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Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean – 3-Pack, Teal, 9 oz Teal 9 Ounce 3-Pack

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SOFT AND FAMILIAR FEEL: Naturally hygienic, extra-soft, easy to transition between breast and baby bottles, and avoid nipple confusion; made from the highest grade silicone, dishwasher & microwave safe, BPA, PVC, LEAD, and PHTHALATE FREE
ANTI-COLIC, GAS-FREE FEEDING: Advanced 360° TRIPLE VENTED non-collapsible nipple design, so baby keeps a perfect latch and no post-feeding fussiness, gassiness, or discomfort; Same soft nipple as theaward-winning Nanobebe breast milk bottle
MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE: Stable base prevents tipping on any surface, easy to read volume scale, leak-free, and easy to clean
GROWS WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE: Holds up to 9oz; quick snap bottle handles (sold separately) that babies love to hold encourage development of fine motor skills
THE ULTIMATE BABY BOTTLE: Perfect for all your feeding needs (baby formula, milk, water) at all stages from newborns and infants to toddlers


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Bottle Nipple Type: Vented. Item Weight: 15.52 Ounces. Material free: BPA Free. Color: Teal. Brand: NANOBÉBÉ. Best Sellers Rank: #244 in Baby. Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 8,438 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B08J41KYH1. Item Weight: ‎15.5 ounces. Bottle type: ‎Anti-Colic Bottle. Bottle nipple type: ‎Vented. Dishwasher safe: ‎Yes. Batteries required: ‎No. Style: ‎9 Ounce 3-Pack. Care instructions: ‎Dishwasher Safe. Material free: ‎BPA Free. Target gender: ‎Unisex. Item model number: ‎Sil-11. Package Dimensions: ‎8.94 x 5.75 x 3.31 inches.

Specification: Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean – 3-Pack, Teal, 9 oz Teal 9 Ounce 3-Pack

Weight 15.5 lbs

13 reviews for Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean – 3-Pack, Teal, 9 oz Teal 9 Ounce 3-Pack

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  1. Leo Dobkin

    We have tried several bottles with great difficulty (severe colic). Pros: it is easily connected to a spectra pump and the air vents on this nipple really do seems to prevent the gassiness and fussiness he was getting from other bottles, he was also able to keep a strong latch on it. Cons: it’s frustrating the bottles come with slow flow nipple and I have to order the medium flow ones too. I know that’s the case with most bottles, but needed to vent about it. Additionally, I can’t seem to find the handles advertised anywhere.Read more

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  2. MamaDaddyAndBabyO

    I wanted to like these. I’ve been searching for a well-vented bottle with minimal parts and these seemed really promising. Three vents in the nipple, but the nipple is pretty narrow so my baby covered at least one when he latched on. When they worked, they whistled really loudly which wasn’t a deal-breaker, but kind of annoying. And sometimes they didn’t work at all and the entire bottle collapsed. The nipple didn’t collapse (as advertised), but literally the entire bottle sucked in. I still had to break my baby’s latch to release the vacuum. I also don’t love that it’s 4 pieces instead of 3. Other silicone bottles don’t need to be disassembled so much to be cleaned. Not a huge deal, but my primary motivation for trying new bottles is that I’m sick of cleaning so many pieces (currently have the best success with dr brown but the cleaning takes forever).Read more

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  3. Yan and Justin

    These are a game changer. I started with the original nanobebe and loved them but was also frustrated that they leaked. Not to mention the countless times the bottoms would fall out while I was pumping or explode in the warning bowl. Other than that they were great. These ones. OMG! They are amazing. They are soft, easy to hold. The silicone is quality. They hold way more milk and the best part is I can pump straight into them with my Spectra pump. No more adapter pieces. No more trying to pop bottles open to clean. No more trying to fit bottles back into place. They are just amazing. In fact, I liked them so much, I got another set after the first feeding. I highly recommend them. Also, there was a review that said they were unable to find the handle adapters. You can get them on the nanobebe website and you can use the code: HANDLES50 to get 50% off while they last.Read more

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  4. Chanel

    My baby loves the new style. I like the softness of the bottle. The fact that she will have the bottles past being a infant is great.Read more

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  5. L. Duncan

    Just got these bottles a couple days ago. Liking them so far. The large base keeps them stable when you put them down – huge plus over similar competitor’s bottles. I searched and searched for number of pieces/assembly instructions prior to buying these. I came up pretty empty handed. So I’m posting a pic of the instructions for assembly. There are 5 pieces. 1. Silicon bottle. 2. Colored Neck ring 3. Colored nipple ring 4. Nipple. 5. Cap/cover.Read more

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  6. Jaime

    Love these bottles!! We have the OG version and decided to try these as our breast fed baby is growing and drinking more. Love the easy fast clean up and assembly. Never had any issues with her latching or leaking for those concerned! Hubby also commented on how he loves this design and feel. I even did a test use with one of the bottles in my Wabi dryer and sterilizer and it works wonderfully with no warping so far! Finally was able to snatch the pink ones, thank you nanobebe for giving us 4 color choices!!! So now we have 3 pinks and blue. I usually put my breast milk in a medela container and use it in the bottle warmer then transfer to bottle whenever someone is watching her while I’m out.Read more

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  7. Brent

    I absolutely loved these bottles. We noticed our daughter didn’t spit up as much or even at all sometimes which is her normal. The silicone feel is one of my favorite features. Our loves to hold onto it, and is almost fascinated by the feel. We have never used plastic bottles with her. She’s 5 months, and enjoys these bottles just as much as I do I think haha. Easy to clean, and let’s not forget to mention how cute they are! We bought 3 to start with, and I have more in my cart already with all nipple sizes!! I plan to try these with our next baby as well! – MH.Read more

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  8. Hensel427

    I usually use a different brand of bottle that comes with liners, making them easy to clean and effective and extremely helpful with my little gassy tummy troubled baby but with one large drawback. As an exclusive pumper, I could never tell exactly how much she was eating or how to ensure the bottle was being prepared accurately since the breast milk bags and other liner bottles do not show the correct amount. So I was dirtying double the bottles, one to measure and one to feed. Enter these flexy bottles. The measurements are clearly labeled. The bottle is nice soft material and with so few pieces, they’re easy to clean. The larger bottles come with slow flow nipples which is nice since I didn’t purchase the newborn bottles. However the slow flow is incredibly fast, my full term one month old couldn’t drink from them. I decided to order the preemie speed and am awaiting the arrival of those. It is a little annoying that the nipples come in a Two pack while the set comes in three, meaning I’ll have one extra that isn’t being used. But overall im happy with the quality of this purchase. **********Edited after purchase to update- While there are many features I really liked about these bottles, there is a drawback. For whatever reason, regardless of the nipple size/speed used, they would occasionally stop flowing. The very first time, our daughter kept refusing the bottle, so we assumed the issue was not her being hungry. We were wrong. There was no visible blockage in the nipple and I am particular about making sure everything is sterilized and very clean before use. This ended up being a recurring problem and we still have no idea what caused it. It didn’t matter if it was breastmilk or formula, we had the same issue. I did scour the reviews and another person had the same issue. I believe it is a design flaw with the bottles or perhaps how my daughter would latch. Either way, it was a very expensive set to have to discontinue using, and we bought several.Read more

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  9. heather gordon

    Okay so I was a hugeee mam lover after discovering them with my son so I automatically bought all pink bottles for my newborn this time but they just didn’t live upto the standard this time I found they let loads of air bubbles in and my baby found it hard to wind so I went on the look for new anti colic bottles and stumbled upon these and I must say these are the best bottles I’ve ever used so if you undecided on bottles these are a must have and come in 4 different colours too. **update** although these are still my favourite bottles I’ve now had to convert back to mam as they don’t work well with reflux milk causing milk to leak out the vents on the teats Witch is guttingRead more

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  10. Positive Mama

    It was so hard to get my baby to take a bottle and after six months of struggling I finally decided to get this brand and wow I’m being completely whole heartedly honest when I say this he took it perfectly no fuss no moaning and the best thing was he had no trapped gas. The bottle is perfectly designed to make feeding easy and the tray shape and soft silicone gives the baby the idea that it’s still the breast giving comfort and security for moms and dads during feeding.Read more

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  11. Erika

    I bought these bottles as we were switching to larger amount of formula milk & previously used other well known brands, I thought I would give this one a go… huge mistake! The bottles look lovely overall but they do not fit well into the steriliser & bottle warmer I’m using as they are quite “chunky” or chunkier than average bottles. The biggest issue I found is that they leak when I shake up the formula. I tried tightening the bottle less & then more but it’s just incredibly hard to get it right without them leaking out- and getting burned! The other 2 issues are that when measuring out the water, you can barely see the measurements on the bottle & the lid does not remain very well on the teat & I have to always check a number of times that the air/ pressure from the bottle has not misplaced the lid.. and caused another leak. Sadly, I will not be buying again or recommending this bottle.Read more

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  12. saba georgiou

    Great bottles to use for formula and really easy to clean these have really helped with my baby’s colic and I wouldn’t use another brand!Read more

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  13. NSA

    Bought these because I have the new born breast milk bottles and I thought to continue with same brand. Bottles are nice and different, easy to clean and has a nice grip . The only issue we have , is we cant see the measurements marking. It is made from the same transparent silicone material with no contrast colour. So you end up holding it against the light in different angles to figure out how much water yih added or how much milk left. So cute f you have or eye sight Avoid itRead more

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    Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean – 3-Pack, Teal, 9 oz Teal 9 Ounce 3-Pack
    Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean – 3-Pack, Teal, 9 oz Teal 9 Ounce 3-Pack


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