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Nylabone Strong Rubber Treat Dispensing and Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys Small/Regular (1 Count) White/Green

(13 customer reviews)

MADE OF DURABLE NYLON – Long lasting dog chew toy challenges even the most aggressive chewers and discourages destructive chewing
PROMOTES DOG DENTAL HEALTH – Ridges and nubs help prevent plaque and tartar buildup as dogs chew
PROMOTES POSITIVE CHEWING HABITS – Satisfies dogs’ natural instinct to chew and discourages destructive chewing
FOR SMALL DOGS – Small chew toy recommended for dogs up to 25 pounds
DELICIOUS BACON FLAVOR THROUGHOUT – Flavored dog chew contains delicious bacon flavor dogs love
CHEW TOY DIMENSIONS: Out of package measures 5.13″ long x 1.75 ” wide x 2.5″ high


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Size:Small/Regular (1 Count)| Color:White/Green Designed to be soft enough for carrying and durable enough for chewing, this bacon chew toy features nylon ends for powerful chewers. It also includes a minty fresh rubber center made for carrying. Plus, the bristles raised on the ends during chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar. Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed, so be sure to choose the correct chew toy for your dog.

Specification: Nylabone Strong Rubber Treat Dispensing and Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys Small/Regular (1 Count) White/Green

Dimensions 5 × 1.75 × 1.754 in

13 reviews for Nylabone Strong Rubber Treat Dispensing and Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys Small/Regular (1 Count) White/Green

3.2 out of 5
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  1. real gypsy girl

    As a Great Dane owner I am careful what toys I buy. I’ve always been able to rely on Nylabone chew bones. I have some that are over 5 years old and still going strong … Except this one, which tore my dog’s mouth up. First time (first time she had it) I cleaned it and sanded it smoothe. Gave it to her again and an hour later these photos show the result. This dog has teeth and gums in excellent condition do there is no reason other than razor sharp edges on the product. I have four more items (different items) I bought and I’m worried about giving them to her.Read more

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  2. Pamcakes

    This is a great option for tough chewers, although if your dogs are anything like ours, there is a procedure to ANY new toy no matter how “tough”. If I gave them this Nylabone and they went unsupervised day one, they would wreck it and it’d be in the trash within the hour. I say this to tell you, if you have a top 10 bite strength aggressive chewer, that you shouldn’t expect a miracle. If instead, I give it, take it away when they are working it too hard or being particularly destructive, and then give it back- and do this a few times for a week or so, then they’ll chew it in a less aggressive fashion- they’ll enjoy it and it lasts a long time. I don’t know what it is about the first few days, but when something is “new” it has to be destroyed. When it’s been in the house a few days, they are rough but not as bad. Like the ones listed “virtually indestructible” will last 6 months as long as we have multiple around. It will show damage, there will be shrapnel in the carpet that will scratch up your feet, but it’ll be worthy of play still. I consider 6 months in our house worthy of 5 stars. This has been true for 2 Dobermans and a German Shepherd- and all of them have proven ability to destroy these products day 1 if I don’t behave appropriately on introducing the new toy. If your dog wrecks these in the first 10 minutes, I’d say you probably need to work on supervising new toy play, and taking it away when they become to aggressive. This is a training issue, it can be done!Read more

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  3. cori weiser

    For nylabone I honestly have never had trouble with a toy, my extreme chewer had it ripped apart in 10 minutes ends of toy is durable thought center was too until I seen she had pealed back 1/4 inch of rubber off unknown hard rod, she shredded the rubber and got chuncks caught in her throat that need removing. Went in trash very fast and this was a very large size toy for her even. It you have aggressive chewer do not buy this toy, oh she loved it, just to much. If I could give zero stars I would. She is my services dog if I would of lost her over a poor advertised poor quality product it could of meant both our lives.Read more

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  4. S. Skolnik

    Advertised as a long lasting chew treat to clean teeth for large breed dogs, 50-100 lbs. Nope. Our 1-year old 45-lb. labradoodle scarfed one of these things down, barely chewing, in less than 2 minutes. Scared us whether it would digest OK or clog up his works, but happily he had no GI problems from eating this chew treat. Don’t know what we’ll do with the entire rest of the box of these things, but for sure we will NOT be giving them to the dog.Read more

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  5. Obergruppenführer

    My dog can destroy any toy, when she gets a new toy it’s almost as if her brain goes “challenge accepted”. So I have been in the market looking for the perfect toy that wouldn’t result in landing itself in a trash bin the same day it arrives. I have purchased so many toys and so many brands that claim to be for extreme chewers, all have failed the test except this one. This is a tough toy, to be honest I’m not sure my dog enjoys it because it is so hard. She chews it with the intention of wanting to destroy the thing, every chew results in a little whimper followed by another chew and so on and so on. So far it has held up to my dog. It’s literally the first toy ever that has lasted more than 24 hours in this house. I would recommend this brand to a friend.Read more

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  6. Lynnann Lane

    Got one of these for our Rodesien Ridgeback when he was a puppy, and it worked well. So, when my daughter rescued two medium-sized dogs (one is an Australian Cow dog mix, and the other a Plott Hound mix) it was a no-brainer. The Plott Hound mix has jaws of steel and destroys anything and everything he can get his mouth around, except items from this maker. This is the only toy brand I’ve found that he doesn’t demolish in under 5 minutes. Oh, and I’m stunned he can put bite marks in it. The Rodesien Ridgeback didn’t even do that when he was a puppy, so I was surprised. However, that being said, the toy is holding up to hours of abuse. I had to buy additional toys because they don’t like to share. Update on 01/09/20: these are still holding up to repeated abuse.Read more

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  7. Culturally curious

    I wanted something indestructible, which this one is mostly, but now that I have a very aggressive chewer, I don’t likek the way that his biting makes these sharp little lumps stick up from the rest of the toy. I know they can’t be comfortable if hegites downhard. . My vet says to throw away all the Nylabone toys because dogs can crack teeth on them. I have thrown them away as I find them with too much roughness on the surface or he loses temproary interest. Even weighing 70 pounds and being an Olympic-class destroyer of anything softer than metal, he cannot get his mouth around the bit white end pieces. So I monitor his progress and will throw it away soon as he shows waning interest or the ratio of smooth sections to the pointy ones is too high. I would advise not buying it all, frankly, but he runs through some toys at lihtning speed..Read more

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  8. buyer NOYB

    Bought the X-Large Nylabone for my daughter’s 1 year old Rottweiler. The pup loved the bone … for about 1 hour. In that hour, she started tearing the green rubber off of the shank. There was a smooth metal tube under the rubber. I had to take the bone away to prevent her from swallowing the green rubber pieces or breaking her teeth on the metal tube. Does the dog love it, Yes. Is it durable, NO. Is it dangerous, Possibly; if she swallows the rubber or breaks her teeth on the metal tube. Not something you can leave with the dog and walk away.Read more

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  9. Tina

    My staffy boy is absolutely obsessed with this bone, like he’s never been b4! The only issue is the green mint flavoured rubber in the middle isn’t thick enough and he can rip it off in chunks as he’s a very powerful chewer, which is disappointing. Luckily he spits any bits he does pull off straight out but I have to watch him like a hawk. Most of the time he just likes to sit with it in his mouth staring at us for ages then runs to hide with it. If he didn’t love it so much I would probably of thrown it but he does, so I will buy again. The end parts are very tough.Read more

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  10. S. Kerr

    I bought a size wolf of this product for my one year old female Doberman. She chewed it happily for an hour while I was cooking and when I checked she had eaten a 50p sized piece of the green rubber handle! What a silly idea to have a durable Nylabone incased in rubber! I hope to god that this will pass safely through her but will never buy again.Read more

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  11. Warnerbroz

    My dog loves this toy, though the green section in the middle is a little too inviting and easy to chew/eat. He is a labrador and a powerful chewer, so overall I’d say this toy is excellent and been a good buy. It just needs a lot more supervision because the green can be taken off in chunks. I would highly recommend Nylabone products in general, with the favourite beingNylabone Dura Chew Double Bend, Souper . This product has a very tough, yet flexible mid section. The red parts do get chewed up, but this helps with teeth cleaning and after about 6 months of use it still hasn’t had any chunks removed. It’s also a much lighter toy which entertains him for hours.Read more

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  12. Serial Shopper

    This is the second one bought – the first lasted 10 months…ok so dog was probably too small for it, but persevered! He started this one at Christmas and as a more seasoned chewer, I anticipate it won’t last quite so long but will still keep him busy for weeks! Solid!Read more

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  13. Lexus Low

    THIS!!!! This is the first toy my Xl bully has not been able to destroy within minutes, hours, days Very durable and strong, doesn’t smell either. Once the dog gets through it a bit the edges become quite sharp but who cares its still intact very impressedRead more

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    Nylabone Strong Rubber Treat Dispensing and Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys Small/Regular (1 Count) White/Green
    Nylabone Strong Rubber Treat Dispensing and Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys Small/Regular (1 Count) White/Green


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