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Nerf Dog Large Nylon Launching Duck with Interactive Design Blue

(11 customer reviews)

NERF-TOUGH: Nerf-quality materials make our Launching Duck toy perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks
HIGH VISIBILITY: The bright blue Launching Duck is easily trackable for both you and your pet, no matter where or how far you sling it
GOES THE DISTANCE: Skyrocket the launching duck up to 75 feet! With slingshot design, you can easily alter the distance of your shots and adapt to any environment, whether it is a big park or a small garden
FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE BREEDS: At 16.5 inches long, this Launching Duck is ideal for medium and large breeds
SAFETY FIRST: Designed with you dog’s safety in mind, each of our dog toys are tested to ensure endless hours of family fun


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Color:Blue Get ready for some high-flying fun with the Nerf Dog Launching frog! Designed like a slingshot, this duck launches up to 75 feet!
The elastic slingshot sends the attached plush toy hurtling through the air up to 75 feet, providing great exercise for your best friend. Simply place your thumb in the pocket on the duck’s head, pull back the body, and release for launching action!
The waterproof design makes it perfect for the beach or lake.
The duck is built tough with specialized materials that stand up to a dog’s teeth, thanks to the sturdy woven nylon exterior with tear-resistant polyurethane rubber coating.

Specification: Nerf Dog Large Nylon Launching Duck with Interactive Design Blue

Dimensions 16 × 3 × 165.12 in

11 reviews for Nerf Dog Large Nylon Launching Duck with Interactive Design Blue

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  1. J. Campbell

    My dogs are crazy for this thing! They go absolutely crazy for this sling shot toy! It shoots a good 20-30’ across the yard and they both go chasing after it. Then the fight for it ensues then the tug of war and the inevitable chase after the winner around the yard until they bring it back and repeat the process over again. My biggest complaint is that it’s not too durable. We have mutts, not rabid chewing pit bulls or anything. The edges of the wings are sufficiently lined and stitched although they break down fairly quickly. The biggest issue is the tail! It pops right out of the rear and seems to only be held in with a zip tie! I will continue to buy and replace the old one until I find something more durable.Read more

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  2. Nicole

    My dog loved this toy – until the head came off after a few short days. No toy is indestructible, but I can’t blame this one on the dog. This toy is mostly neoprene, but has small ribbon-like sections of material at the attachment points, I assume to protect the rubber ‘launcher’ cord. This piece of material came completely unstitched from the neoprene after a few dozen launches, allowing the cord to pop out of the head and rendering the launcher useless. Incredibly disappointing.Read more

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  3. DizneyFamily

    This is Nala’s fourth duck in the year that we had her. She love the duck. It’s one of her favorite toys but she beheads the duck in about two days. We received this one on Saturday around 10 am and by 3 pm she took the head off again. And not with rough play. She holds the duck body down and pulls and the head pops off. I did resew the head on the others but she still took them off. I sew up where the head goes so she can still play with them until the stuffing starts to come out then I throw it away.Read more

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  4. YoungDiamonds

    Great Toy for Dogs… Definitely Keeps my Pomsky busy… It’s Fun Shooting it in the Air… My Only Negative is my girl was able to Shred a Wing within Minutes… After a total of 2 Hours of Having this Toy it no Longer has a Tail (The Shredded Tail Threads have all been ripped out), and each wing has been ripped. I wish it was reinforced better. However the Duck Still Flies and we will continue playing with it until it No Longer flies. I truly don’t see the Flying part of this toy being destroyed because the neck extension is inside the duck until you stretch it out and it seems pretty impossible that a dog would be able to stretch it out and chew thru it all on its own… I attached a Video.. Hopefully it Loads so you see just what I’m talking about

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  5. Randy K.

    We bought this for our 15-month-old 42 pound mini Goldendoodle. This picture is after 10-15 minutes! I wish I would have known about the extremely hard plastic part inside. Scared to see my vet bill for this one! I do not understand how they can put this remark in the product description: SAFETY FIRST; Designed with your dog’s safety in mind each of our dog toys are tested to ensure endless hours of family fun. It simply is not true! Hard plastic like this will rip intestines to shreds. It is not safe for any dog. Do not buy!Read more

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  6. Briana

    We have only played with it for maybe an hour, and as you can see it’s already starting to fall apart. I stretched it, as you are to to launch it, and I heard a snap. My dog loves the toy, as you can see from his expression behind the toy. So it is unfortunate this toy is not built to last. Update: after 4 days of having it it is officially in 2 pieces. The elastic part snapped inside the toy, that must have been part of the pop noise we heard. Very disappointed.Read more

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  7. Kristin B.

    My dog is an energetic 2 ish year old and he tries to get satisfaction from chasing the bones we will toss and shaking them, doesn’t seem like enough. This toy suits him on so many levels. You can launch it into the air so he can leap & pronk & grab it. He doesn’t “fetch” he brings it back to you to see if you can get it away from him. Dog is young, medium sized, fast & agile, so I get some exercise here too. Toy is durable, my dog is a STRONG chewer, left alone long enough w/this he would get that stuffing out. I’m not going to waste it for him to chew. whichever someone(s) engineered this put A LOT of thought into it & had a dog like mine in mindTY!! we will save/relish it for PLAY time!Read more

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  8. Faith

    my lab loves these shooter toys, and she has several of them. we have several because they don’t usually last but i like the material this one is made of, it is tougher than most …almost like rubber. the rubber band thingy seems tougher too and it shoots very well. too well for in the house almost. it has been holding up nicely and gets played with daily. brighter colors would be nice so it is easier to see in the pool for her.Read more

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  9. Andy

    My dog absolutely loved this toy. It would fly somewhere between 20-40feet depending on the wind. It would float on water. However, the build quality is rather poor, it wasn’t chewed but the stitching tore opening and the stretchy elastic broke after 10 uses in the park. The rope at the end of the toy was actually fastened by two cable ties. Im thinking would I buy another? as my dog loved and misses their ducky, but the poor build quality and value for money actually puts me off.Read more

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  10. Starry night

    Although this has the appearance of being a reasonably strong dog toy toy, it’s simply not fit for purpose. It looks like a nicely made toy – combining a soft, almost rugby ball-shaped body, a rope toy ‘tail’ section, and twang-y bungee cord neck. However, the launch system is fiddly to get to go properly, and certainly when we tried using it we couldn’t get it to result in long distance ‘flight’. The fabric the toy is made from seems good and strong, although we didn’t get much of an opportunity to test this. The issue with this one is the stitching – which had popped in several places around the head and neck of the duck inside of the first hour of use by our Springador. This has resulted in the fixings for the bungee and surrounding stuffing becoming exposed, making the toy dangerous. Such a shame, as the dog was really enjoying this toy and wasn’t being rough with it when this happened.Read more

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  11. Beanie Luck

    Whilst this was tough and well made, i found it pretty useless. You stick your thumb or finger in a small flap under the beak of the toy, pull back and let it go. It hit my thumb and went backwards more than it went forwards, and i didnt get mine to fly any further than 13 feet. My dog was bored of it very quickly and it has been left lying on the lawn for the last 3 days untouched. My thumb is also black from bruising.Read more

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    Nerf Dog Large Nylon Launching Duck with Interactive Design Blue
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