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Miracle Care Eye Clear 1 ounce Bottle 90 count

(13 customer reviews)

IMPROVES TEAR STAINS & REMOVES EYE DEBRIS: Soothing and gentle, our sterile eye wash pads are a non-stinging formula safe to use around the eye. Our cat and dog wipes are specifically formulated to improve tear stains and remove eye debris
QUICK AND EASY TO USE – Our disposable eye wipes get the job done quickly. Remove eye wash pad from container and gently wipe stained area below eye. Repeat as needed daily. After use, please tighten lid to avoid drying out
CONVENIENT, SINGLE USE PET WIPES – Say goodbye to multiple steps and spilled eye wash solution. Our soft, presoaked cotton pads are especially made for cleaning the sensitive area around your pet’s eyes. Our pet eye wipes are ideal for everyday use
CAT AND DOG EYE WASH PADS MADE IN USA – All Miracle Care products are proudly made under our own roof in Dayton, Ohio. With our own in-house quality assurance team, you can feel confident that your pets are receiving our very best
EASY TO CARRY ON THE GO – Each package contains 90 presoaked eye wash pads. Our dog and cat wipes are conveniently packaged and very portable. Carry in your purse or backpack on your next trip to the park, beach, lake or wherever life takes you
Age range description: all life stages

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Miracle Care Eye Care products have been the favorite of groomers and breeders since 1961 and is now available in pre-moistened pads for easy application with less waste.

Specification: Miracle Care Eye Clear 1 ounce Bottle 90 count

Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.252 in

13 reviews for Miracle Care Eye Clear 1 ounce Bottle 90 count

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  1. T. Lee

    I got these for my dogs eye booger stains. As soon as I got the item it was bad from the start. It was inside a ziplock bag, unscrewing the top the seal inside was broken (probably why it was in the bag) and how could Amazon sell it anyway? It could be contaminated.. The pads are so thin you have to carefully peel one off or else you’ll use 2-4 of them without realizing it. I tried it on myself wiping around my closed eyes. I wasnt blinded or burned so I used it in my dog but it doesnt really clean. It leaves the hair feeling sticky like hair spray. I would not buy this again and its items like these with broken seals, expired items that have made me buy less from amazon.Read more

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  2. Christine Davis

    I read ingredients very carefully to be sure I was getting something that can safely be used in the eye. I have bully breeds. They don’t tend to have tear stains but get “goobers” in their eyes all the time. The Frenchies eyes are more exposed and easier scratched than the English so the liquid in the pad has to be able to gently rinse the eye as well. The pads are nice and moist, you can squeeze a bit in the eye and then gently wipe away the junk it rinses out. CHECK YOUR PADS INGREDIENTS. Most tear wipes aren’t safe to get the liquid in the eye just to wipe around the outside. (My grandma used to feed her Maltipoo spearmint tic tacs…xylitol…no, no) Keeps your fur babies eyes safe!Read more

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  3. Linda

    I use this product on a daily basis with my light colored pup. The product does not remove the stains but it removes the new drainage that is starting from the eye corners. If you do not use something to clean the eye corners, the eye tears become worse and the stain the surrounding hair. The pads are very thin so you need to separate them so you just use one. Lots of times, I end of grabbing about 2 or 3 at a time, they are easily separated. I have used these pads for several years, there are 90 pads, so that is 3 months of pads! Cleaning your pets eyes is a dedicated daily grooming task that needs to be done every day to keep the stains under control. I will also use a small comb to pull up the stained hair from the corrner of the eye and cut the stained hair off.Read more

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  4. Leonor Tuck

    I have to wipe my dogs eye every night to take out the hardness around his eye so the baby wipes can do the same thing but it will not cause the same amount plus the baby wipes is bigger not like this one I have to use four at a time cause it is really small.Read more

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  5. Ariel

    I’ve been using it on my dog for a few days now it has lightened her discoloration by her eyes not as much as I thought it would but definitely and Improvement hopefully over time it will clear it completely up and keep it from coming back I’m looking forward to it.Read more

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  6. Big Daddy

    These seem to clean my little critter’s eyes very nicely. These pads soften the “eye-boogers” and remove those gross eye stains nicely. Much easier than using a tissue and annoying my dog. Kind of spendy for what they are, but I think my dog is worth it.Read more

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  7. Nancy Zoe

    Pads cleaned crusts in corner of eyes. Discoloration is not disappearing. Dogs don’t like pads, they fight me and I really can’t do a good job, will keep trying to gently clean up the hair around the eye. Will use, and give it a chance to work as advertised. UPDATE: Ended up throwing product away. Dogs would not even come near me when I had the product in my hand or on the table near me.Read more

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  8. Genoise

    This is a good product to clean around my dog’s eyes. It’s soften tears that dried on my dog’s face. If you are looking for something that reduce tear stain, you are looking at the wrong product. But if you are only looking for something to clean dried tears on dogs’ faces, this product is a good one. However, you can buy a cheaper brand and as good as this one. The one i bought from petsmart does pretty much the same thing. The only reason i keeps buying this brand is that it got a lighter texture than 5 other brands i have tried. Btw, i forgot to mention that my dogs are malteses and im a clean freak. I clean them everyday. Hope this helpsRead more

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  9. Mr. H. P. Scuffham

    My Yorkie had a minor eye infection after gettting something in hi=s left eye,, I cleaned his eye with these drops for 2 days and it cleared up, he doesn’t seem to mind them in his eyes either, excellent, does just what it says.Read more

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  10. deborah middleton

    This is very good for removing stains around the eyesRead more

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  11. Magdalena Bell

    Working very wellRead more

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  12. E Z Bilge

    This product has helped from day 1 to remove tear stains from around my Bichon’s eyes – would highly recommend, much more effective than other products i’ve tried to use.Read more

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  13. viechteline7

    Seit unser Hund ständig die Tränengänge verstopft hat und auch die OP nicht das gewünschte Ergebnis brachte, hatte er statt weißem Fell rotbraunes rund um die Augen. Ich hab Vieles ausprobiert und bin letztendlich bei miracle care gelandet. Seitdem macht unserem Wauzi das Putzen rund um die Augen nichts mehr aus, er putz auch nicht mehr irritiert mit seinen Pfoten nach und riechen tut es auch angenehm. Nur hab ich die ersten beiden Male mehr pads erwischt, da sie ziemlich nass sind und dünn. Aber mittlerweile funktioniert es prima. Sehr empfehlenswert!Read more

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    Miracle Care Eye Clear 1 ounce Bottle 90 count
    Miracle Care Eye Clear 1 ounce Bottle 90 count

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