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Nintendo Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) – Switch

(13 customer reviews)

Meet countless characters from the beloved series
High-end visuals, modern resolutions and carefully polished gameplay
Brand new horde mode multiplayer for up to two players, online and splitscreen


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Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch)

Specification: Nintendo Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) – Switch

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13 reviews for Nintendo Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) – Switch

3.0 out of 5
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  1. R. Nichols

    I bought this thinking Nintendo had finally made a proper full Pokemon game on one of their consoles instead of a handheld. I was right and I was wrong. Sure its a Pokemon game but they have tried to marry the handheld Pokemon games with the mobile Pokemon Go game and it comes across as severly lacking. 1) they completely did away with the computer system that had been in the pokemon games since day 1 in the red/blue games. Instead you are supposed to cart over your Pokemon from Pokemon Go instead. Which leads me to my next point. 2) they did away with the safari zone completely. replacing it with a “Go Park” where you can import your pokemon from the Go mobile game. 3) all the HM techniques are gone and they are all replaced with special moves your Pikachu/Eevee can learn instead. Moves like Surf and Fly are now normal moves only used in battle. You CAN fly around with a pokemon knowing fly on ONE SINGLE stretch of road yipee 4) pokemon in the wild (tall grass) are not battled anymore. instead you throw pokeballs and berries at them like in Pokemon Go. forget trying to catch the tougher ones like Jinx and Mr. Mime without a master ball either Overall I am really dissapointed with this game and wish they had simply made the Pokermon Yellow remake instead of this hybrid nonsense.Read more

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  2. Kell of Westeros

    Bought this for my granddaughter. I have no idea what is involved in the switch but she seems to love the game. I was the best grandma ever!Read more

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  3. c–kuta

    First, we need to ask ourselves who is going to be playing this game before buying. If it is a child unfamiliar with Pokémon games of past, then this game might be suitable. However, if this game will be played by a veteran to the mechanics of Pokémon and previous generations then this may disappoint. It is not that the game itself does anything wrong per say, it’s what it lacks that makes it lackluster. Elements of gameplay that advanced over the previous games were similar removed. You could say due to the fact this game is a pseudo-remake of the original Red/Blue/Yellow it’s understandable to not have breeding for example, because the originals didn’t have breeding. I started with Pokémon Yellow and have had each main series game since, although it was hard buying Ultra Sun and Moon due to various reasons but not least of which the series feeling worn. What I can say about this game to summarize the feeling it gave it. It’s a hold over game. It feels incomplete by not including staples from the past. Lastly, I don’t understand why there are two games over then than the fact it’s a money grab. When Pokémon started on Gameboy I could respect them putting one game on two carts due to size limitations. Now with these two Let’s Go games we are served less game over two carts and for more money. Making money is essential however beyond that there is absolutely no reason this game should be on two carts. Yes the same goes for recent 3DS variants but that’s for another debate. Thank you.Read more

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  4. Alexis

    The media could not be loaded. Let’s Go Pikachu is NOT a glitchy game but the cartridge sent to me is completely glitchy for some reason. I am so unhappy with this purchase! I’ve heard so many good things about this game and I can’t even enjoy it because my game is so glitchy. No parts in it are glitchy besides running/walking. I can’t run or work normally in the game without it completely glitching and making my character switch between running or walking on it’s own or stopping completely. I screen recorded the game messing up. This is what I’m dealing with.Read more

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  5. Austin E

    There are a lot of bad reviews saying that there are no longer pokemon battles. Let me tell you this is absolutely false. True you don’t battle wild pokemon, but you very much still have pokemon battles with npcs everywhere you go. That said, let me say that I love the new pokemon catching mechanic. While it’s true you don’t fight wild pokemon, it feels much more interactive now, as you have to aim and time your pokeball throwings. It feels a lot more skill based than luck based now. At first I was skeptical about no longer having random encounters, but I’ve come to actually love it. Let’s face it, random encounters could be annoying as hell in the older games, especially if you got 3 in one patch of grass. Now you can run around pokemon for the most part…but you still get a taste of the random element because sometimes they’ll spawn right in front of you. Fine by me. I also love that they gave one of the OG games some love and care. I really despise the latest pokemon generations because they just don’t even look like pokemon anymore. When the designers start to make them resemble man-made objects, then you know they’re out of ideas and just milking it at this point. But in this game there is only the first gen, the best gen, and that’s fine by me. Of course it seems you can import newer pokemon from Pokemon GO if you really want to, but I don’t plan on using that feature.Read more

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  6. Rebecca A.

    The graphics and technology are a definite improvement from the original. This game is not a replica of the original game with graphic updates tacked on – It is actually missing areas, trainer battles, and fishing rods. You can’t even battle wild pokemon anymore, which makes the games too friendly, safe, and boring for what is technically a gritty world filled with cute monsters. Battling wild pokemon has been switched out with another mechanic where you just throw balls at pokemon models. This is about as boring as you can expect it to be.Read more

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  7. Beth

    I’m 26 and I love this. I missed a bunch of generations of Pokémon, so this game play is new to me but I think it’s wonderful. Great graphics, fun additions and changes from the original Blue/Red/Yellow games. Things have obviously been simplified to make it easier for younger children – no more battles with wild Pokémon, easier trainer battles, and instructions for pretty much everything in the game.Read more

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  8. Elliot

    So the game is modeled after the original games. The battles are the same but for catching Pokémon it is more like Pokémon GO with the circle. I actually prefer this way, I used to ko to many Pokémon before being able to catch them so this feels so fulfilling to finally be able to Catch ‘em All!Read more

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  9. C Jones

    As a millennial, this game sounded amazing and I bought the Switch just to play this, and pre-ordered it. Now that it’s arrived and I’m about £300 lighter, it’s not what I expected. Basically, the deal breaker is that you can’t fight wild pokemon. You can only throw poke balls and berries at them. This means when you’re surrounded by 10 pidgeys, all you can do is catch them and gain exp for your pokemon that way, or run. It just seems totally pointless to me. I have until the end of January to decide whether or not to return it, so I haven’t decided yet. Its likely I will.Read more

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  10. AmadeusL

    This isn’t a normal Pokemon Game. It is a spin-off using the Original Pokemon Yellow game as a base with a mix of Pokemon GO mechanics. If you love Pokemon and will play just about anything Pokemon then this is great eye candy and time waster. I won’t argue that it’s too easy. Because it is very easy. But that’s ok. This games aim is to introduce new players in. If you are looking for a Traditional Pokemon game with deep mechanics and more difficulty then you’ll have to wait until next year. I’ve been playing Pokemon since the very beginning and to me this game is enough of a nostalgia trip to keep me occupied until the next main line Pokemon game comes.Read more

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  11. WORMSS

    What a waste. I thought this was gonna be a proper Pokémon game but with the Go type of capturing.. No.. the capturing is pretty much the Whole Game. This was gonna be my first proper Pokémon game after seeing how the old games played and got excited for the pre-release. Nintendo didn’t release enough info about the game to realise it was this crap. Less than 30 mins and I am returning for refund.Read more

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  12. C. C. Morgan

    Pokémon capturing ruins it. I realised that go-style capturing was involved but didn’t anticipate that this meant the only practical way to train Pokémon was capturing hundreds of the same one again and again. No thought to the impact the capture style would have on the game play. It has ruined the original game. A shame because they’ve made it look nice and ironed out a few of the other links but this just dominates it.Read more

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  13. Mathelga2

    My problem is with how easy and just generally bad this game is, there is no challenge what so ever and sure it has pretty graphics but it removes so much. Things removed from this game: •Battling wild Pokemon. •Pokemon abilities. •Breeding. •Truly random encounters. (and more)Read more

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    Nintendo Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) – Switch
    Nintendo Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Nintendo Switch) – Switch


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