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NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Ink Liner, Waterproof Matte Liquid Eyeliner – Brown, Vegan Formula Pack of 1 Brown

(12 customer reviews)

Waterproof Matte Liquid Eyeliner: Get the perfect long lasting cat eye look with NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink eyeliner, with a matte brown finish
Precise Tip: Our ultra precise tip is flexible and Easy to Use; Every stroke is unbelievably fluid for a defined finish; Control the thickness of your lines by pressing down just a touch; Fine and natural, broad and bold, the look is always up to you
All Eyes On Eye Makeup: Complete your look with our full range of NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow palettes to mascara, eyeliners, concealers, setting sprays, and eyebrow products
Cruelty Free Cosmetics: We believe animals belong in our arms, not in a lab; All of our makeup is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty free brand; We don’t test any of our products on animals
Discover NYX Professional Makeup: Try all of our professional makeup and beauty products today, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more


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Slim, trim, but never prim. NYX slim eye pencils come in a variety of entrancing shades-from sea foam green to black shimmer. The creamy long-wearing eye liner pencil formula goes on easily. Enriched with coconut oil to hydrate and condition your lash line.

12 reviews for NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Ink Liner, Waterproof Matte Liquid Eyeliner – Brown, Vegan Formula Pack of 1 Brown

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  1. Maureen Spaulding

    I have heavy lids that have deflated after major weight loss, and now sit ON my lashline. Because of this any eyeliner will transfer right? If i sweat or cry I’ll have a copy of the perfect line I made somewhere on the upper lid right? Well I was trying them all with NO luck no matter what they cost or claimed! Then I bought this one. Unfortunately this one came just as I was about to give it the ultimate test. My husband of almost 40 years passed away after fighting cancer for 4 years. He was my everything and I still love him with everything I have. He died at home with me 4 weeks ago and I have worn this to the funeral and everyday since. I’ve shed buckets of tears and because it’s in the 90’s and 100% humidity here in Ohio, I’ve sweat rivers too. Not one transfer, smudge or fade away! I hope you NEVER have to worry about your liner under circumstances anything like this but if you cry happy tears or sweat you can count on this one more than any other one I’ve tried!Read more

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  2. Caiti

    I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to rave about this eyeliner because it’s amazing. My go-to eyeliner used to be the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but this is my new favorite. I think the quality is even better overall, plus it’s at least $10 cheaper. It basically fits all of the requirements I would want in my perfect eyeliner. It’s affordable, extremely black, opaque, easy to use, waterproof, stays on for a long time, and the tip is quite thin so you can get wings as sharp as a sword. I also usually have to use makeup remover and concealer to clean up my lines, but I barely need to do any maintenance with this. My cat eyes have been turning out so clean and beautiful. A lot of reviewers were also complaining about how this eyeliner bled everywhere, but I just wanted to say that their packaging might have been faulty because I had no problem with mine. In fact, mine bleeds less than most eyeliners i’ve ever used.Read more

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  3. Alex

    Works like a charm. Kat Von D was my go to but won’t give her my money to spread anti-science rhetoric about vaccines. This NYX may work just as well if not better, and is less than half the price. Good job NYX. Update: after having this for sometime, the cap would catch part of the brush when I put it on and curl then outward… it made it extremely hard to apply the eyeliner with sporadic brush hairs sticking out in an opposite direction. Be very careful putting the cap on, it’s most likely my fault but it sucks.Read more

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  4. Alex S.

    This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using the kat von d tatoo liner, but since she’s canceled, I’ve been looking for a sub that’s more affordable, and I totally hit the jackpot with this one! It’s so pigmented! (I have a deep complexion) and it doesn’t smudge at all. Goes on really well, makes a clean cat eye. Super happy with itRead more

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  5. PrintingChick

    Most of the reviews were highly positive. I should have paid more attention to the negative ones. OK, I JUST received this yesterday and have used only once, but have been wiping smudges off my face all day – super embarrassing! I don’t know what product the positive reviewers were using – the ones who said that this is waterproof, smudge-proof (even on oily skin!) and the best eye-liner ever! I guess I’m back to looking for a product I can recommend that positively! Very disappointed in this one!Read more

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  6. Evonne N.

    I absolutely live with eyeliner on every single moment of the day. However, I have very oily eyelids and majority of eyeliners fail to last or stay put on my lids. So I require a very waterproof and smudgeproof formula to at least look good majority of the day before my oils decide to ruin it. My preferences for my eyeliners are a opaque black with a brush tip. As opaque and fluid felt tip eyeliners are, they are hard to control around my hooded eyes and sometimes end up becoming dried out even though I’ve only used the eyeliner a couple times. I’ve compared this NYX eyeliner against some of my favorites or some well known brands: Maybelline’s Hyper Easy, MACQUEEN’s Waterproof, EM Cosmetic’s Illustrative, Heroine Make Smooth Liquid, Eyeko Black Magic, and KVD’s Tattoo Liner. I put each of these up against 4 tests, which I’ve illustrated in my pictures. Maybelline’s new eyeliner held up moderately well, and it’s the only formula I’ve ever found to dry down matte and be this resistant. Of course, my favorite Asian eyeliners from MACQUEEN and Heroine Make are super waterproof and budget roof. Eyeko is also a favorite Asian brand that lasts moderately well. EM Cosmetics did not claim to be waterproof, just resistant, so I’ve allowed that to slide. I’ve never liked KVD’s formula for my lids, so I’m not surprised that it didn’t last. In comparison to those, NYX’s formula isn’t horrible and would work beautifully for most people, but it definitely can’t last through my mighty eyelids. HOWEVER, I absolutely love how opaque the formula is in one swipe and how fluid and even it is. Makes it really easy to do graphic liners! It is also great for creating quick and easy wings (with a precise hand of course since it’s so pigmented). I am going to continue using this with a primer or powder because I am enjoying the pigment! If you don’t have crazy oily eyelids and would love a dark and even application with a brush tip eyeliner, I would highly recommend this eyeliner! And even if you do have lids like me, I’m sure one could make it work with some preparation!Read more

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  7. Jessica Lott

    Really want to like this, but this weird bleeding happened on my first use. The liquid creeps up the wrinkles of my eye! Weird. Tried lid primer and same result. Plus, Everytime I open it it pours and flings ink everywhere… SO messy and bleeds bad for me. I wish I knew some secret as to why and how to make it take two second like everyone else.Read more

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  8. Abigail

    te vende un producto nyx a precio de original y es una copia, me tardé un poco en averiguarlo porque no le había puesto atención a ese detalle hasta que se empezó a notar la diferencia de calidad a comparación de uno original, tiene punta diferente, menos producto, el diseño del lapiz es distinto, pésimo (fotos comparativas con uno que ya tenia y que está viejo, por eso compré éste)Read more

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  9. Keeley

    I was recommended this eyeliner by a fellow lady biker when I mentioned that my make up runs and fades under my motorbike helmet. As you can see from my picture, it’s definitely stayed on! (i’m the one on the right with the camera on my chin) I’m really pleased that I’ve finally found something that lasts under my helmet and will definitely buy this againRead more

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    The media could not be loaded. (RECIÉN COMPRADO) Es un buen delineador, se usa muy fácil y se seca rápido, al probarlo en la mano parece que la tinta se dispersa un poco, pero en los ojos no he tenido ningún problema, PERO no es resistente al agua para nada, ni casi a las rozaduras, aunque más o menos aguanta, si estas acostumbrada a llevar delineador y no te tocas la zona de los ojos pues te aguanta bien, pero para días que necesito que me aguante todo el día uso otro, la verdad. (video) No lo recomiendo, hay muchos otros por menos dinero que cumplen mejor la función. Realmente es una estafa porque para el precio que tiene que no sea resistente al agua… Además viene en su caja, pero el delineador viene sin precinto. (AL MES DE USARLO) Debo decir que sigue aguantando poco el agua y el roce pero no como los primeros usos, ahora aguanta bastante más, no entiendo porque las primeras veces de su uso es diferente y con el tiempo sale mejor el producto… la verdad sigo pensando que calidad precio es muy caro, aunque lo uso a diario por su fácil aplicación, que para salir un par de horas vale, pero para pasar el día fuera.Read more

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  11. K_unst

    Comprato con Amazon Prime incluso allo stesso prezzo che avrei pagato dal sito (solo che va aggiunto il costo di spedizione in questo caso). Tutti, secondo me, dovrebbero avere l’Epic Ink liner di Nyx nel proprio nécessaire perché è pratico, di facile utilizzo, la punta in feltro consente di tracciare una linea più no meno spessa e precisa (io ho anche gli occhi difficili perché la mia pelle sulle palpebre è sottile e rugosa -il consiglio in questo caso è di scaricare prima un pochino di prodotto). Il rapporto qualità prezzo è perfetto, mi sento di consigliare almeno una volta di provare questo fantastico eyeliner.

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  12. Loco

    Dans l’ensemble, la couleur et l’épaisseur, pour le prix ça allait. Mais alors le système d’ouverture/ fermeture… Il faut tirer et appuyer si fort sur le capuchon qu’inévitablement ça finit par abîmée la pointe! (photo après seulement 2 utilisations, et je prend soins des mes affaires! mais on doit tirer et appuyer si fort qu’il est impossible d’être précis sur le mouvement d’ouverture/ fermeture)Read more

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    NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Ink Liner, Waterproof Matte Liquid Eyeliner – Brown, Vegan Formula Pack of 1 Brown
    NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Ink Liner, Waterproof Matte Liquid Eyeliner – Brown, Vegan Formula Pack of 1 Brown


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