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Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R DL Double Layer Logo Top – 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10) 10-Discs

(9 customer reviews)

Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R Double Layer Logo Top – 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10)
Write-once, Double layer
Top surface: Logo Top
Compatible with Blu-ray capable hardware only
NOT compatible with all LG 6x, LG 8x, Pioneer 4x, and Pioneer 8x Blu-ray burners


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The Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series is on the cutting edge of technology using a blue-violet laser to record either high-definition (HD) video or high capacity gigabyte data files. Using Optical Quantum’s exclusive FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) and sophisticated production know-how brings next generation products like recordable Blu-ray discs to market in the shortest time frame with reasonable pricing. Viewers will especially enjoy High-Definition video programming using the Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series.

Specification: Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R DL Double Layer Logo Top – 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10) 10-Discs

Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 1.1 in

9 reviews for Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R DL Double Layer Logo Top – 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10) 10-Discs

2.2 out of 5
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  1. Malcolm H.

    Confirming what other users have reported here, the discs being sold now are no longer high enough quality to be sold. They need to be banned from sale on amazon. See below: Using the LG WH14NS40, the burn proceeds, but all discs fail to verify in imgburn at 51% (layer break), “Medium error, L-EC uncorrectable error” (see photo). The resulting disc’s files can not be read. I have confirmed with another LG WH14NS40 unit this error continues to occur, ruling out the drive as the problem. I re-ordered the same discs and it still happens (Jan or Jul 2019 order date), ruling out a single bad spindle of discs. However, the older batch of discs I had (Bought Jan 2018) burned fine and verify fine. Therefore, the quality with the optical quantum disc is bad. Verbatim 50 GB BD-R DL VBR260YP20SV1 discs burn fine and verify fine in the same drive. As other users have noticed, using the Pioneer BDR-209DBK is able to successfully complete the burn AND the verify with these crappy discs, HOWEVER, if you copy the files off you notice that at the 50% layer break, the speed slows from >25MB/s to 8 MB/s. See the attached graph – it recovers its speed later in the burn. This effect is not observed with the Verbatim 50 GB BD-R DL VBR260YP20SV1 discs burned in either the LG or Pioneer drive. Therefore, the new batches of Optical Quantum 50 GB BD-R DL OQBDRDL06LT-50 are not high enough to quality for use in an LG drive, and those burned with the pioneer drive clearly are only able to be read at a slower speed, which is not acceptable. As a person who has been buying ONLY optical quantum discs for 10 years, I am extremely disappointed that they changed their manufacturing and that my amazon return window is closed, so I have 90$ of discs that are not useable. I want my money back! UPDATE: I tried burning at 4x and it burned and verified properly in the LG WH14NS40. Furthermore, it copied without having difficulties reading at the layer break like in my image from 6x in the Pioneer BDR-209DBK. Optical quantum should not be calling these 6x if they can not do 6x (anymore). So, to summarize, Disc ID: RITEK-DR3-000 – BAD OPTICAL QUANTUM (Disc ID: RITEK-DR3-000 for good batch too) Good at 4x in LG WH14NS40. detected max at 6x and worked at 6x on old discs though…was slow to copy from after burning on pioneer at 6x -problems just beyond 50%, consistent with layer break issue. Disc ID: RITEK-DR2-000 – SMARTBUY discs Only 4x! works fine, copies fine. Disc ID: VERBAT-IMf-000 – VERBATIM Detects as 8x and writes as 8x fine. Disc ID: CMCMAG-DI6-000 – XTREMEPRO Detects as 6x and writes as 6x fine (advertised as 4x, so this is a bonus)Read more

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  2. GJ

    I’ve burned a lot of discs, and I always use IMGBurn to burn my DVD’s & BD-R’s. Also I know it’s best to not run other programs while burning. This batch of 50 GB discs started out fine…first 8 or 10 discs did OK. However so far the next 5 have been coasters, with IMGBurn either refusing them or trying to write the lead-in and quitting with a message about the media. Is this typical with this brand? I don’t know, from the other reviews it seems atypical. But at these prices it doesn’t take many coasters to become a money pit. . Strangely enough, the manufacturer ID is Ritek-DD3-000….could be bootleg or real Ritek, IDK. I don’t like writing negative reviews, but there it is. OK I’ve finished with the 25 disc spindle. 14 coasters! Optical Quantum 25 gb BD-R’s seem OK, but I won’t be buying any more 50 gb discs.Read more

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  3. AmaKind

    Absolutely steer clear. Three different bdr drives, three different stations, they ALL burn onto second layer, but the second layer/layer break fails to verify or have the data written on to it retrieved – every single time. Whatever they’ve done with the most recent batch manufactured has utterly rendered invalid the entire point of this product (its capacity!) I highly encourage other reviewers to select the ‘ Report incorrect product information. ‘ at the top of this product page. There is an option to report on product quality, as it seems just a rash of reviews isn’t bringing this matter to anyone’s attention. Other reviewers from mid-to-late 2019 are correct. The product absolutely needs to be pulled. Now I’m stuck with 4 50-packs that refuse to verify or be read beyond it’s layer break, and I’m outside the return window. I urge you to not make the same mistake. EDIT: I’ve tried these discs on a fourth burner on one of my available systems, an older LG drive of WH10LS30, that is confirmed to have successfully burned BD-DL optical quantum 50gb discs (had an older ten pack to verify). The latest batch from my 50-packs report as an ‘Illegal disc’ and refuse to even begin burning. Perhaps this is just due to compatibility in the case of the older drive, but doesn’t stop the fact that even newer, confirmed supported drives, are having issue with this media as well. Included a SS of one of said drives, and the error you’ll quickly become familiar with if you attempt to utilize these newer blanks. UPDATE: The assessment of quality for the discs I reviewed still stands. It’s shameful that future buyers still are encountering this problem over a year later. I returned one of the packs that were defective to Optical Quantum through their returns process. They confirmed receipt of the discs, ‘tested’ them, and claimed they were operating as intended, stating that data could be written (this much I said was already true), then when I asked if the data was even retrievable for them – over a week later they ‘confirmed’ that the data could be pulled and verified, no issue. So they asked me if I’d like them back… of course I’d want them back! But not even a replacement was offered. NOR did I ever receive my discs back, they held them hostage at every opportunity rather than just putting them into the post and sending them on their merry way. Never got a tracking number. And they never arrived in the post. When I reached out to them, they refused to acknowledge the RMA, and stated that the prior case was closed and therefore a done matter. Never again Optical Quantum. This product, once again, should be pulled. I guess myself, across several systems and burners, alongside the dozens of other reviewers are in the wrong here and are just imagining the errors based on your assessment of my return.Read more

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  4. irish003

    I have been using this brand for over 4 years and the latest 50GB DL Logo Top discs are all bad, the their white printable discs are still burning successfully. I have two approved burners on their approved list and neither burner can successfully burn a disc without receiving read errors. I have gone through 15 discs and not one burn has been successful. They have changed something with the manufacturering of these discs. My verbatim discs are burning successfully with the same burners. Amazon should stop selling these discs!Read more

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  5. Troy

    Pros: Cheaper and faster shipping than the Verbatim brand from Japan. Cons: flawed layer break Having nothing but issues with these. I’m getting read errors with many discs. Seems to be an issue with the layer break. Either i get read errors or the speed slows down and both situations happen right at the middle of the operation. Transfers get up to 30MB/s then right at 50% it drops down to around 9MB/s (check photo). I used an LG WH16NS40 writer which is on the compatibility list. I’ll be returning the other spindle and going back to verbatim. The extra $$$ for verbatim is worth it. These discs are garbage. Disappointed. *** Update: not all the discs have issues. Must be a select few flawed discs. Still not as reliable as verbatimRead more

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  6. Carl Chan

    Of the 50disc spindle, I’ve burned about 2/3 of the spindle and have 7 failed burns so far. That seems to be a disturbingly high rate. Also, the media itself identifies as “RITEK-DR3-000”, which apparently is known as a pretty unreliable brand. Would not buy again. update: Finished the spindle, total of 14 duds. The puts the cost per GB way higher. Should’ve splurged for the Verbatim media instead.Read more

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  7. Pedro Carrasco

    No he podido grabar ni uno correctamente. He tenido que tirar 17. Uso Grabador lg bh16ns55. Usaba Verbatim y he cambiado a esta marca. Primero pense que la pelicula estaba mal,pero no, luego el programa pero despues de actualizado seguia dando problemas, desp pense era el quemador que tenia 4 años ya, me he comprado uno nuevo y sigue grabando mal. Siempre los errorres aparecen entre min 55 y la 1.16h las peliculas se paran o se quedan congeladas. No recomendablesRead more

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  8. SR

    I have used around 15 discs, and already came across 2 dead discs, which isn’t a good start. However, for the price, I guess that is the most I can expect.Read more

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  9. Luis

    He comprado éstos discos como 5 veces y solamente me ha salido mal 1 solo disco. La calidad es buena. Los recomiendoRead more

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    Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R DL Double Layer Logo Top – 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10) 10-Discs


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