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Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs (Bulk Size – 10 Medium Chews). Pasture-Raised and Organic Himalayan Churpi Chew. Long Lasting, Low Odor, and Protein Rich Reward Treat. Medium (Pack of 10)

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SIMPLE INGREDIENTS & ORGANIC: Native Pet’s yak cheese himalayan dog chews are produced using traditional processing techniques and 3 simple ingredients: pasture-raised yak and cow’s milk, salt, and lime juice.
LOW ODOR & LONG LASTING: yak milk dog chews have minimal odor compared to rawhide and bully sticks – plus they keep your pooch occupied for hours, even the most aggressive chewers!
PROMOTES ORAL HEALTH: our all-natural dental chew is a hard treat that encourages active chewing, which reduces tartar and improves oral hygiene.
PROTEIN RICH, GLUTEN FREE, GRAIN FREE, LACTOSE FREE: yak bones are a healthy source of protein and a clean treat that’s gentle on sensitive stomachs.
RISK FREE PROMISE: If you aren’t satisfied, we will fully refund your purchase, no questions asked!

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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. Breed Recommendation: Medium Breeds. Item Form: Stick. Target Species: Dog. Flavor: Cheese, Milk. Brand: Native Pet. ASIN: B078WWGXHV. Manufacturer: Native Pet. Date First Available: August 26, 2019. Package Dimensions: 7.28 x 4.61 x 4.53 inches; 1.75 Pounds. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No.

5 reviews for Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs (Bulk Size – 10 Medium Chews). Pasture-Raised and Organic Himalayan Churpi Chew. Long Lasting, Low Odor, and Protein Rich Reward Treat. Medium (Pack of 10)

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  1. Precise Disarray

    There are very few chews that I give my labs. I feel confident giving my two labs Himalayan yak sticks because they are easy to digest and last quite awhile. I tend to feel that they are one of the safer options out there. I purchased the XL pack of three, which weighs in at 16 ounces. Yak sticks are often purchased. The price per pound is a little more than what I typically pay, but I like to try different brands and review them. Some are better than others, many are pretty much the same. This one stands out, and I will likely purchase again. Maybe a larger pack to reduce overall cost. I like this brand because the pieces are indeed quite large (they vary, but are truly a good size), and are quite solid and last some time. My two labs may take a few days to work though one. Sometimes they work on one for a period of time, take it down a couple of inches, then leave it until they feel like gnawing again. Sometimes I give them one to gnaw on for a period of 15-20 minutes, then take it away until the next day- basically to give them some chewing satisfaction without letting them keep at it until it is done… and so I can make sure they don’t lose it somewhere like under a piece of furniture, or unbeknownst to me brought outside (my boy likes to bring a toy out to go potty, he usually drops the toy at some point and I have to retrieve it. Not a big deal if it is a toy, but losing a fresh yak stick is too costly to forget outside) My 3 pack of XL chews were all solid- nothing broken or cracked; looked good. I don’t think there were any hollow spots, but I can’t be sure.Read more

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  2. Leo

    My dog is a power chewer, the kind that can actually finish bully bones if given enough time. Luna (my dog) is not a playful gnawer – she’s the kind who attacks hard bones with such intense focus that it’s a wonder she hasn’t cracked a tooth yet. I’ve been looking for a chewing treat that can keep her busy if I need her not to bother me for a while (i.e. for homework or a work call). I’ve tried at least a dozen different chews that claim to be “long lasting,” but none of them has kept her busy for more than 10 minutes, maybe 20 if she goes slow. Even rawhide-type chew treats disappear impossibly quickly. But she *loves* these yak chews, and they last crazy long! It took her at least 1.5 hours to finish each one – they’re awesome!!! And that’s only counting concentrated chewing time…it occupied her for over 2 hours if you count the breaks she took. Luna seemed to be a big fan of them. Since she’s around 45 lbs, I bought the medium chews. Most of the treats I’ve tested out are cheaper than these. But all of those treats have also claimed to be “long-lasting,” and none of them has lasted more than 10 min or so. Since Luna chews with such enthusiasm, I like thinking about the cost of treats in terms of chew time. Before these, the best treats I’d found cost me $10 for every hour of chew time (they were small, flavor-coated rawhide twists that came in a 12-pack for $14 and took her 7-8 min each to destroy). In comparison, the 3-pack of yak chews only cost me around $3.50 per hour of chew time. Much better!!! Almost 3x more value, much nicer for my student budget. These chews have been seriously helpful…before finding them, it’s not like I could give Luna 5 of those rawhide twists to keep her busy for an hour…terribly unhealthy. If I needed to work undisturbed, I had to see if my neighbors could watch her or go to the library. But now I can use one of these yak chews to keep her distracted for 90+ minutes! Will definitely be keeping them stocked from now on. Note: I also bought the XL chews to try. If your dog sounds like Luna (45 lbs, champion of chewers, etc), I would recommend the medium chews. For whatever reason, she seemed much more inclined to hide the XL chews somewhere safe instead of chewing them right away. They only kept her attention for 10-15 minutes at a time…she kept stashing it under a blanket on her bed and going back to it later. It was clear that she still liked it, but if your goal is to buy a treat that occupies your pup for one long sitting, medium is the size that does that for Luna.Read more

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I am not one to write reviews. But my dog (7 month old lab puppy) just had major abdominal surgery (which cost $3,000) for blockages in his stomach as well as small instestine and 11 pieces of accumulated pieces of these bones were pulled out. Please be very careful when giving these to your pet.Read more

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  4. Tamara

    I have purchased other brands of yak treats for my 3 dogs and they loved them. I decided to try Native Pet. Bad decision. First, the advertised product was supposed to have 10 chews in the package. There were 9. Second, the product has a mildewy smell. There is no mold or mildew present on the chews, but it smells like it was left opened in an un-air conditioned warehouse located in a swamp, during a heat wave. With the other brands, my dogs eagerly accepted the treats and happily chewed for the next hour or so. They sniff these then take them out in the yard and leave them. At over 5 dollars per treat, this is unacceptable. I am also concerned that the package may have been opened and the product is spoiled. FYI, under the lid there was no additional seal, but there was a silica packet in the container. I am leaving this review in the hopes that this is an anomaly and Native Pet will make it right. If they do, I will follow-up here. But, for now I would not advise purchasing these treats.Read more

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I ordered a pack of of 10 – Large- Yak Chews. I received 7 full chews and 3.5 broken ones. Not from shipment because the pieces do not match. I do have a picture (1 is missing because I gave one to him). Thank you for the little extra but the small broken pieces I would fear my 10m old GWP would choke on them. Please use the small pieces in small Yak cheese orders but when I order large then that is what I expect.Read more

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    Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs (Bulk Size – 10 Medium Chews). Pasture-Raised and Organic Himalayan Churpi Chew. Long Lasting, Low Odor, and Protein Rich Reward Treat. Medium (Pack of 10)
    Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs (Bulk Size – 10 Medium Chews). Pasture-Raised and Organic Himalayan Churpi Chew. Long Lasting, Low Odor, and Protein Rich Reward Treat. Medium (Pack of 10)

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