number lock, no reason not to get this lock. Some might find it slightly tricky to set the code on your own but read the instructions carefully and it’ll be simple. Happy Shopping.Read more

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  8. jjohnson

    Works great, for 10 bucks your able to choose your own code. Fits my locker at work great. Was really wanting any color then the one I received but oh well. Definitely would purchase this again if I needed another lock for something.Read more

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  9. L

    This is one of the best custom combination padlocks you can get. They are adequately sized for any school/gym locker room lock. You will receive a random color that might differ from picture. There are 4 possible colors from the manufacturer (Red, Blue, Yellow or Orange), I received blue. PROS: 1) You can set your own custom 4 digit combination pin and change it whenever you want, this is much better than those that come with preset, unchangeable codes. 2) It’s hard to accidentally change the combination. A lot of people complain that other custom combination padlocks make it way to easy to accidentally change their codes. For this lock, to change the unlock code, while open you have to turn it 90 degrees right, push it inside with force, then while holding that force, twist it another 90 degrees, only then can you set the new code, afterwards you have to turn it back and pull up again. A very nice mechanism to prevent unknown/accidental changes. CONS: The body is a little bigger/wider than most small combination locks and might not fully fit inside the padlock area of some lockers, It will for most, but even if the body doesn’t fit, you’ll still be able to actually lock your locker but the body might be hanging outside instead of sitting inside flush. Overall I give it a 5/5, a great custom combination padlock. I hope that helped.Read more

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  10. Emilio BL

    Es un buen candado, buena marca en general. En lo particular lo esperaba más chico, tipo candado para maletas de viaje o lockers, pero es bastante grande. De haber querido un candado de este tamaño no lo habría comprado (trae un nivel 4 en la escala de 10 del fabricante). Ya le daré algún uso.Read more

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  11. Anthony Morra

    Just received this lock. I ordered two of them, and I got the colours of green and orange. They seem to be very sturdy locks and they are very easy to set and reset the combinations. All you do is turn the shackle 90 degrees counter clockwise and there is a groove. Push down to lock the shackle in that grove and then push down again and turn it 90 degrees more. Set your combo and then lock the lock, and try it. Your new combo should work. I will order more in the future if I ever need more locks, because these seem very good quality. Would recommend to others.Read more

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    Master Lock 653D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors
    Master Lock 653D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Assorted Colors


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