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Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups with Lids, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack 4pk Cups + 4pk Lids

(10 customer reviews)

Set includes 4 Miracle 360 7oz Trainer Cups and 4 matching lids
Dentist-recommended, spoutless design with 360-degree drinking edge
Cup automatically seals when child stops drinking, eliminating spills completely
Easy to clean, with no extra valves or parts – top rack dishwasher safe
Handles are easy for little hands to hold


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Care instructions: Machine Wash. Style: 4pk Cups + 4pk Lids. Capacity: 7 Ounces. Brand: Munchkin. Best Sellers Rank: #60 in Baby. Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 51,135 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B09RGV8WB5. Style: ‎4pk Cups + 4pk Lids. Care instructions: ‎Machine Wash.

10 reviews for Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups with Lids, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack 4pk Cups + 4pk Lids

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  1. skylark1827

    The media could not be loaded. Let me preface this be saying I never write reviews, however when I saw how many people were saying mold was growing in their cups I was horrified so I made a video of me washing ours. My son was pretty much exclusively breastfed and wanted nothing to do with bottles so I got these cups for him to use so I could start introducing formula at 6 months. He figured out how to get the formula out right away and although we’ve had to help him hold the cup once he hit 9 months he has figured out how to hold the cup on his own and tip it back enough to drink. Cleaning is really easy you just need to make sure you disassemble all of the parts. The o ring is easy to take out, just look for the gap in the treads and you can take pull it down-without using any tools or nails! We sometimes don’t wash all the parts for a day or two when we are busy but we will put them in hot soapy water for a bit if we do that to get rid of dried formula. I would sugguest emptying the cup of any liquid the same day just so it doesn’t stink later. We also try to shake out some of the excess water before setting it out to dry.Read more

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  2. L. Myers

    We’ve tried all these other cups, but they all leak, or grow mold where you can’t clean it, or both. But THESE cups actually are leak proof, super easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe. The only thing I would say is, wash the silicone disc by hand and rinse thoroughly as silicone picks up the scent of the dishwasher and has a hard time releasing all the soap. But my 2 year old does a great job with these cups, they’re super durable and I get a big stupid smile on my face every time I find one of these tipped over on the floor with juice inside and my carpet is still dry. Get these. Use them for everything. Never look back. Be overly dramatic when you tell people how much you love them. Realize you need more interactions with adults. But yeah, get these cups.Read more

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  3. Kadi Rose

    This cup is good. But the reason I gave it 3 stars is because it advertises as a great first sippy cup for an infant and I’d have to disagree. For a baby to go from sucking on a bottle or nipple, to a sippy cup with just a rim and nothing else…makes it hard for them to understand how to use it. All my son keeps doing is biting on it and throwing on the floor… he’s 10 months and I’ve been trying to get him to use this cup for a while.. it ain’t happening. He does drink off of a normal sippy cup that’s why i feel this why. I personally think it’s for toddlers or bigger. Kids who actually know how to drink out of a cup. And also, it isn’t completely spill proff…it does leak a little.Read more

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  4. Frederick

    *** See below for update *** Like many parents, we struggled to find the best way to teach our little girl to drink from a cup. We tried various forms of sippy cups, but she couldn’t seem to figure out how the mouthpiece worked. And we didn’t want to start with regular cups because the water would end up everywhere. Then I stumbled across these. I have to say, I’m VERY impressed by the ingenious simplicity of their design. There are three pieces: the cup itself, a white two-handled “lid” that has lots of tiny holes in it, and a silicone “cap” that snaps into the lid. When the cup is tilted, liquid inside it passes through the holes in the lid but is stopped by the silicone cap. Applying a bit of downward pressure on the edge of the cap creates a small opening which allows liquid to flow out from beneath the cap, but only where the pressure was applied. So when our little one raises the cup to drink from it, nothing actually flows from it until she puts it to her mouth and a little pressure from her teeth/gums creates an opening in the silicone cap. This cup has been indispensable for helping our daughter learn to drink small amounts of water. Some things I really like about this cup: 1) It’s very sturdy. This cup has landed on the floor many times and shows no signs of damage. 2) It’s about as leak-proof as you can get for an infant/child cup. Our little one waves it around in the air, knocks it over, and occasionally launches it onto the floor. If it hits the floor hard a drop or two may spill, but that’s it. 3) The cup’s two handles make it easy for little hand to hold. 4) Your little one can drink from anywhere along the rim. 5) It is dishwasher safe. The only [very small] complaint I have is that the silicone top can be a little tricky to separate from the cap. You just have to get a really firm grip on the center circle and pull hard. Fortunately both pieces are tough enough that it would be tough to damage either one in the process. TIP: When we first tried this cup with our daughter, initially she couldn’t figure out how it “worked.” Unlike her bottle, it has no nipple, and of course she didn’t realize that she had to press her upper gums/teeth against the silicone to get water to come out. So we actually removed the silicone top and then, holding the top of the cup against her lower lip, tilted the cup slowly to allow a little water to flow into the cap and then into her mouth. A couple of weeks later, when she seemed to understand the concept, we put the silicone top back on and she learned to bite down on it gently to make water come out. When doing this technique, note that the more full the cup is, the easier it is to control how much water enters the cap when you tilt it, so make sure the cup is fairly full when you try it. Overall we couldn’t be happier with these cups! Highly recommended. ————————– UPDATE 4/10/2019 ————————– We still love these cups, but after several months of use we noticed they were developing black mold beneath the silicone ring that sits at the top of the threads on the cap. At first we were dismayed and thought we would have to throw all of the cups away. However, I removed all of the silicone rings from the caps, soaked everything in a vinegar solution, then scrubbed and washed the rings and caps thoroughly, and they are as good as new! The point here is that even though these cups are dishwasher safe, you DO need to remove the silicone rings from time to time and wash them so mold doesn’t accumulate beneath them. At this point we remove the rings every time we wash the cups — they go into a small basket in our dishwasher along with the colored silicone tops — and we haven’t had any more problem with mold. It may be unnecessary to remove the rings every time you wash the cups, but for us it’s easier than trying to remember when we last did it. So, a small extra step to be sure these cups are mold-free. It doesn’t take away from how much we like these cups!Read more

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  5. LaLaLaurie

    My husband and I purchased these cups for our daughter after reading great reviews about them. But I don’t get it. It never seemed like my kid was getting anything out of the cup, and I even tried drinking from them and couldn’t get anything out. ?? We just switched to straw cups. I did keep the bottoms of these cups and we now use them as regular kid-sized cups for my daughter to drink out of. A friend of mine also had the same poor experience with these cups.Read more

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  6. Loubie Smith

    I love these cups and my son does too, the colours are cute and they definitely don’t spill when laid down or upside down, however they do leak when thrown or dropped on the floor so they are by no means 100% spill proof. Better than the teated sippy cups by far! Much more hygienic, better for their teeth and you don’t have juice leaking out when they turn the cup upside down or lay it down flat in their cot. I will be buying the next size up when he is ready for the ones without handles, they are definitely good value for money.Read more

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    Edito comentario despues d 1 año de uso. Siguen viendose como nuevos. Aun con el paso del tiempo no cambia colores o aspecto. Solo q se debe tener muchisimo cuidado cuando se lavan y se secan, ya que tienen muchisimas ranuras q pueden causar humedad y por tanto hongo. Sobretodo en la tapa plástica( de color) superior.: cuesta mucho trabajo lavarla y dejarla 100% seca. Pero si no se hace el vaso se enmohecerá. Por lo demás es buena inversion Tambien recomiendo siempre vaciar el contenido cuando deje de ser usado y orear el vasito desarmado. Igualmente esterilizar d vez en cuando. Los famosos vasos mágicos. Muchas personas me los recomendaron. Los colores son vibrantes, no se derrama nada, pero cuando se caen o los azotan se sale mucho líquido (a mi bb está en la edad de aventar todo). Las agarraderas han servido mucho por que hasta cuando gatea va con su vasito en mano… se alcanza a ver perfecto la cantidad de agua que queda en el vaso. Creo que van a servirle a mi bebé por mucho tiempoRead more

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  8. Laura

    Clever cups and a decent size for lots of water. My son is a bit daft and hasn’t got the hang of them yet (he goes in with his bottom teeth, which doesn’t work!) but they’ll be great for when he’s older. All they need to do is put pressure down with their top gums/teeth and the water comes out nicely. Very easy to take apart to clean too.Read more

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  9. Amazon Customer

    we have purchased many of these products for the family in the larger size, however this one we bought for my mum whom is disabled, after great success with other models (aluminium) this own proved to be a disaster. you have to twist so tightly to close so it does not leak that it’s impossible to reopen to empty. Go for the large models not this one. Overall very disappointed as the handles were a key buying feature.Read more

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  10. Nathan

    Only reason leak proof didn’t get full stars was because when my son throws it down with force it can leak. But that is the only time it does. Tipping it over or a drop from say 1 meter high, you are not going to see any leaking. Over a meter and you may see leaking but it is minimal. Put it this way. After I got one, I got another one for when he goes to nannas.Read more

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    Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups with Lids, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack 4pk Cups + 4pk Lids
    Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cups with Lids, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack 4pk Cups + 4pk Lids


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