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MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella with 32 Solar LED Lights for Outdoor Market Table -8 Ribs (7.5ft,Blue) 7.5FT Blue

(12 customer reviews)

⛱️32 Solar-Powered Lights: Use it day and night. Patio umbrella with 32 LED lights lasting for 9-12 hours. ON and OFF switch. Solar panel on top powered by rechargeable battery. No electricity or power cord needed. Energy efficient and convenient.
⛱️Heavy-duty Aluminum Pole & Fe-Ribs: Supported by premium aluminum pole. Durable and hard to be rusty, will last for a long time. 8 solid Fe-ribs enhance durability of the patio umbrella.
⛱️Large Shade: 90.6in diameter. Waterproof and breathable fabric. Ideal to provide shade and protect you from rain. Suitable for both residential and commercial locations. Unique design maximizes the range of shade by tilting the umbrella along with the sun.
⛱️Easy to Assemble:Hassle-free setup and storage with a detachable pole and crank handle. It can work in a lot of places such as patio, garden, balcony, deck and etc..
⛱️NOTICE: Please check the plug connection by unscrewing the solar panel before use. If the light still doesn’t work, contact us, we will solve the problem. BASE NOT INCLUDED.


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Handle Material: Aluminum. Frame Material: Aluminum. Pattern: Solid. Brand: MasterCanopy. Material: Polyester. Color: Blue. Size: 7.5FT. Best Sellers Rank: #13,736 in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,058 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B0829V456X. Manufacturer: MasterCanopy. Item Weight: 12.03 pounds. Package Dimensions: 47.25 x 6 x 5.88 inches.

Specification: MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella with 32 Solar LED Lights for Outdoor Market Table -8 Ribs (7.5ft,Blue) 7.5FT Blue

Weight 12.03 lbs

12 reviews for MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella with 32 Solar LED Lights for Outdoor Market Table -8 Ribs (7.5ft,Blue) 7.5FT Blue

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Chris Moore

    So we got this one because we did not want to spend too much, and end up with the wrong size or one that only lasted for one year and have to buy again. We have been pleasantly surprised. The crank up/down mechanism seems much more sturdy that we expected given the cost. The material is thick enough to hold out the sun during our Florida early summer heat—it’s been over 90 several days already. We store it in the down position, but sitting in our umbrella stand outside on the porch in the sun. I’d recommend this one to anyone. Right now, I think we are going to get multiple years out of it–I don’t see any wear on it at all and we’ve been using it for a couple months or so, but only crank it up/down every couple of weeks so far given the weather. It seems to be an inch or two smaller than advertised in diameter, but it works for the space. There is a stop to keep you from cranking it too high–seems nothing will happen to that. My guess is that the first thing to go will be whatever is inside that pulls it up, but you can’t see that. The pole itself looks nice and classy enough to pass by anywhere. It fits inside our standard diameter umbrella stand.Read more

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  2. Vegas Dweller

    Box arrived, we set it up, all quite easy. Put it outside through the center of the table & locked it in place. LED’s work well, its construction is fairly sturdy, BUT….. the lovely forest green umbrella we purchased faded to pale blue within 20 days & continues to do so. I suspect by the end of summer it will be very close to white. For this reason alone I don’t recommend it even though it is well built. I’ll give it 2 stars simply because the LED’s work it charges up well & is fairly solid construction, not at all worth what they are asking for it price wise. Just for comparison our supermarket 39$ umbrella didn’t fade until halfway through its second summer. But 20 Days??, that’s just pure BS!!! If aesthetics count for you don’t touch this thing with a barge pole…. If it were priced at say, $39.99 might be worth it otherwise keep scrolling & searching. Good luck! UPDATE: 1 LED’s stopped working several weeks ago 2 The crank cord for raising & lowering the umbrella snapped. Took it to local guy who specializes in fixing these things & other expensive patio items. I was told it was poorly made not worth repairiing. “not your fault” he said, people get suckered into buying these things all the time. 3 The tilt joint is so poorly milled that its always askew no matter what you do. 4 In 2 days time from writing this update, its trash day & IT WILL be trashed WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!! All in all a bad product, it lasted 4 months, 4MONTHS??? Our $39.99 supermarket umbrella is back in the middle of our table & is standing straight, not askew & although a little faded doing whats required of it…Read more

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  3. Cheryl

    The box arrived double taped but in good shape. Unloaded the umbrella from box and noticed that the plastic that it was wrapped in had been torn in several places. The umbrella itself looks good but the chrome on the tilt button area was chipped off and the umbrella had dust on it. Possibly a display model? There was no package insert with directions or item care instructions, just the umbrella and pole. The cover of the crank is plastic and it felt really flimsy as I opened it up. If it lasts until next season I’ll upgrade my review. Oh and the tilt function was rather difficult to tilt even with the button pushed in, hence my thinking it was previously purchased or a display unit.Read more

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  4. Lynn E.

    Nice umbrella for the price. Sturdy in wind as long as you don’t leave it up. Was concerned there was no tie but as long as you lower it in wind it has held up nicely. Color is burgundy. It says it has UV protection but time will tell if burgundy fades to pink.Read more

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  5. Amazon Customer

    EDIT: After having this for a few days I changed my review to one star. Besides the fact that the color is awful, the fabric is so thin the sun shines right through it. I found myself sitting under it and squinting, the orange color almost seems to magnify the light. Everything appears to have an orange glow, and it actually hurts my eyes. On top of all that, the lights don’t work. At all. I checked the battery and the connection to the solar panel, twice, and nothing. I’m really sorry I wasted my money. This umbrella doesn’t seem overly sturdy, but you get what you pay for. Quality is about what I expected. I must say, however, that the color was a bit of a surprise. My old umbrella was red and had faded badly, so I thought I’d get something a little more colorful this time. Orange should be nice, right? There’s some orange in the cushions on my chaise, this should work, I’ll get an orange umbrella. Well holy cow, is this thing ever ORANGE! I’m talking blaze ORANGE! Day-glow ORANGE! Safety ORANGE… like OSHA is going to show up at my house and check for violations ORANGE! Like visible from outer space ORANGE! I’m half expecting my neighbors to call and complain about vision loss. I’d actually welcome some sun fading on this one. I can’t speak to the other hues offered, but if you’re interested in adding some vivid color to your yard this certainly is the umbrella for you!Read more

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  6. Paviye

    Ok so let me begin by saying the wrong color item was sent. I ordered a khaki color and i got a black and white stripes!!! I was really upset and then my mom said we should try it on before returning (or complaining). Ugh so we did and the stripes are really cute and they actually match well with the black table i have. Ok so good thing at the end. So far i love the umbrella it seems really good quality and looks strong. Will update if anything goes south!Read more

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  7. KP

    Most of the parts are plastic. I ordered this in April but didn’t put it out until the end of May. The umbrella was the same color as my chair pads when I received it but it faded to this within a month. Yesterday the pole came out of the top socket that is connected to the solar pad. Shown is the tiny screw that held the pole in place. When the pole popped out of the socket all of the solar wires broke and went with it. I never even had a chance to use the solar lights on it. I contacted the seller to no avail. My previous umbrella lasted 12 years before it finally wore out. I wish I could give this one a -5 stars.Read more

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  8. Ana

    Lovely parasol, I love the colour of it and I absolutely love the lights too. It’s something different than what you would find in garden centresRead more

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  9. Richard D

    Does the job in upright position but the adjustable joint that would allow the parasol shade to tilt doesn’t work on my unit.Read more

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  10. loz

    It’s sturdy & well made, we bought it in orange and whilst it’s a brighter orange that expect it does look brilliantRead more

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  11. ND SMITH

    Took a while to arrive but wanted an orange parasol so worth the wait. Good quality, bit larger than standard and loving the lights. I would recommend.Read more

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  12. steve

    Worth every penny beautiful colour and excellent product very impressedRead more

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    MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella with 32 Solar LED Lights for Outdoor Market Table -8 Ribs (7.5ft,Blue) 7.5FT Blue
    MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella with 32 Solar LED Lights for Outdoor Market Table -8 Ribs (7.5ft,Blue) 7.5FT Blue


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