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Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves – Touch Capable (X-Large, Black) X-Large Black

(13 customer reviews)

100% Cotton
Form-fitting Trek Dry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) Elastic cuff provides a secure fit with easy on/off flexibility.
Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching. Industrial grade hook and loop.
Closure provides a secure fit to the wrist.


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Professionals and enthusiasts agree – the FastFit is a toolbox must-have. Form-fitting stretch panels between your fingers provide a snug fit and the elastic cuff offers easy on/off flexibility between tasks. The anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching for an exceptional fit when working with hand tools. Breathable TrekDry material form-fits the back of your hand and helps keep them cool and comfortable as you work through the day.

Specification: Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves – Touch Capable (X-Large, Black) X-Large Black

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 1 in

13 reviews for Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves – Touch Capable (X-Large, Black) X-Large Black

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Cypress

    If you want durability, these gloves are NOT for you. Please look at the attached picture of the gloves after 3 months of light use. Big holes appear at the finger tips. I only use them for about 15 hours a week. Nothing serious, just holding nails/screws, putting cable ties on, etc. I guess it is related to the material at the finger tips which is like spandex.Read more

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  2. T

    These are a different design than the same model glove i bought a year or two ago. The first thing i noticed is these are thicker in many parts, which exactly negates the reason i bought these gloves in the first place. I also have other more protective Mechanix and those are good for those jobs. I really wanted the same high dexterity low profile glove, but that doesn’t appear to exist anymore. Also, after only a few uses some stitching is already becoming loose.Read more

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  3. gana44608

    We have been buying these gloves for several years. The last two orders that we received had all of the same markings, etc. but the material has changed. Used to be able to wash and reuse these gloves several times but the material is now so cheap that I go through a pair about every day. The gloves are more cheaply made but the price is the same. I have attached pictures of brand new glove that I wore for approximately 10 minutes. Shut the hood of a card and the material ripped.Read more

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  4. Brad Dore

    Let’s start with the positives: This glove was true to size, easy to slip on and off, comfortable, and seemingly offered a good level of protection while offering ample dexterity. Despite being a slip on, it fit really well. This could have been a fantastic glove for light duty tasks or tasks that require fine control. Now, for the negatives: It offered no water resistance, which really wasn’t too much of an issue given the glove type, but it was an annoyance. Just the slighted dew or dampness would quickly penetrate the gloves. Although not ideal, it can be overlooked. The fatal flaw, and why I gave this glove one star is that it wore our in literally just a few wears. I used it for moving boxes, putting up and taking down Christmas lights, and that’s just about all I got out of them before a massive hole opened up on the index finger. I saw a couple other reviews note the same thing so I do not think it’s an isolated issue. A glove that wears out with light duty and only a couple wears represents poor quality. I cannot recommend these gloves.Read more

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  5. KM

    I have trusted Mechanix Wear to provide quality tough gloves and I’m completely let down by these. I’m not a fan of all the red loops and extra name tags on them, but I gave them a try for light duty around the farm. Unfortunately, they felt to me like ladies gloves – sleek, feminine, & soft. If you touch anything wet, the gloves absorb moisture and it goes right to the hand. There is no way i can wear these for work or play. They’re going to trash and I’ll find another brand of gloves to promote in my company.Read more

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  6. deezwayne

    I have bought many pairs of this glove over the past 6 months. Not sure if anyone else is having issues with the finger stitching separating or not? Out of the 10 pairs that I have, at least 5-6 of these have stitching separating and it leaves a hole the size of a nickel. It’s pretty frustrating knowing that such an awesome pair of gloves has this problem. I am guessing that it’s because of the “thinness” of the material, that it does this? I work in the HOT desert of Las Vegas, and work on aircraft, so having gloves is a must have during the summer heat. These gloves work well with protecting my hands when touching metal parts, airplane surfaces, or tools. I may look into buying a different glove, since I’m buying 2 pairs every month or two, just to have one with no holes. I only hand wash these in a bucket, and never wash them in a washing machine. Just not wanting the agitator in the machine to make the stitching come apart more. Seems to work good for me.Read more

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  7. Christopher

    The media could not be loaded. I have three pairs of these gloves one I use for trapshooting and three gun. That is the .5 mill glove. I love it for that use it works great however I would do no work with it. The second set of love seeing the video are the same side and review in here but the Durahide. They are great for heavier work loads such as yardwork and gardening. This sad is not going to hide the palm is more of a suede material in the back is a thicker foam. These were great for a truck off for example if you were to change the tire. I will keep your hands clean and somewhat protected but you could still manipulate Lugnuts and tools if needed. For the cost you’re not going find a better gloves anywhere. Again I keep in my truck I like the color the fact that if they get dirty you won’t see them again probably lighter work use/load for these ones. I hope this was helpful.Read more

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  8. Steve Regier

    Unlike all the other gloves I have tried I keep coming back to these. They fit well, are comfortable enough to wear all day, easy to get on and off, not sized in weird proportions, have excellent dexterity, and the touch screen perfance is excellent. I just wish they would last longer. They are very robust in construction. However, after use in dirtier job environments (like handling corroded steel) the touch screen feature starts to suffer. I find that after 9 months to a year of steady use they are worn out and need to be replaced. ‘Not really that bad and after trying other brands nothing else is worth buying.Read more

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  9. Ben

    The fit is perfect for me and these gloves are very comfortable – even in hot weather as the back of the glove is vented. They are so comfortable that I bought another pair straight away. This, however, was a mistake. You may as well use disposable gloves at a fraction of the cost, as they will probably last as long. The finger tips in both pairs have worn away or split after a days use in each pair. Nothing extreme, just carrying, cutting, and screwing (giggidy) timber with powertools. I will try to obtain a refund from Amazon, as I expected far more longevity from a £15+ pair of work gloves.Read more

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  10. Mick A

    I give the Gloves 5 stars, but I give the seller 1 star, 1 star for the very misleading write up. It clearly states “2 pack”, which falsely leads you to think “2 pairs”, after all who ever heard of Gloves being sold separately, or come to think of it, who’s ever heard of a Pair of Gloves being sold as a “2 Pack.Read more

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  11. Mark Chisholm

    Now, being a bit old school marine engineer, the only time I’d normally wear gloves is when dealing with hot pipes and steam valves. But, as I find myself ashore overseas now and it’s winter, I needed something that allows me to keep my paws at a bearable temperature and at the same time able to grip things like handrails and steel ladders on offshore vessels when in dock. Mostly, in my job, you only come across big fat rigger gloves and they are next to useless for anything other than pulling ropes and stopping mank when dragging chains around. Nope. I needed something a bit more tactile to use so I bought these based entirely on nothing but a hunch. And they work perfectly for what I want. They are comfortable and fit snugly on my hands so that climbing ladders isn’t a risk. They are warm enough to be okay in cold – but not I admit Arctic – conditions. The snug bit also helps me grip tools and there is enough padding to be comfortable doing it. In terms of longevity. Well, for me they are fine. I’m an engineer that’s mostly office based now but in my younger days on board a ship or offshore construction vessel these would probably last about a day or two. In a garage environment where I suspect they are aimed at, fine. These will protect your hands and allow you to do most work apart from the most fiddly with reasonable ease. Overall, excellent value for money mechanic gloves especially when you compare these to others that seem to be priced by the milligram.Read more

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  12. Simon W

    They’re OK for the price. I work with some steel stock, so having some basic palm protection is necessity. Fit is perfect. Piece of steel caught/pinched the the very tip of the pinky(just the glove, not my finger:)) and when I pulled (lightly!) the stitching was ripped, seem like a weak point upon closer examination. If you do light duty work, no heated elements / welding. Then this should serve well for two/three months.Read more

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  13. MJX

    You get what you pay for….. so true in so many cases but these really do prove that statement correct! BRILLIANT! Well made, great fit and look the business! Been through countless pairs of cheap work gloves over the years decided to splash out on something a bit better quality and couldn’t have chosen much better I don’t think. Working in construction I put these to the test good and proper in last 2 months and they show no signs of failure so far. Very happy with my Mechanix Wear gloves, wish I had gone for them years ago! Fully recommend these to anyone!Read more

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    Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves – Touch Capable (X-Large, Black) X-Large Black
    Mechanix Wear: FastFit Work Gloves – Touch Capable (X-Large, Black) X-Large Black


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