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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT] (Nintendo Switch)

(10 customer reviews)

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT]


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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT]

Game Cartridge

Specification: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT] (Nintendo Switch)

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10 reviews for Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT] (Nintendo Switch)

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    The drama! The suspense! The in-depth move-set! The sound effects and that musical score! This thrilling and suspenseful game is horribly underrated by the critics. Let me say that if you enjoy fighting games with complex move-sets, this is an action game with an in-depth move list that allows you to take it as far as you want. The game evaluates you at the end of each chapter. This is not your typical brainless one button hack and slash game. Actually it even requires you to read a little bit if you want the full experience (kind of like Zelda makes you read). One thing is for sure, this game NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Although the port job is not as good as the original sources, it still does not take away from the fact that this game (mainly NG1 and a little of 2) was put together with a lot of thought and passion. Yes, the camera can be out of control, but trust me I have seen much worse and it does not take away from the beauty of this game. Honestly, my only real complaint was that NG1 on the Switch does not rumble at all. NG1 for the Original Xbox even rumbled during the CG Cinematics which further added to the experience! NG1 lets you explore the world kind of like Metroid Prime did where you unlock new areas as you go through the game but can traverse previously explored areas to discover new things. The fact that enemies re-spawn when you reenter previous areas is not at all a chore because as I said, the move-list is so well thought out that it just becomes fun to fight it out again! To me it’s like complaining every time you boot up a good fighting game to battle it out (that’s kinda the point). I can also clearly see the influence from Zelda Ocarina of Time, and other brilliant games. The swimming portions of NG1 reminds me of Mario 64 quite honestly in its mechanics. The musical score of this game alone is so mesmerizing and catchy that it has been playing in my head ever since the first version came out in the early 2000’s. This version of Sigma adds new tracks I don’t remember though. I would say to not listen to those Negative Nancies defaming this game. I will say though that NG1 is the best one and if you want to experience it and the others for yourself for the first time, you can invest in buying all the original systems and games on eBay or something. But, if that is not an option for you, then it’s still very fun on the Switch!Read more

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  2. Russell J.

    Took a lil while but my physical copy of the ninja gaiden master collection arrived. I picked this collection used for warehouse for $47.25 before taxes just wanted to see what condition it came in and it was alright besides a few scratches on the case and cover art was badly messed up not to bad to be noticed but not the best for adding to a Physical Nintendo switch game collection. The game card was not damaged to say the least and they come with the 50 gold coins to be used on the Japanese eshop. Now onto the games themselves Yes, I know it’s not the best version of NG & NG3 is… well, NG3 but I still wanted this trilogy in physical form and got them on the switch to see well they play. Ninja Gaiden Σ, Σ2 and 3: Razor’s Edge install as individual icons as shown on the pics. Updates for them are available though (not required) but are to be download for each game icon individually. All the blood and beheadings as well as full English support (voice/text) are present in software version 1.0.0 before downloading a patch.Read more

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  3. Doug Hale

    Even better graphics so far just playing ninja Gaiden 2 sigma plus. Real easy to breeze though IF on hero mode the other modes will KILL you just barely out of the gate yes includes ninja gaiden 3 easily the weakest of the entries but nice to have in the collection. The first game is the hardest even on hero mode THAT DAMN CHOPPER will kill you I haven’t played the first game yet either though . Ninja Gaiden 2 best of the bunch.Read more

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  4. Kateryna Tchopko

    The first two 3D Ninja Gaiden games make their debut on a Nintendo console and if you’re a fan of character action games, you don’t want to miss out. All 3 games are included with the bonus content from the Sigma Plus and Razor’s Edge versions along with being up scaled to 720p for docked and handheld. Unfortunately these aren’t the original Xbox versions that so many fans have asked for, though that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most people to enjoy since most of the raw action is still intact even if the placement of enemies has been changed or adjusted in some areas. The difficulty feels more-or-less the same like the originals. The first game fairs the best while the second game has a bit more noticeable shortcomings and the third game is just fine as is. The collection promised a stable 60fps and while the first and third game manage that intended frame rate, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma has a lot of issues at times keeping a steady frame rate. It’s safe to say that it probably doesn’t run at 60fps but more like 30fps with occasional dips in some areas with a lot of enemies on screen. But of course, that shouldn’t hurt the experience too much when playing these games since the action remains to be visceral with gorgeously smooth animations playing out when executing combos. I purchased myself an imported physical copy, since a physical copy is not available in the NA region, and I got a nice case with the game inside brand new with everything written in English and it included the cartridge as well as an inside reversible cover for the front. Anybody that wants a decent collection of highly acclaimed action games from the early 2000’s definitely needs to pick this collection up even if some reviewers are mixed on the overall collection. Well, just know that Super Mario 3D All Stars had glowing reviews despite how little extra content they offered. These games despite what version they are, will no doubt be better than any of the Musou/Warriors games that Koei Tecmo keeps recycling every year. Like with Samurai Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors or even Hyrule Warrios and Age of Calamity. Rarely with those types of games will you seen any kind of depth like with the 3D Ninja Gaiden games.Read more

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  5. Ehrlichmann C. P

    It’s Ninja Gaiden Collection for the switch!. It was shipped overseas promptly, in perfect condition. NGZ1 and 2 play perfectly on the Switch. I have not tried NG3 yet but I’ve heard it has performance issues. All I can say is that I’m glad all 3 games came in the cartridge. That’s something other companies (like Capcom) should do more often.Read more

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  6. N

    No game!! I want to return this back for another copy! First time this has ever happened. The outer wrapping has been opened tooRead more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    what i like most is the fact that all 3 games are on one cartridgeRead more

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  8. Big Johnny Minsh

    Was my favourite ninja game after tenchu, the remaster on the switch is nothing short than amazing. You don’t get the extras you did on the PS3 exclusive plus with it being nintendo there are no decapitations. Still a great remaster, if you’re a fan of the series this is a must buy. Graphics look better than they did on PS3/XBOX so happy with this purchaseRead more

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  9. CivicROG3

    Gran título, tres juegos en uno. Gran opción para los que les gusta los hack and slash.Read more

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  10. Juan & Paty

    I have never played any Ninja Gaiden game and try to give it an opportunity on my switch and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks!Read more

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    Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT] (Nintendo Switch)
    Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) [IMPORT] (Nintendo Switch)


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