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Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Regular – Up to 25 Ibs. Pink Bone Lamb & Apple Small/Regular (3 Count)

(13 customer reviews)

TEETHING PUPPY BONES: Gentle Chicken flavored puppy chew toy that eases pain during the teething stage
PUPPY CHEW TOY: Durable, entertaining, teaches good chewing habits
MADE IN THE USA – Dog chew toy is proudly made in the United States
HEALTHY PUPPY TREAT: Natural puppy treat in wholesome Lamb & Apple flavor
CHEW TREAT AND PUPPY CHEW TOYS FOR SMALL DOGS – Puppy pack includes puppy teething chew toy, puppy chew bone, and puppy chew treat for furry friends up to 25 pounds
TEETHING PUPPY TOY: Gentle Chicken flavored puppy chew toy that eases pain during the teething stage
CHEW TOY DIMENSIONS: Out of package measures 4.5″ long x 1 ” wide x 1.75″ high


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Introduce your puppy to the Nylabone family of products and develop healthy chewing habits right from the start! The Puppy Chew Toy and Treat Starter Pack includes a soft, chicken-flavored Puppy Bone for teething puppies, a Power Chew DuraChew chicken-flavored bone for puppies starting to get their permanent teeth, and a Healthy Edibles lamb & apple puppy treat just for puppies 6 months and older.

Specification: Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Regular – Up to 25 Ibs. Pink Bone Lamb & Apple Small/Regular (3 Count)

Dimensions 7.5 × 6.63 × 1.355 in

13 reviews for Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Regular – Up to 25 Ibs. Pink Bone Lamb & Apple Small/Regular (3 Count)

1.2 out of 5
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  1. Betsy Pierce

    This was our dog Sophie. She died last night because of these Nylabones!!!! DO NOT BUY THESE FOR YOUR PETS! She was my baby and she was so young! Please, if you love your pet DON’T buy ANY Nylabone products!!! I don’t want anyone to go through this pain and hurt

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  2. AmosLynn

    Well this was the WORST purchase ever. Your dog will chew this into pieces…seriously. Do not buy this. Spent last night in the ER with my Boston terrier with an intestinal blockage. $600 for xrays, subcutaneous fluid, pain meds & hours later we are at home hoping she would pass it. Thank gawd she did this morning and sure enough she pooped out a 2″ rock of plastic. Im praying that’s all of it but she’s not eating or drinking. She chewed off tiny pieces of this toy everywhere and that turned into a big glob in her intestines. Do not take chances with this. Ive read many other reviews on here that have said the same thing about this being brittle…it is!Read more

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  3. Ashley Cardwell

    These are not safe once broken at all. The pink one broke very easy & was caught in our pups throat. Had to take to vet after 3 hours of non stop puking. Water or food couldn’t keep down! Do not recommend at all. Brought our dog back to vet, and it had cut my dogs stomach open and he a lot of blood and swelling, Doctor said a surgery is the only way, Your dog is 10 years old and has a higher chance of not making it. My dog was put down but doctor got the pieces of the pink bone out of our dog after he had passed away. I hate this brand, product, EVERYTHING! I am now looking at my dog who’s in a can because of them!Read more

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  4. Mary K. Zeiher

    I am so angry that Amazon even offers this for sale. I have a golden retriever puppy and I bought this for her. She almost instantly tore up these toys Parts got caught in her teeth and I had to pull out pieces. Thank heaven she didn’t swallow any of this very dangerous toy. Total waste of money and very dangerous. So mad. I intend to make sure the manufacturer knows my anger concerning this purchase!!Read more

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  5. Gramma B

    I am so sorry to say that my 3 month old, yes 3 month old, Bichon Frise pup, destroyed the pink teether in a matter of minutes!! I could not believe this. I wish that I knew how to post a picture here. This was twice the size of one bought at a pet store that at least took her 2 weeks to destroy. Both were Nylabone products. I thought Nylabone was one of the best products on the market but obviously not true. I had to hurry and pick up the little nibs that she was chewing or gnawing off almost immediately!! Too bad the rating could not be zero stars!!! What a shame….and made in USA!Read more

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  6. Louie Dumont

    I have a 12 week old yorkieepoo, yep, tiny puppy. Im less than 30 min little bits of plastic were falling off this thing and she was swallowing them. Now, nylabone usually has great products but, a yorkeepoo puppy (nm a lab puppy or whatnot) can easily make bits come off in less than 30min??? Do NOT get this one – if my dog gets any kind of GI upset Im going to be livid.Read more

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  7. miguerr

    I bought this 3 pack before reading other reviews and loved the look of them, thought they would be great. After ordering I started checking reviews and got really worried by the stuff I’ve seen. I still decided to carefully supervise my pup and try the bones when they arrived. The pack arrived with some other toys and treats I had ordered and I immediately went for these first. I was most worried by the “chew bone” since I had read in other reviews they’re pups hadn’t been able to digest the material the bone is made of. BIG RED FLAG!! I inspected the chew bone and found it to be on the soft side and a bit flexible, I tried to bend it just a bit more and it broke off into a couple of pieces. The interior did not look edible at all. Total garbage… Next, I took the pink bone, the one for teething. It looks pretty sturdy and the material looked like a nice chew for my pup. I had read some reviews saying that the little bumps of the bone would break off after intense chewing sessions and could be swallowed by the dog. I gave it to my pup and after maybe 20 minutes of mild chewing the bumps started to break off…Thankfully I found them on the floor and threw everything away… Finally the white nylabone, I gave it to my pup since it look sturdy enough. I’ve been supervising him for the past few days while playing with it. It’s the only one that has worked as intended until now. I’m still worried about it since the other two bones were so dangerous. I think I just might throw it away. Keep your pup and wallet away from these.Read more

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  8. Lori Rafn

    These lasted less than 2 hours the pink nylon bone lasted less than an hour. The picture shows what was left of the 2 nylon bones! My dogs will be hooping out plastic for a day or 2!!! This is a dangerous product and should not be sold!!!Read more

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  9. Happyshopper

    I bought these with high expectations as iv heard a lot of good reviews about this company! Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down for us. Casper our staffy pup is only 13 weeks old one minute he was chewing on the bone he loved it… within 20 minutes it was like this just as well we were there as this is dangerous the big bits he was chewing of was enough to chock him I really wouldn’t recommend. The white bone is really sturdy but as he gets older he will no doubt be able to chew through that as well so we’re not taking any chances. If anyone is buying this please please be very careful & keep a very close eye on them the last thing anyone wants is bits of plastic stuck in there pups stomach! Really disappointed with the 1st & 2nd bone the 3rd bone he will be able to eat when he’s bigger but in all honesty I know we give our 13 week old pup the 3rd bone now it will last him 2 minutes. Don’t waste your money & if you do please keep an eye on your precious pups! The best thing we could have bought from amazon was the puppy teething dummy he’s had it from he was 8 weeks old & uses it on a daily basis to chew on & it is still sturdy & like brand new i would highly recommend that! I hate leaving bad reviews but I also can’t let people buy this knowing it’s dangerous. *Update* unfortunately we had to take our 13 week old pups to the vets he was of his food for nearly 48 hours & early hours of this morning we heard him being sick with a chocking sound which was really scary thankfully we got to him in time he had managed to get bits of plastic stuck in his gut which made him unwell I’m just so thankful that we heard this as his cage is in the living room. Please please don’t buy these bones they really are a health hazard! Our vets was so shocked at how quick our tiny pup managed to demolish this. Please please keep an eye on our precious pups! Iv not had a chance to email the company yet but I will I just wanted to let every dog owner be aware if we didn’t hear our beloved boy it doesn’t bare thinking about!! We thought we were been careful by monitoring him with the bone clearly not he managed to do this infont of us within 10 minutes! Now a £6 packet of toys has ended up costing us a small fortune in vet bills. I would rather be safe than sorry though & toys like this should definitely be taking of the market. Really disappointed & angry with this product! We have to wait until tomorrow to see if he has brought the last of the plastic up or see if he will need a small operation to remove whatever bits he can’t bring up. ***Please please don’t let any other pups go through what we’ve had to go through it really was a scary experience they become part of the family so quick I couldn’t imagine my life without him & I certainly wouldn’t want anyone else going through the same situation as us ** Please be Aware**Read more

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  10. Mrs. C. E. Castillo-Soto

    Currently facing a hefty vet bill after our 12 week old springer pup managed to swallow the entire chew when it broke. I was with him at the time but could get him to release it in time. It’s gone straight down with no signs of it coming back up. Really distressing and tomorrow he needs an endoscopy to see if they can remove the pieces. Having read the back of the pack, I gave him the one designed for a puppy with no permanent teeth. I stayed with him. All as per the instructions. Very disappointed Amazon are still selling these. Really wish I’d looked at reviews instead of manufacturers blurbRead more

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  11. ⭐Bubs & Puds⭐

    When I unpacked this I thought I had the wrong package, as it looked more for pleasure than play. But to my relief it was the puppy’s new toy, and he loves it. Decent size, the size of a smaller mobile phone and made of good quality rubber for him to teethe on. Good that there is a few different textures too, so this will keep him busy and a step in the right direction if he ain’t chewing on me! We got the X-Small one for a Springer Spaniel puppy, it was the perfect size.Read more

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  12. Shopperholic

    Not safe for my 12 week old puppy. It was given to her one minute and in the blink of an eye she had chewed it down and was left with a small piece. She devoured one of the chew bones and paid the consequence in sickening poop for the next few days. This should carry big warnings on the front, and not be promoted by Amazon for puppy chews in the search list. The pack just seems to sell that they are great chews suitable for puppies, it doesn’t say anything about age which should be marked clearly on the front. No, I would not recommend for puppies.Read more

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  13. Kate Rogers

    We bought 2 packs (on special) and gave the softest one to our 2-month-old Labrador puppy who loved it, but eviscerated it within 10 minutes, shredding it to fragments of plastic he could choke on or that could build up in his stomach. For some reason he also only concentrated on one end of the bone, leaving the other untouched. We then gave these to him supervised (hand held – during cuddles), but even then the softer bones only lasted for less than a days wear. Separately, we had problems with our puppy breaking two of his baby teeth on so called “puppy” chew toys bought online (this resulted on surgical removal of one tooth broken through to the pulp and lots of expensive vet fees), so we no longer give him chew toys that don’t bend. Therefore we threw out the other 2 Nylabone bones which are fully rigid – we consider it not worth the risk, even the edible one.Read more

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    Nylabone Puppy Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Regular – Up to 25 Ibs. Pink Bone Lamb & Apple Small/Regular (3 Count)


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