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meross Smart Dimmer Switch Single Pole Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa Google Assistant & SmartThings, 2.4Ghz WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED, Neutral Wire Required, Remote Control Schedule, 1 Pack 1 Standard Size

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Neutral Wire Required: Please make sure your electric box has a neutral wire(in white color) before purchasing Smart Dimmer Switch. If you are not sure, please take a photo of the inner part of your electric box and send it to us. We can check it for you timely.
Schedule and dim your light from 0% – 100%: Dim the light for the scenes you need. You can dim the HomeKit dimmer switch via meross app, Apple HomeKit, CARTGET Alexa or Google Assistant with voice commands, or the wall switch hardware buttons. You can also easily schedule it to turn on/off or dim the light automatically. Sunrise and sunset settings supported.
Remote and Voice Control: Control your light from anywhere with internet access at anytime by HomeKit Light Switch. ONLY supports meross app. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch, Siri, Carplay, CARTGET Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings. You can give simple voice commands to turn on/off the devices that are connected to meross WiFi switch.” Hey Siri, turn on the light”. All data is securely transmitted and stored using AWS servers in US.
Easy installation: With meross’s patent designed, it only needs less than 15 min installation. Works in a single pole setup only(Not 3-way). Meross smart switch fits for your existing 1/2/3/4 gang standard size Decora/GFCI wallplate. The HomeKit smart switch works with the 2.4G WiFi only, does NOT support 5G WiFi, no hub required.
Note: Certified by FCC/ ETL. The meross dimmer switch housing is made of PC+ABS fire-retardant material. Protection against electricity overload. Just a reminder that HomeKit remote control requires additional networked Apple device at home such as iPad, HomePod or Apple TV. If you have any questions about your switch types, installation or WiFi connections, please contact us, we’ll help you sort things out.


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Circuit Type: 1-way. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 56.4 x 33.6 x 18 inches. Material: Polycarbonate. Terminal: SPST. Switch Type: ‎single Pole Dimmer Switch. Brand: Meross. Contact Type: Normally Closed. Operating Voltage: 110 Volts. Current Rating: 4 Amps. Operation Mode: ON-OFF-ON. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement. ASIN: B08GPBH5NK. Manufacturer: meross. Date First Available: August 26, 2020. Item model number: MSS560. Product Dimensions: 56.4 x 33.6 x 18 inches; 5.9 Ounces.

Specification: meross Smart Dimmer Switch Single Pole Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa Google Assistant & SmartThings, 2.4Ghz WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED, Neutral Wire Required, Remote Control Schedule, 1 Pack 1 Standard Size

Dimensions 56.4 × 33.6 × 185.9 in

9 reviews for meross Smart Dimmer Switch Single Pole Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa Google Assistant & SmartThings, 2.4Ghz WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED, Neutral Wire Required, Remote Control Schedule, 1 Pack 1 Standard Size

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  1. beowulf

    I bought a couple of these dimmers back in 1/2021 and was initially pretty satisfied with them. The dimming functionality wasn’t quite as granular as I would like (for instance, they seem to dim in increments of 20-25%, so there’s only 4-5 levels of dimming, which means you can’t cleanly go to say, 10%; it’s more like four 20% jumps down, then OFF), but for the price, I could live with it. Then, about late Feb or early-Mar I would come downstairs in the morning to find that one, or perhaps both, of the dimmers had turned on overnight. I have no automation that runs in the middle of the night, and I have an app that can log HomeKit events, but nothing was logged for the switches while we slept. But when I tested logging events from these devices using HomeKit automation or manual control, the events appeared. TBH, I was a little concerned our home automation was getting hacked. So I contacted Meross support to see whether they could resolve the situation. They told me the best thing to do would be to reset the switches and re-add them to HomeKit. Really? That’s a horrible user experience. Here’s what you have to do: rename the old existing instances of the switches in HK, reset the physical switches, then re-add the now blanked switches back into HK, then visit each scene/automation you have operating on the (now zombie), original instances, remember to remove the original instances from each scene/automation, then, when you’re sure you’ve applied all the same scenes/automations to the new switch instances, only then can you remove the zombie switches. Oh, and after all that, it’s a good thing to go through and test each switch to make sure you’ve got the switches, scenes, and automations connected correctly. It’s a little bit like living the “Spock’s Brain” episode of Star Trek: you know, where Spock’s brain is stolen by an alien, then Kirk has to steal it back, and Bones has to do a Vulcan mind-meld with Spock’s brain in order to implant Spock’s brain back into Spock’s body? But in this situation, you have to play Kirk, Bones, and Spock! So rather than recreate the episode of Spock’s Brain, I decided to do what I should’ve done in the first place: get Lutron Caseta dimmers. I already had one Lutron Caseta in my home to control a ceiling fan, and it has been absolutely no muss/no fuss. It never loses its connection. It’s always quick to respond. Sure, they’re more expensive, but this is a situation where you get what you pay for. And my hourly rate is pretty high, so getting home automation components that don’t require a lot of monitoring and tweaking actually saves me $$ in the long run because I can use that time to, you know, get paid for doing the work? So take it from me and Spock’s Brain, just spring for the more expensive, more reliable alternative; otherwise it might be you who’s ready to rip out your own brain.Read more

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  2. L. Husick

    I installed this dimmer to replace an Insteon ToggleLink that controlled the lights next to my front door. I especially like the dim limit function that keeps my LED lamps from flashing at low brightness levels. Installation was a snap. As soon as I turned the breaker back on Apple Home prompted me for the code number, and in 30 seconds, it showed up on screen. The Meross app was equally easy. I added a scene so that every time my Logitech doorbell sees a person, the lights come on. The LED to show that the lights are on is a nice touch (I can’t see the lights from inside my home) and the dim level LEDs next to the paddle are also a thoughtful addition. I would give this 6 stars if I could.Read more

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  3. Lee

    This dimmer switch is rather straight forward to setup/wire. The only tools needed were a screw driver (to take the wall plate and old switch off, and replace) and a multi-meter (to determine which black wire is the Line In). From a physical design perspective, you will need to keep in mind that this switch is a little larger in the back than other dimmers, so you may need to squeeze your wires a little deeper into the box than with other dimmer switches. As for the app setup, it was easy. Once the wires are correctly connected you simply open the Meross app and step through the basic process and then switch to the wifi selection to pick the _SW_ wifi network, which iOS will then figure out that the device is a Home product. The one part of the setup that is a little annoying is that when you get back to the Meross app to add it to your list, there isn’t a way to exit the walk-through and need to use the back button multiple times to get to the add device once you were already in the process. Once added to Apple Home and the Meross app (important part), then you can go into Google Home and add a device and refresh your Meross device list. Now you can control the device easily using either Siri or Google! I really like that I can say a command like “Hey Google, turn my living room light to 10%” rather than just turning the light on and off. The integration is priceless for my lazy / couch-bound style while I’m watching TV! :)Read more

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  4. lukebot

    I outfitted my entire home with numerous switches. For the most part, they are fine. However, 2 of them have already failed. Meross support is a huge pain to deal with so I’ll probably end up eating the cost of those units. Construction Quality: The switches feel very cheap. Light plastics, cheap switch springs (which seem to fail most often) Software: 1) I have three different types of Meross switches (2-way, 2-way dimmer, 3-way dimmer) They all look basically the same, but do not have feature parity. Each unit runs different software and have DIFFERENT COLORED LIGHTS when operating. This is infuriating when a single panel has a 2-way and a 3-way switch. Some lights have a night light mode (neat) others don’t. It’s all lazy coding. 2) Dimmer limits This feature basically doesn’t work. You can set a high and low limit, but it doesn’t intelligently update the dimmer indexing points – so if you limit the dimmer to say 60% – you now only have 3 dimmer modes instead of 5 and they are HUGE jumps. Despite theoretically being upgradable for new features, I’ve never seen a single upgrade to the software in the year of ownership. Think long and hard about buying budget switches from china when you are going to spend so much time installing all-new switches throughout your house. I assumed, wrongly, that Meross would be taking the time to roll out new features and updates. What you buy is what you get.Read more

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  5. Chan

    Wasn’t expected made of cheap plastic, worse is the Meross app wasn’t able to connect, other lights product working fine though. Apple Home Kit works fine so at least I can use it to control the dimmer. For the dimmer, once set it to lowest and turn it off, when turn the light on next time, light didn’t on until increase the setting. Wasn’t impressed, unfortunately it passed the return deadline.Read more

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  6. Stuart Waller

    The 2 pack of switches come in less expensive than most other brands for a single switch. I had only found a few other brands that will support HomeKit as well as Google & Alexa, but were much much more expensive. These are a great value. The construction of the switches is good, mostly plastic but seems durable. Be aware that smart switches are deeper than regular switches. So they will occupy more space in the box, which may make it difficult to fit. There is occasionally a delay when pressing the physical switch to turn on if they haven’t been on in awhile. You can hear a slight auditable click from the relay inside of the switch. The delay is more apparent if the lights were previously dimmed. The switches do occasionally drop connection and will report as being unresponsive in HomeKit. Usually sending a command either via HomeKit or the Meross app seems to wake them up after a delay. A few times I’ve had to push the small button to restart the switch. The Meross app isn’t required to set them up in HomeKit, which is nice. However it’s a good idea to have the app as it is require for firmware updates.Read more

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  7. Jason29

    These dimmers have been a disaster in our renovation project. HomeKit functionality is unreliable, but the worst thing is that they turn themselves on in the middle of the night (with or without HomeKit). The first night our toddler woke us up crying because his light came on at full brightness at 3am. The dinner functionality when it works gives only 3-4 brightness settings. For about 1/3 of our lights it doesn’t work at all. Now we’re going to have to pay an electrician to pull all of these and replace them with more expensive switches. Save yourself the trouble…just buy the more expensive ones.Read more

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  8. Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri

    These made me write a review after a long time! Man-o-man stay away. They have started randomly switching on and off. Imagine how annoying it is in the middle of the night when it is connected to your bedroom light. Guess what, the amazon return period is over. Do yourself a favour and don’t even try it, like never will this company at any price again. Good luck smartifying!Read more

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  9. Pete

    I installed this to control recessed lighting on our front porch. Found that at all except for the very minimum or maximum brightness, the lights flickered constantly. Perhaps not enough resistance in the switch to smoothly dim at the other power levels.Read more

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    meross Smart Dimmer Switch Single Pole Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa Google Assistant & SmartThings, 2.4Ghz WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED, Neutral Wire Required, Remote Control Schedule, 1 Pack 1 Standard Size
    meross Smart Dimmer Switch Single Pole Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa Google Assistant & SmartThings, 2.4Ghz WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED, Neutral Wire Required, Remote Control Schedule, 1 Pack 1 Standard Size


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