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Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight Srhythm NC35 Headset with Microphones,Mega Bass 50+ Hours’ Playtime (Silver)

(9 customer reviews)

World-Leading Digital Active Noise Cancelling (ANC): Advanced noise cancellation technology effectively quells 90% stable low frequency background noise when in noisy environment airplane/subway/car/office/factory/crowd etc.(not 100% sound canceling.).ANC works well in both wired and wireless mode.ANC ON,World OFF.To be better and better noise reducing is our goal!
Elegant Appearance & Tiny Lightweight Folding: Light for head relaxing and portable for traveling storage. Durable headset 0.4 lb ONLY! 100°-120°ear-cups’ multi-angle flexible rotation with adjustable headband of 8 levels’ size stretch. Ergonomic international standard size.
Fast Charge&50+Hours Enjoyment: USB-C Charging 10 minutes to use 2 hours. High efficiency and energy-saving Bluetooth 5.0 to prolong playtime up to 50 hours after 1-2 hours’ full charge.Built-in sensitive microphones for easy communication under Bluetooth mode.Support voice control.3.5mm stereo audio cable as back-up when in low battery.Extra Charging protection especially for high-end cars
Ultimate Sound: Clear mega bass from unique designed sound chamber and 40mm HD premium speakers.Professionally stereo drivers’ and other frequency bands’ improvements make music grace to find the rhythm of your soul.Sometimes quality just needs to be heard.
Superior Comfort: Extremely comfortable memory protein leather with skin-friendly breathable feel.Exclusive Designs of Air Pressure Balance to reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction. Wearing much more comfortable than all other brands. Designed in Japan.


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Form Factor: Over Ear. Connectivity Technology: Wireless. Color: Silver. Ear Placement: Over Ear. Brand: Srhythm. Manufacturer: Srhythm. Department: Unisex-adult. Date First Available: November 8, 2021. Best Sellers Rank: #919 in Over-Ear Headphones. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,999 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. Item model number: NC35. ASIN: B09H5MWT89. Item Weight: 2.89 ounces. Product Dimensions: 3.15 x 8.27 x 5.91 inches.

Specification: Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight Srhythm NC35 Headset with Microphones,Mega Bass 50+ Hours’ Playtime (Silver)

Weight 2.89 lbs
Dimensions 3.15 × 8.27 × 5.91 in

9 reviews for Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight Srhythm NC35 Headset with Microphones,Mega Bass 50+ Hours’ Playtime (Silver)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. R McL

    Background: I travel extensively for business and occasionally use headphones for watching movies on my tablet while taking longer flights (>3 hours). Listening to music in flight is secondary. I liked my Bose QC II, but there were a few issues. 1) the ear padding was starting decay. 2) The maximum volume was a bit lower than what I desired. 3) the audio cable was a nuisance. I didn’t want to spend $300 on something that I may only use for a couple of hours a month, but I still wanted a reasonably good set of noise-cancelling headphones…at least close to the quality I experienced with my QC IIs. Portability: This is the reason I started looking closely at the Srhythm NC35 headphones. They seemed to fold up in a flat and compact way. Most of the other headphones folded in such a way that they would not fit into a slim Notebook bag. Compared to the carrying case for the QC IIs, the NC 35 case is about 20% smaller. Comfort: The NC35s are quite comfortable and I have worn them up to 1 1/2 hours with not much issue, however, side by side, I would say that the QC IIs are a bit more comfortable. The ear padding on the Bose are just like butter in their softness (maybe this is the reason they are decaying) and there is a bit more padding on the top. Also, I would say that the NC35s push the ear phones tighter onto your head. Noise Cancelling: This was a bit of surprise. Using recorded white noise of an Airplane cabin, I compared my QC IIs with my new Srhythms. The Srhythms won by a nose, they were noticeably better than the Boses. Of course, the QC IIs are using 15 year old technology, but I was still expecting the NC35 to be slightly worse….you have to remember that the QCs were about $300 15 years ago! Audio: The NC35s have a higher maximum volume than the QC IIs and this alone probably makes the NC35s the winner, especially when listening to dialog in movies where the fidelity of the sound is really not that important. The Bose headphones are slightly better than the NC35s when listening to music, but it’s close. I had to switch headphones a couple of times to confirm that I preferred sound from the Bose headphones. Build Quality and materials: Just by looking at the headphones, you would think these are premium, but that probably has more to do with styling than manufacturing. Considering the Bose and Srhythm headphones are all plastic its hard to say that the Srhythms are lower quality, however, when pushing the buttons or running your finger over the outside of the phones, you get the impression that these phones might be more delicate than their appearance would suggest. There is one HUGE design flaw, though. I have taken one 4 hour plane trip. When I sat down on the plane and opened up the carrying case the ANC light was on. I shut off the head phones when we landed, but when I got to the hotel and opened the carrying case, the ANC light was back on. Even in the case, the ANC button is accidentally pushed and turned on. If not caught soon enough, you could find yourself with a headset that you thought was fully charged completely drained of power. This alone is probably enough to force it to 3 stars, but I believe this can be solved with a strip of thick foam inserted into the case. Summary: I have taken one trip so far, and the NC35s performed as well as my QC IIs. I wore the headset for about 4 hours straight and they were comfortable. At this point, I don’t see a reason why I would dish out $300 for high end Sony or Bose noise cancelling headphones. Maybe if I wanted one set of high quality headphones for travel and home or I was constantly flying from New York to Sydney, but these are giving me as good, if not better, performance to what I was satisfied with for the past 15 years….and back then the QC IIs were selling The NC35s are a solid performer and you will find it hard to justify spending that extra $200 for those high end headphones. The only issue is the ANC button and the accidental activation. Be prepared to modify you carrying case to prevent this from happening.Read more

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  2. Duane R-H

    I also have the NC25 model, and keep it connected to my pad so that the NC35 can stay connected to the TV. My wife doesn’t like them because I can’t hear her calling me. 🙂 I mostly listen to classical music, including a lot of pipe organ, and these do a great job. These are also my Zoom ears when I am away from the office, and they are excellent for that. Since I wear them for long stretches comfort is important, and I mostly don’t notice that I have these on. The range is also good. The main difference between the two models that I encounter is the charging port. The 25s have a mini USB and the 35s have USB-C. The included carrying case is nice, and I use it for travel. Update one year later. Still love it, but one of the earpads just split open and I can’t find a replacement. My two year- old NC25s are still fine.Read more

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  3. Petra

    I’ve compared these headphones with more expensive ones and found these superior in both sound and comfort. They’re light, not as bulky as comparable models, and have a better padding and fit. The sound is amazingly spacious and clean with a rich, soft bass that can be felt. Bluetooth pairing was a breeze. The connection is flimsy for some reason. I have to carry my phone directly on me. Bummer. More than five steps away and the connection breaks up. The noise cancellation seems quite a bit lower than the 90% claimed here on Amazon. A little flyer that came with the product actually states 85%. My experience is closer to 65%. I can hear a fair amount of low frequency noise even. Interestingly, some sounds get amplified. That said, these babies have been a live saver this past week since I got them. Shelter in place order – and the city is tearing up the street right in front of my home. Glorious. These headphones dull the construction noise enough so that I can still focus on school work – unless, that is, I get stunned by the sound quality and just have to lean back and… listen. Amazing sound at this price. I’m starting to hear some creaking noises when I move my head, even just slightly. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse. I’ll update in a few weeks.Read more

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  4. CallmeOJ

    Sound quality is awesome, love me some bass, I can really turn it up in these headphones. Also the noise cancellation + boosted Bass, I can’t hear anything while I’m working out, which is exactly what I’m going for-no distractions. The headphones are super light, they are foldable so you can practically fit them anywhere. They fit in my hoodie pocket. Let me tell you about the battery. The battery lasts super long if you charge it fully for about 2-3 hours. Last me the whole week without charging it once. Even if they do die, you can always quick charge it for like 5-10 min that will last you a couple of hours. The microphone is nice, I hadn’t had anybody complain to me that they couldn’t hear me well. Everybody says they hear me nice and clear. Also what I really love is that I can actually activate my Google Assistant through these headphones if I need to which I wasn’t able to do with my previous ones. Overall this is a great product for a very good price. You don’t need to spend those $150-$250 on the fancy brands when you can get these that do exactly the same job if not better.Read more

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  5. DanSlh

    I bought this headphone looking for a cheap option to just carry it around as I like to do long walks outside listening to some music, and going out with my professional HP studio is not the best approach as they are EXTREMELY expensive. So I found this one, liked the price and wasn’t expecting much. However, quite contrary, it impressed me for good: 1) Well built. It’s not cheap plastic. I won’t say it has the same quality as an AKG, but still good quality for its price. 2) Sound is very crispy when it has to be, and has a good range of frequencies. I miss the air above 20khz, but for music listening it fits the purpose perfectly – specially if your ear is not trained. 3) Battery, so far, last a lot. Used it for 6 or 7 hours without charging it, meaning, straight out of the box, and it is still there showing 70-ish%. 4) Microphone works fine. It is a built in, so if you are outside talking to someone on a windy day, it can be not ideal, still functional. Good purchase I made, I am happy and recommend this product.Read more

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  6. Ben

    These headphones are superb, especially for the price, with features expected of headphones costing much more. The phones are presented well and have a good build quality and a very attractive appearance. They are comfortable to wear (not heavy and therefore great in the gym). I think you have to ‘learn’ where the buttons are while wearing as the audio messages can really only be heard while wearing. The lack of battery condition warning is a slight downside, but less so since the play time is very long. I cannot really comment on the sound quality as to do this effectively, you have to physically compare them to others (as you can do in a shop), but for me, they sound good and certainly fit for purpose. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend these to any one looking for quality headphones in this price range,Read more

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  7. James

    No real issues with these, only minor things. It would be nice if they could be just a little louder, for one. The cups also heat up more than I expected – I assumed it would be nothing after reading other reviews but actually it only takes 20 minutes to get a little uncomfortable. All in all though, nothing huge to worry about, worth the money.Read more

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  8. Mary J

    Loved the colour and feel of these and the sound quality feels like a more expensive item. Still getting familiar with controls but the online set up manual is very clear and easy to download for a old lady. Recommend.Read more

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  9. Daniel A Darko

    Good sound and they are compact and relatively easy to carry. They do give 7-8 hours of noise cancellation from one full charge. A great find and super priceRead more

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    Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight Srhythm NC35 Headset with Microphones,Mega Bass 50+ Hours’ Playtime (Silver)
    Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge Over-Ear Lightweight Srhythm NC35 Headset with Microphones,Mega Bass 50+ Hours’ Playtime (Silver)


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