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Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors

(11 customer reviews)

Plush Filled
Assorted colors
GRUNT when squeezed
Pets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discarded
You will only receive ONE toy when ordering this item. The color will be randomly selected from one of several fun-filled colors

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Multipet’s Goblet dog toys. These latex, polka dot and plush filled pigs GRUNT when they are squeezed and ship in assorted colors. The colors include; purple, yellow, white, green and blue. This is a great dog toy.

Specification: Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors

Dimensions 8 × 3.75 × 3.55 in

11 reviews for Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors

3.4 out of 5
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  1. akaMom

    My dog loooooooved this toy. But he broke the duck call sound inside within 15 mins but he still loved it nonetheless (he loves these squishy latex toys, the Hartz duraplay is his favorite). However I had to take it away and cut it open to see if he swallowed anything because the tube/part that emits the sound, separated from the toy itself so I was nervous he swallowed it. (He did not, the tube and the duck call parts were inside *) so unfortunately i ruined his toy that he would have been happy to play with even without the sound. I dont think these are durable as the Dura Play brand but still decent for the dogs who like those and just squish the toys rather than rip into them. * i looked at the pictures from other reviews about the parts inside and was not sure where that long curved piece was so i had to be certain he didn’t swallow anything. For others that may wonder, those small pieces are at the far end of the tube inside the body. The hollow tube is at the opening (under the pigs mouth) and the duck call part of that is attached to the other end of the tube about 4/5 inches back inside the body. So if it stops grunting and looks hollow in the hole under the mouth (but you can still feel the tube inside the body) you could be ok. If your dog ripped the whole thing open then that’s a different ballgame of course. I’ve attached a couple pictures. The end that has the small holes is where the duck call parts are, the hollow end is what comes out under the mouth. Sure I guess its possible that if a dog crushed the duck call parts enough they could separate and travel down the tube, but i dont think it as likely as there is a barrier (but again its plastic so could be crushed too) so if you have aggressive chewers or dogs who will eat anything, then steer clear.Read more

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  2. E Roberts

    This is the best dog toy ever. My dog is obsessed with them. He does eventually chew the squeaker out but they last a long time and he has so much fun with them it is worth buying one every now and then. We call it his swine ball and it keeps him entertained for hours. The sound enthralles him and it has just enough bounce that he can barely keep a hold of it and has to chase it all over the place. He has one waiting in his stocking for Christmas morning.

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  3. jacer

    I purchased this little piggy based on rave reviews from the doggy group I belong to. While you can’t select your preferred color, the pig arrived quickly. For the first 24 hours, my 7-month-old Doodle was TERRIFIED of the piggy (it’s the sound it makes!) The next day, I tried it again and within the hour, Harlee had ripped the pig’s nose off. So I let her have it for about 5 minutes a day – when I’m right there with her. If this would be more durable – it would be terrific. If you have a dog with TEETH – don’t waste your money!Read more

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  4. BeePea

    This is my dog’s absolute most favorite toy. He destroys everything, but this one is super durable. My only criticism has nothing to do with the product, but with description and the price. You only get ONE pig for $20. Folks, you can get this exact pig at Walmart for $6. I thought I was getting a bunch of them for $20, otherwise I would have ventured to Walmart to get one, as much as I loathe going there. Great product, crappy description, terrible price.Read more

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  5. Jones

    Was under the impression this was a multipack, the only reason why I purchased it only to be disappointed that its only one and can find the same thing at the dollar store Lasted a few days before my dog ripped the nose and was pulling stuffing out Will not buy again, not because of my dog destroying the product but because the item is not clearly listed as a single itemRead more

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  6. Miss D T Wheatley

    I thought all of them came but there was only one I hadn’t read the info properly- my mistake. Puppy love itRead more

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  7. Raeanne

    Not as advertised! This is not a multipack, like the picture shows. This is 1 single pig for $17. You don’t pick a color, which would make it more obvious it’s a single toy. It stopped squeaking l in the first 5 minutes. Complete waste of money. $5 at Walmart and I wish I bought it there, instead of thinking I was getting 5 for $20. I’ll be returning it.Read more

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  8. Sibsdibs

    Our boxer loves running around with the pig in his mouth. Normally he rips all his soft toys to threads but not this one.Read more

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  9. Stephani

    I use to buy these at Walmart for a dollar per one toy pig. Walmart recently upped the price which lead me to search on Amazon to see if I could find a better deal. I already knew my dog would love this toy. I also already knew from previously getting them at Walmart that the pig’s noisemaker would not last long and shortly after my dog would manage to break through to the cotton stuffing. All that being said, I am disappointed with my purchase because I had thought I was ordering 5 pigs for about $9…but what I received was 1 pig. I believe the advertisement should be more clear because if I knew I was ordering just 1 pig I would have gone to my local Walmart, which still has the lower price.Read more

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  10. Dylan W.

    Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors My dogs love these. If you have a large or rough dog, eventually it will be destroyed, but they have SO much fun with it in the meantime. The noisemaker will probably fail first, then eventually it may tear a little. Use this opportunity to remove the fiberfill and noisemaker. It is a very durable rubber and doesn’t tear easily but may eventually – don’t despair. After a vigorous tug-of-war between two energetic 50 lb dogs, I had a good-sized tear about at the neck, so I used sharp scissors and removed the head leaving the hollow body. Well, it is still one of their favorites. My almost year-old Lab has slowly ripped a bit more from the body, so I trim as needed to remove tears and leave a smooth edge so it’s harder to tear. I bought another for Xmas – the oinker is dead and there are a couple of small holes, but the oinker and fiberfill are still in it. The other body is still going strong too (one of her original puppy toys).Read more

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  11. Chemaster

    Great toy with exception or I would have gave it 100 stars! The pig noise stops working within a few days and this occurred on three separate purchases. However, I’ve now found a simple fix and all three of my toys have worked without issue for over thirty days. The pig noise stops working if the noise tube comes off the ring near the noise where the air comes out when squessed. Use a tool of your choice and make a small straight cut on the belly of the pig near his nose. Remove the tube Practice replacing the tube Now, place a small amount 3 drops oof super glue on both the sealing areas of the tube and tube ring. Repair the cut with a small amount of glue and let set overnight. The next day ensure their is on excess glue and that all glue is dry. All three of my pigs have worked perfectly of 30 days. Respectfully, the manufacturer should correct this issue. Good Luck! SteveRead more

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    Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors
    Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors

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