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Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Large Breeds Bacon Small/Regular (1 Count)

(12 customer reviews)

SATISFIES POWER-CHEWING PUPPIES – This long lasting nylon chew toy is intended for puppies who are more powerful chewers or have their adult teeth
ENTERTAINING SHAPES – Fun puppy chew rings keep dogs happy and busy
FOR TEETHING AND CHEWING – Designed just for puppies, this chew toy teaches healthy, non-destructive chewing habits
PROMOTES DOG DENTAL HEALTH – Dental textures help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as puppies chew
FOR SMALL DOGS – Size Small chew toy is intended for dogs up to 25 pounds.
DELICIOUS FLAVOR THROUGHOUT – Pups love the irresistible taste of this bacon chew toy
CHEW TOY DIMENSIONS: Out of package measures 6″ long x 0.25 ” wide x 0.5″ high


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Flavor Name:Bacon| Size:Small/Regular (1 Count) Nylabone has been the leader in the pet industry since 1955, providing the very best chewing solutions for dogs of all ages, sizes, and chew strengths. Intended for puppies who are more powerful chewers or have their adult teeth, these Puppy Power Chew rings teach non-destructive chewing habits that will last a lifetime. This long lasting chew toy is made of durable nylon to keep your furry friend occupied and entertained while they enjoy the delicious flavor throughout. Plus, these puppy rings feature fun shapes and unique dental textures that help clean teeth and freshen breath through chewing action. When your growing furry friend needs some teething relief, this sturdy puppy chew toy will offer comfort and satisfy their natural urge to chew. Nylabone chew toys are veterinarian recommended and proven to solve a variety of chewing challenges!

Specification: Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Large Breeds Bacon Small/Regular (1 Count)

Dimensions 6 × 2.88 × 33.2 in

12 reviews for Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Large Breeds Bacon Small/Regular (1 Count)

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  1. Danielle

    So while our 9-week old golden retriever puppy absolutely LOVED this toy – which was so relieving, she hasn’t been interested in many other chew toys and we’ve been having to smear some peanut butter on them to tempt her to use them. This was by far her favorite toy, she got so excited when we used to take it out and give it to her, she’d immediately settle down and start (gently) chomping away, not something she does with any of her other toys. Unfortunately our vet told us to stop using it. I was skeptical because our vet (and puppy classes) had made a big deal about using SOFT rubber-y style teething toys, and this one is hard plastic – so we brought it in to our second visit and she said “not until she gets her adult teeth.” So darn! Even though this is marketed as a “puppy” teething toy, both our vet and puppy class trainers all agreed it’s NOT FOR PUPPIES. That said, if you have an ADULT small dog (chihuahua, pug, etc), I bet they’d LOVE this thing. Just be careful since other reviewers mentioned aggressive chewers can break it – only give it to your dog during “supervised” chew toy playtime, and not as a crate toy or something they can chew in another room without you keeping an eye on them (plus, if it’s a “special occasion” toy, they’ll love it even more!)Read more

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  2. sublimesoul1

    This is one of many puppy chew toys I bought for my new sweet Rottweiler puppy. She didn’t show too much interest in it at first but one day not long after she began teething, she picked it out of her toy chest and started gnawing away. I was peacefully at my computer when suddenly she was very loudly and painfully screaming,howling,yelping like I had never heard before. I jumped from my chair in a panicked frenzy and rushed to find her. Luckily, she was just a few feet away under the coffee table. Somehow the blue round section with the half moon had flipped over her bottom jaw and wedged tightly in place in between her front and back teeth with the yellow cog section on the opposite side of the jaw acting like some kind of lock. I managed to work it loose but man,was it ever wedged in there tight and definitely was not a painless fix. Don’t worry everybody, she was OK, a little freaked out for sure, but other than some blood around her teeth she was physically OK . If the opening in the middle were a little smaller like the other 2 rings this would be avoided. In these photos, the tube represents the bottom jaw.Read more

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  3. Debby5

    I have had these for 30 min. I bought two for our 1 year old corgis. Full grown. They are as expected with nylabones sturdy hard plastic. I do see some teeth dents already.. but I expected this.. The unexpected is that the blue ring can get wedged around their lower jaw behind their canine teeth! I had read this in a review but thought they had a smaller breed and it was a puppy.. (I can’t remember now). I didn’t think it would be an issue as the corgis are short but not small dogs… WRONG. One had it minutes and was crying and it was stuck around his jaw!! Luckily my son grabbed him quick and brought him to me.. I couldn’t remove it at first but luckily was able to free him . Do NOT leave your dog with the toy unsupervised. And perhaps it isn’t a good idea at all if you have a dog with a smaller snout??? The blue ring should have a smaller opening. We are considering using a Dremel tool and removing that ring. Not safe. The photo showing the blue end is NOT when it was stuck. He just wanted the toy and wouldn’t get out of the photo! 🙂 The photo of the toy alone is just showing what I meat about minor tooth dents 🙂 that isn’t an issue as far as I’m concerned, I was just showing.Read more

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  4. Mike

    I give it 2 stars because my pup seemed to like it initially. However, after research and a reexamination of the chew toy, I decided this product was far too hard for a pups teeth. It appears to be made of hard plastic, not rubber. A sharp pocket knife barely scored the surface. I can’t see how this can be safe for their teeth.Read more

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  5. Tina

    I am a veterinary student who has been working in the field for 7 years. Teething toys should have some squish to them but should still be durable. These are hard plastic. Do not buy for a puppy who is teething or for a dog who chews on everything. Unless you want a tooth to crack. I think the only time I would keep this product is if I had a large dog who destroys EVERYTHING and there are no other options.Read more

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  6. MamaJekyl

    Courtesy it’s HARD Plaxico. (Brittle hard plastic). Second, it has a very faint smell of bacon but because the material used to make this is so smooth and so hard it’s not for teething. Third. .you make it sound like it’s hard but PLYABLE rubber. It’s not at all. But it would cost me more than its worth so you make your money and I’m out of mine. It was dropped from about 4 ft and one of the rings on it shattered! Not safe for animals or children!Read more

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  7. Cody

    While I’m giving the product 1 star, I’d give the no hassle return policy 5 stars if I could. Veterinarians warn against pretty much any chew toy. Bottom line: Keep an eye on your dog with any chewy toy. Don’t leave it in their crate when they’ll be on their own. Vets advise a fingernail test. A chew bone/toy should have at least a little give, otherwise it can crack teeth – especially puppy teeth. This is marketed for puppies. It’s as hard as granite. I found the Nylabone Puppy bone to be too soft. I didn’t realize it wasn’t edible until I googled it. It said bacon flavor! My 4mo pup chewed both ends down to nubs. Choking hazard and risk of intestinal blockage and a $2000 surgery! I ordered these power chew Nylabones and they were way too hard. I found that their Flex-Chew bones are just right. It has a lot of give, and can be bent a bit. I was worried, but somehow the material is holding up to intense gnawing. No bits or chunks coming off of it. I do recommend Nylabone Flex-Chew bones and going up one size from the weight recommendation.Read more

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  8. Essem Sween

    Unless you have a Puppy for a big dog, by which I’m talking Doberman, Great Dane, Newfoundland type big. Or a dog known for having immense bite strength like a Pitbulls or Mastiffs then these toys are probably not for you. I ordered them for my 10 wk old Yorkie/Bichon X on the basis of the name, Nyla- sounds a bit like it could be made from Nylon & therefore have at least SOME give to it, but despite buying the correct toy, according to all the directives on the packaging, Puppy✔, small✔, no adult teeth yet✔ (not adult but sharp as needles baby teeth and chewing everything she can get her mouth around) I was wrong in my assumption, far from being a substance she could get her teeth into, even a little, all 3 of the rings feel as hard as rock, more like a solid piece of plastic than a rubberised shape with some give. The two end rings were way too big for her 10/11wk old mouth to grab and the middle ring that she might be able to fit is too hard to access, one side of the bottom blue ring is smaller but she can’t manoeuvre it around to grab the right side on her own, but when I offered it to her I was afraid the rigidity of the raised patterns be it the stars & crescent moons of the outer rings or the raised bumps around the outside of the inner ring banging against her teeth might make her gums bleed; it’s only use as far as I can see is to hold the two outer rings together. My puppy has grown so the rings are now open to her sizewise, but despite my trying at various intervals since I bought it 7-8 weeks ago she wants nothing to do with it, has a couple of ‘chews’ (or ‘gnaws’ really) and then drops it. For me it was a waste of money I should have allowed her to try playing with it before I opened the cardboard hanger, at least with the packaging intact, I could have returned it. If you’re looking, like I was, for something your small dog can chew to promote good strong teeth and good dental hygiene, I would advise against this ‘toy’ and say go for one of the variety packs of rope toys that includes squeaky toys & plush squeakys, they are great value both monetarily and in the variety of fetch/tug-of-war/chewing activity they offer a small puppy safely.Read more

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  9. Ranj! ;)

    I purchased for Leo ma cockapoo as were teething and its become one his favourite toys even though his teeth have all come through now but this teething ring played a big part whilst he were teething. It’s very well made, sturdy and durable, nice bright colour for individual shapes on the ring. I would defo recommend for anyone who has a pet who is teething as I am sure he or she will love it as much as Leo does.Read more

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  10. Kate Rogers

    Our Labrador puppy loved these and enjoyed gnawing them and throwing them around to hear the noisey clatter of hard plastic on wooden floorboards (a bit less enjoyable for us). However, we threw these out after our he broke one of his baby molars on another equally hard “puppy” chew toy. Many very expensive trips to the vet followed! So we don’t take the risk with hard toys like this anymore – now we follow the rule that if it can’t bend, we don’t give it to our dog (as much as he enjoyed it). Might be a different case for less voracious chewers (Labradors are one of those breeds that don’t self control well).Read more

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  11. Leah Smith

    They say: ‘Made from durable interlocking nylon rings to satisfy the chewing instinct of powerful puppy chewers, and encourage non-destructive chewing. Bristles raised during chewing will help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up.’ Dexter says: What drew me to this teething toy over others on the market was the attractiveness of multiple elements over a simple bone (or feet and furniture!). The unique shapes and raised bristles offer interest and it is easy to see how this colourful product would be attractive to a puppy looking to satisfy the urge to chew during their teething process. As blues and yellows are the colours dogs are most attracted to due to their colour spectrum being limited, this item ticks more boxes than others. However, this item does fall short of another Nylabone teething product we own, being the Teething Pacifier. In comparison, these teething rings are very lightweight and too plastic a feel to them, making the item feel much cheaper than the pacifier, though being roughly the same price. The pacifier is one of Dexter’s (a pug/Shih Tzu cross puppy) favourite toys, whilst this one has largely been left. He likes throwing it around a little, but that definitely wasn’t the intended use! Due to this disinterest, I cannot predict how durable the item is, but Nylabone products are well-known for their durability, so I would assume this is to their usual standard. Positive: – Colourful design – Interesting design – Raised bristles Negative: – Lightweight – Doesn’t compare to Nylabone Pacifier Nylabone Puppy Pacifier Extra, SmallRead more

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  12. E. J. R.

    My pup has really enjoyed this the past couple of weeks. He particularly likes it at bed time. Will see how useful it is when his adult teeth start coming in, in a few months. Its not really showing any wear, inspite of little piranha shark teeth being on it every day, so very durable so far.Read more

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    Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Large Breeds Bacon Small/Regular (1 Count)
    Nylabone Puppy Power Chew Toys for Teething Puppies | Small/Large Breeds Bacon Small/Regular (1 Count)


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