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NukeHeads Flower Power Package

(8 customer reviews)

DOESN’T BURN PLANTS and is soft on seedlings growth
Used in Commercial grows and home grows
Huge reputation for trophy sized blooms and flowering buds
Works in soil, DWC, RDWC, CoCo grows, and drip feed systems


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FULL SPECTRUM FERTILIZER This is ALL you need to grow and get big blooms and flowering buds ! The Uranium Veg is high NPK ratio 20-20-20 with micro-nutrients and chelations. The Plutonium Bloom is high NPK 10-52-10 also with micro-nutrients and secondaries. WORKS IN DRIP FEEDS, COCO, DWC, WDWC, AERO-GARDENS and stays PH stable ! Each Container contains 1lb of nutrients. ! scoop provided which can be found in the uranium container.

Specification: NukeHeads Flower Power Package

Weight 2.66 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 in

8 reviews for NukeHeads Flower Power Package

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Michael L.

    i was asked to write a review for this product a few weeks ago which was not posted in fact i recived a email that siad they wouldnt post it i guess because i didnt praise this product look think twice this stuff is not organic its as far from it as you can get its freekin blue reminds me of miracle grow which i will never use eather in fact if you pay the postage ill mail you this stuff i wont use itRead more

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  2. Gregory morris

    First I will say I’m no grow kit bundle bum

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  3. Kevin Lee

    Complete garbage. If you like nute lock out and salt build up, and having to flush out your medium every 3 weeks, then buy this. You get what you pay for.Read more

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  4. Carolyn

    Been using for about 3 months now. I have used about every fertilizers and booster on Amazon and this easy 2 part system has me on track to have the biggest yields I’ve had. Just can’t be beat. Got tired of the big name brands making you buy 8 different bottles of nutes even though the advertise being a grow bloom kit. Get these Nukeheads’s nutes and call it a day!!Read more

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  5. Unkle Ruckus

    As a grower of many types of plants, I would say that this would be good fertilizer for someone who just wants an all-in-one, with no fuss and very easy to use with little chance for error. I have used on many flowering plants within my (as well as my family’s) garden and it just works very well across the board. Can’t say anything bad about this stuff. My whole garden is growing like a rainforest. If you are into dialing in specific needs of certain plants, I would probably make my own mix of nutrients , but still use this on the rest of my garden. My mother-in-law calls this stuff her “garden magic”. I’m inclined to agree with her. Thank you Nukeheads!Read more

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  6. Michael

    Decided to try it out after I saw it on here and was really pleased how it worked out. My buds grew bigger, and more dense than with other nutrients. Very easy to use and you can NOT burn your plants with this. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a pretty easy nutrient to use.Read more

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  7. Kathaleen

    Call me crazy, I put the the recommended dilution of the uranium on some 10 day olds, and i swear i could see a dramatic difference in 2 days… the boyfriend is old school and didn’t want anything special on his… he saw mine today and casually said he wants some on his month old next time I make it up…

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  8. Amazon Customer

    The black container is larger the white container is smaller I had a remaining black container I took the white container poured it into the black container and there was considerably less then when I first open the black container. The composition of the veg is totally different than the first batch I bought same thing with the bloom it’s a totally different consistency smell all that everything is different about it. When I wrote that unprofessional wack ass customer service they called me a “Sir” After I sent video with my voice I definitely sound like a woman so it’s a huge NO FOR MERead more

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    NukeHeads Flower Power Package
    NukeHeads Flower Power Package


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