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Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Hot Chocolate, Batteries Included, Silver

(8 customer reviews)

【GET CREAM QUICKLY & MULTI-FUNCTIONS】-Our portable milk frother handheld can make foamed milk and create froth in 15 seconds or less. The instant blend of creamy milk foam and coffee welcome a beautiful day for you. It is a perfect foam maker for coffee, latte, cappuccino, matcha, hot chocolate, and any other frothed milk. This frappe mixer also works well with both hot and cold drinks.
【DESIGNED FOR HOME AND TRAVEL】-The battery-operated milk frother is powered by 3 AAA batteries (included) and designed with a storage tube to prevent dust from damaging and keep the whisks clean. Putting a small frother into your handbag or suitcase takes up no space. It is a convenient and magnificent gift for your families. Get this drink mixer for your personal party and camping. Our milk frother will let you have a fantastic and fabulous experience.
【ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIALS】-Compare to other plastic milk frothers, this electric mixer handheld has a powerful 20000 rpm motor and food-grade 304 stainless steel whisks. Low noise, more durable. The ergonomically designed handle gives you a more soft touch. The environmental ABS plastic is made for this coffee frother extended service life. Never rust, never break.
【SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN】-The one-press button on the top is easy to use. Heat the milk, and immerse the whisk into a cup; you will lather more froth and foam with this milk frother. Do not worry about the cleaning. Put the whisk into the dishwasher or whiz it in soapy or clean water are both available.
【ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH OUR FROTHER】-If you enjoy the foamed milk, we believe you’ll love this battery-operated electric stirrer. Just enjoy the milk frother.


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Material: 304 Stainless steel + ABS plastic

Speed: Single speed (20,000rpm)

Power: 3×AAA batteries (INCLUDED)

Package: Carton

Two Types of spring whisk

Our VOMELON milk frother has two types of whisks offered inportable electric whisk set. They’re single spring whisk and triple springwhisks and are used to do the frothering job, while the triple whisk has betterfoaming effect, and it has a larger amount of milk foam, less air, and it iseasier to latte art.

Powerful Motor

Upgraded motor built-in, VOMELON milk frother spins just at fast speed-20,000rpm. In just a few seconds, you can havea full cup of milk foam.

Anti-fingerprint technology

Our VOMELON milk frother is made of 304 stainlesssteel and ABS plastic. As long as you use it correctly and place it in theright environment, it will never rust, never break!

Multiple Uses

VOMELON milk frother are suitable for all types of milk, and Itis a perfect maker of coffee, lattes, cappuccino, espressos, hot chocolate, drinksand many more.

Easy To Clean

Just remove the whisk head from the body and flush its part with running water to get the whisk washed thoroughly.


Never immerse the fuselage in water.

Specification: Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Hot Chocolate, Batteries Included, Silver

Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.18 × 1.18 × 9.3 in

8 reviews for Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Hot Chocolate, Batteries Included, Silver

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Susie L

    This WAS a great frother. The protective case was perfect because I travel a lot for work. The two different heads were great for bulletproof tea or shakes. Sadly, after 2 months, it died. Fortunately I contacted the seller and in less than 48 hours a new replacement is on the way!Read more

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  2. Melodie Love-Wagner

    The blender portion spins itself off every single time I use it. I have to slightly hold it in place as it spins so it doesn’t fall into my travel mug which also means it can’t spin at its highest level. I have to turn it off and on, probably five or six times to readjust the whisk to froth my coffee.Read more

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  3. vegascutie83

    This device is perfect for making Keto Coffee on the go! It does a wonderful job of blending the oils/butter and adding a delicious froth. I also like having the option of two different whisks. Would definitely recommend for those who want to step up their coffee game.Read more

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  4. Mercedes Fontaine

    All in all I definitely give this five stars! I’m a very busy traveling momma working my own business and I’m also trying to live a more healthy lifestyle! I have been making bulletproof coffees for months now however it is so so hard to pack up a blender with you every time you travel! This has been perfect and honestly the power this thing has completely surprised me! It blended my bulletproof coffee beautifully and left no chunks of coconut oil or butter ! Definitely something I would recommend and repurchase!!Read more

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  5. Sonny

    Okay I am officially impressed. Bought one of those cheap ones before where you have to hold down the button to make it work, but with those the connection gets loose so you have to push harder every time. This one, you just click the button and it stays on, especially if you want to hold it a different way. Powerful motor for sure, I can feel the difference. This thing doesn’t bog down when hitting thick or large amount of liquid. For sure would purchase again.Read more

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  6. Margaret

    It’s a great frother that I use to mix my matcha drink. Way easier than the traditional method with the bamboo whisk without any noticeable difference. The first few times I used this, the rpm was a little too fast and splashed out of the cup, but after the 4th or 5th time, the battery drained just enough that it’s now the perfect speed. I’ve used it daily for over month and it’s still going strong on the batteries the frother came with.Read more

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  7. BZ

    I recently started making matcha tea at home and opted for a milk frother instead of the bamboo hand whisk that is traditionally used for matcha, due to health issues. I have a connective tissue disorder and early osteoarthritis and need to protect my wrists, so the hand whisk would be risky for my daily matcha habit. The Vomelon frother is perfect for mixing up my matcha tea powder into my water or almond milk while saving my joints from further damage. I liked the included cover for this model, and the large on/off button on the top of the device. Other models have their switches and buttons placed in odd places that could be awkward for me. I have trouble pushing this device’s button with my thumb, even though it seems designed to be done this way, so I typically use my index finger to switch it on and off. This works well for me. You don’t have to hold the button while it’s on – it stays on until you turn it off – so that helps. The two coil attachments are nice, too. The single coil one does a decent job, but the triple coil really blends up well, and froths up my almond milk into a airy, frothy cup rather quickly, if that’s what I’m going for. It uses 3 AAA batteries, and I worried they would get used up with daily use, but I have been using mine daily for about a minute or so each day (I blend my matcha, then rinse off by blending clean water and then spin dry before I store it) every day for about a month now and it’s still going strong on the original batteries. I am ready with spares for whenever they peter out, though. I checked the battery chamber to make sure I knew how to switch them out, and it’s very easy. They are stacked in the end of the device, so you just twist off the end and slide out. There is a holder for the 3 batteries, so you pop them out/in and just slide it back into the main housing and twist it back on. The +/-indicators show which way to place them. I believe it’s 2 one way and one the opposite way. The attachments simply hold onto the spinning bit with tiny grooves in the spinner that fit snugly. They don’t click into place or anything, but I have had no trouble with them feeling loose or anything while in use, as long as they are fully in place. Just slide them all the way in and you’ll be fine. Overall, this works well for my matcha tea and milk frothing needs. I tried it once with an egg to see how well it scrambled, but I used the single coil attachment and it seemed to slow down a lot in the gooey egg viscosity, so I can’t say I would recommend it for scrambling eggs, especially if you are doing more than one at a time. However, I only tried once and only with the smaller, single coil attachment. You may have better luck with it if that’s what you’re looking to use it for. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.Read more

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  8. Scott Valentine

    I’ve been using this frother for a little over a week with various kinds of milk, and I’m seriously impressed with the power and build quality. It’s bulkier than I expected, but I really do appreciate the protective cap for travel, and stashing in my case for use at the office. The triple head makes a huge difference! With half-and-half, the foam is just beautiful, almost as rich as with steam if you heat it first. I’ve used several smaller frothers with single heads and only one AAA battery, and while I’ve been happy with them, I didn’t quite know what I was missing. The extra bulk is worth it to get this kind of foam. I’ve also used it for mixing a few powdered drinks and cocktails. Some of you are going to cringe, but I got a pretty good martini with it! If you’re really careful and use a couple of tablespoons of crushed ice, you can get a great mix of air to oxidize the gin with the triple head. For powdered drinks, I’d stick with the single head unless you really want a whipped protein drink – ugh. Finally, it’s great to have the option to remove the mixer heads for cleaning. This keeps you from getting water in the motor, and helps keep the inside of the cap clean. Don’t underestimate this! I’ve ruined a couple of frothers this way, so I definitely recommend this feature. So while this one is a little bulky, it’s completely worth the extra size for the power and convenience. It looks great, the button is protected with a silicon cover, and you get two heads for different kinds of drinks. Of the several portable frothers I’ve tried, this is the one I recommend.Read more

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    Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Hot Chocolate, Batteries Included, Silver
    Milk Frother Handheld, Battery Operated Travel Coffee Frother Milk Foamer Drink Mixer with 2 Stainless Steel Whisks for Hot Chocolate, Batteries Included, Silver


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