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On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

(6 customer reviews)

Unique Z-frame allows for playing positions from either side and can be broken down for travel and storage
Easy height adjustments with line-it up positions
Center box beam provides extra reinforcement and allows for independent width adjustments
Main stand adjusts in height to provide a comfortable playing position


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The On Stage KS7350 Stand is a muscular folding, Z-style stand. It has a mammoth 500 lb. load capacity so it will handle even the largest stage pianos, workstation DJ systems, and large mixing consoles. The KS7350 adjusts from 24 to 38 inches high and from 21 top 36 inches wide. Features include all welded construction and 1×2 inches tubing.

Specification: On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

Weight 17.3 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 4.25 × 14.5 in

6 reviews for On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Lawrence A. Free

    Be sure to inspect this well, end caps, bushings, and other parts. I had to exchange this because it was missing a bushing around where the riser entered the base. Be sure the screws are in the adjustment holes in the risers before putting any weight on them. That said, this is an very sturdy folding stand. On a hard floor, this will not move in any way when in use. On carpet it will rock a little front to back. There is ample room for your feet and legs. With the more common scissor stands, you cannot say any of this. They rock, sway, and you bump your knees into them. They set up faster and are cheaper than a Z stand. The Z stand is like a a steel girder bridge you can drive a tank across where the scissor like a wood rope foot bridge the moves with each step. I use this for my Yamaha CP300, a moderately heavy stage piano. I glued on rubber strips to cover the whole top bar. They include four 4 inch self stick strips to this end, I wanted a bit more friction. Anyway, with the CP300 atop this, it does not slide at all. I prefer my piano not to move when I play it. I can tolerate the extra minute or two it takes to set up a Z stand to this end.Read more

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  2. CJ

    Works perfectly for my P125. However, I have 3 issues: 1) I’m getting slight wobble. The top-left and bottom-right feet can’t seem to keep contact on my floor. I find it ridiculous at this price range. I had to place a folded piece of paper on one of the feet to keep it stable. 2) The top portion of the stand (the “arms” that hold the piano) doesn’t appear to be straight nor square. 3) When this product arrived, it looked like it’s been slightly used.Read more

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  3. BigToe

    I initially purchased another brand’s Z stand here on Amazon for roughly the same price. That stand was light and flimsy and the welds were uneven so the top was crooked and the keyboard would not sit flush. This stand is at least twice the weight, and it is all bolted/riveted together…no welds. The stand comes 80% assembled. All you do is remove the center piece with the two female knobs, unfold the two legs and reattach the center piece between them. Then there are two additional male knobs that screw in to set the vertical hight. There are two additional washers that aren’t mentioned in the instructions. These go on the screws that secure the center piece to the legs with the female wheel screws.Read more

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  4. J. T. McKinney

    I recently acquired a Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano. It’s on the heavier end of keyboards, so I needed a stand that could: 1) support the weight reliably; 2) be flexible enough to allow me the opportunity to sit or stand while playing; 3) be lightweight enough for ease of portability. This stand has met my needs completely and I have zero complaints thus far. For the reviewers who complained about the assembly, I have to agree: the complete lack of assembly instructions in the carton was very disconcerting, at first. I’m not particularly mechanically inclined, however, and in less than 10 minutes, the job of assembling the stand was done. It was just a matter of looking very carefully at the picture of the assembled stand on the carton and then unscrewing a few bolts, unfolding the stand components, and then reinserting the bolts. If I can do this, anyone can!Read more

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  5. B. Sunter

    As other reviewers have said, it is a sturdy and very adjustable Z type stand. I use it at its lowest and widest stance to hold a Yamaha P-125 (26 lbs.) It is solid and doesn’t shake under vigorous playing. A few reviews mentioned missing instructions. Mine came with complete instructions. It also came kitted with some washers that appear to fit nothing. So my guess is they have some shaky quality control in the kit assembly area. Everything was included that I needed though, and construction and finish quality is fine. All that adjustability is accomplished by chunky plastic knobs with either male or female threads. They appear to be sturdy enough, but the ones setting the height prevent the Z frame from completely collapsing to its flat state for transport. It still can fold to a reasonable size, but they look prone to get banged up with a lot of moving around. I may end up replacing some of them with regular (metric) bolts, since I consider most of them “one time” adjustments that don’t need to be fiddled with during breakdown or setup. Overall, I recommend this stand.Read more

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  6. Mark Lewellen

    I bought this stand because I needed something to hold my modular synth rack in close proximity to my keyboard controller and other synth boards. Although this unit was not able to compress down to the width of my modular rack I was able to fabricate a shelving platform that I locked in between the two supports. This provided exactly what I needed and with the height adjustment I was able to perfectly align the modular in alignment with my keyboard stand. The unit is sturdy and well designed and a suitable support for any variety of keyboards, mixers and music equipment.Read more

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    On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand
    On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand


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