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MIAODAM 3D Mask Bracket Face Mask Frame Support Space To Breath, Reusable And Washable Adults 3pc White

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✅ More Space for Breathing – This mask breathe cup holds up the fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space when wearing a fabric cover. When wearing this mask insert, it can prevent the glasses from fogging and increase ventilation.
✅ Washable & Reusable – This 3D breathe support frame made from a upgrade soft plastic that is very comfortable against our faces, non-toxic, safe, easy to clean.
✅ Lipstick Protection – Mask inserts protect female makeup, do not stick lipstick, expand the breathing space to help smooth breathing, keep the mask off face around your mouth.
✅ Easy To Use – If not keep it on mouth, please use double sided tape or thread to fasten the frame onto the mask can make it work better.
✅ Package Included – 1 Pack with 3 Pieces 3D Mask Bracket Frame (MASK IS NOT INCLUDED), please contact seller before complain to us, Thank you. Please understand that there will be an error of 1-2 cm when measuring the product size manually.

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Date First Available: July 30, 2020. Best Sellers Rank: #240,250 in Tools & Home Improvement. Customer Reviews: 3.6 out of 5 stars 682 ratings 3.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08DY9682F. Batteries Required?: ‎No. Batteries Included?: ‎No. Power Source: ‎NO. Material: ‎Other. Color: ‎White. Size: ‎Adults 3pc. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎Yes. Package Dimensions: ‎5.63 x 5.39 x 1.97 inches. Item Weight: ‎0.634 ounces. Part Number: ‎MIAODAM. Manufacturer: ‎MIAODAM.

Specification: MIAODAM 3D Mask Bracket Face Mask Frame Support Space To Breath, Reusable And Washable Adults 3pc White

Weight 0.634 lbs

9 reviews for MIAODAM 3D Mask Bracket Face Mask Frame Support Space To Breath, Reusable And Washable Adults 3pc White

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Terry Ray

    The mask fits nicely; I’ve tried it in a disposable and cotton one. It has a spot on each side; I believe they are to help secure it. I put tiny safety pins on the cotton mask and it did thebtrick. It’s very comfortable and soft. I have a skin condition that is aggravated by masks that are too snug; we’ll see if this helps.Read more

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  2. Atomizer

    I’m a hospital worker who’s used to wearing surgical masks but have of course been wearing them for my entire shifts this year for the obvious reason. I’m generally fine with them but am always on the lookout for something to make them more comfortable, as I most commonly have issues with either the top of the mask digging into my lower eyelids, or the ear loops chafing the area between my ears and the side of my head. All that in mind, I found this particular face bracket thingy to be effective at at least reducing contact between my mouth and the mask, and ensuring a more consistent fit; keep in mind this assessment is likely to apply to the other clones of this product. The bracket does seem small for an adult’s face, as it just barely fits halfway up my nose and immediately below my mouth. It does have to be small enough to fit behind a standard surgical mask, however, so this is understandable, and ultimately it does work fine once you understand it. It doesn’t allow you to fully open your mouth but you can still speak normally after getting used to it. It stays secured when the side hooks are placed over the normal “ruffles” in a standard surgical mask. All in all it was totally comfortable wearing it nonstop for hours, and easy to clean. The one downside is that, after wearing it for hours, I removed it and my mask so I could eat on my break, and to my horror I noticed a shocking discoloration on my nose directly underneath the upper vertical portion of that crossbar structure that makes up the center of the bracket. It wasn’t a paint/dye transfer from this product as it is uncolored, and it wasn’t literally a contusion, but this odd darkening of the skin over my nose that I find difficult to describe another way. Maybe it was broken capillaries or something, but it did return to normal by the end of the day, as I replaced the mask but stopped wearing the bracket. I actually haven’t worn it since then out of fear that it would cause more significant damage long-term. I could imagine a modification to this type of bracket to prevent the issue above. Perhaps if the upper half was solid (i.e. those two open quadrants were filled in) it would distribute force more evenly over the skin surfaces it contacted. Possibly in addition, if the bracket was a little larger it could reduce the incidence of contact with the nose in general; I do have a fairly large nose, so others with smaller noses may not experience any of the above, but it’s almost impossible to determine that pre-purchase. Ultimately, I’m conflicted in rating this product. It does work as intended, and it has a possible design flaw that may not affect some wearers at all. In my case, I can’t confidently wear it for long periods, but then again that’s precisely the scenario where the product would be needed: it’s less necessary for shorter durations (e.g. when running into & out of a store.)Read more

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  3. Thomas Savvy

    These are hard and if you have a large nose or larger face, they will not fit well. I would be concerned if I let my kids use them they might harm themselves playing around if it pushes against their face because the edges are not soft. The images showing it being soft and seemingly pliable is not very accurate. Feels more like hard plastic than silicone. Also, they need to rethink how it attaches. We will be returning.Read more

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  4. HSS

    left a huge gash on my 6 year olds nose and she only wore twice and only around the house!Read more

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  5. ESB

    These are great. they have little tabs on the side for you to stick in the pleats inside your mask This feature fails comically but it’s not necessary anyway. I just put this over my nose and mouth and stick my mask on my face- done! It gives a couple of inches more room to breathe and I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated anymore and I’m not inhaling my mask. It’s because of these I was able to return to the movie theater and sit comfortably with a mask for hours. I found them to be a bit pricey but worth it. For price reason only they get 4 stars not 5. Wearing a mask without one is miserable now.Read more

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  6. Melissa

    The idea of these seemed nice but were ineffective. Initially putting it on it seems like there is more airflow, comfortable, and allows you to be heard better. After wearing it for a bit though my mask feels hotter and hotter and I’m so uncomfortable. Not only then is it hot in my mask, but I have a hot silicone product rubbing against my face too. I returned for a refund. My daughter tried it too and felt the same way.Read more

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  7. Joyce L. Davis

    I have trouble keeping the item in my mask and on my face. It needs additional ways to hook it to my mask. It keeps falling out. The hooks on the item don’t work on most masks. I tried to stitch it in but that didn’t work either. I tried putting it in the pocket where the n95 filter goes, but it wouldn’t stay in place.Read more

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  8. Jeffery Wilson

    These mask brackets are so tiny, they’re even too small for children. Maybe infants could use them, but definitely not adults. Completely worthless.Read more

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  9. Hashish J I John

    Great stuff, worked perfectly now can wear the mask all day.Read more

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    MIAODAM 3D Mask Bracket Face Mask Frame Support Space To Breath, Reusable And Washable Adults 3pc White
    MIAODAM 3D Mask Bracket Face Mask Frame Support Space To Breath, Reusable And Washable Adults 3pc White

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