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Orbit 71003 B-hyve Flood Water Sensor, Gray

(9 customer reviews)

IMMEDIATE FLOOD DETECTION: The B-hyve Flood Sensor can detect water at only a few drops, and the audible alarm, together with the B-hvye app (Android or iOS) notification, will immediately inform you of a leak, so you can get it fixed before it becomes a problem.
POCKET SIZED: The 1.6” x 0.6” hexagon design is small and discreet, so you can put it in even the smallest of spaces. Place it under heavy objects and easily gain access to it with the attached retrieval cord.
TEMPERATURE MONITORING: Prevent pipes from freezing, food from thawing and more. The B-hyve Flood Sensor will monitor the surrounding temperature and alert you if the temperature goes outside your configured range.
BATTERY OPERATED: Comes equipped with a replaceable CR 2032 coin cell battery that will last you 1 year while monitoring for leaks. Low battery notifications will be sent to your phone on the B-hyve app to let you know when it is time to change the battery.
SMART TECHNOLOGY: Includes a B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi hub (No.21008) that connects to your Flood Sensor devices via long range Bluetooth 5.0. This allows for real-time cloud communication for updating settings, temperature readings, disconnection warnings, and more.
Power source type: Battery Powered


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Water intrusion in the home causes extensive damage unless it is caught right away. The B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor and B-hyve Gen 2 Hub offers peace of mind and protection by alerting your phone immediately when a leak in your home is detected. Place a B-hyve Flood Sensor where problems might occur such as under sinks, water heaters, basement windows, and dozens of other places. It is small enough to fit behind, under and around your large appliances. If water is detected, you will be alerted through the free Android, or iSO B-hyve app on your phone. It also features an audible alarm in case you are away from your smart device. This multifunctional device will also alert you of temperature fluctuations, great for preventing potential pipe freezes.

Specification: Orbit 71003 B-hyve Flood Water Sensor, Gray

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 1.84 × 1.6 × 0.6 in

9 reviews for Orbit 71003 B-hyve Flood Water Sensor, Gray

3.2 out of 5
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  1. River Rat 381

    UPDATE – Replaced my first low battery. The screwdriver slot to open the case is under designed. Turning a screwdriver in the slot destroys the slot. Also, sensor case is not sealed to water. If it does detect water, the water will probably penetrate the case and corrode the electronics. One use and done. It has functioned well otherwise for a year, but I reduced the rating to two stars because changing the battery causes severe damage to the casing. PRIOR REVIEW – I tested one sensor using water and it worked fine. The biggest issue is the limited range of Bluetooth. I have had to move sensors to less optimum flood detecting places to get a straight shot at the Bluetooth hub. If the signal is blocked by walls it can be unreliable. That said, I am using the sensors, they are working and I am counting on them to let me know if there is a flood.Read more

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  2. DKGeePC

    This Orbit sensor appeared to be a good solution for sensing water issues in utility/laundry rooms. The price was rather excessive in my opinion, but I knew Orbit as a small company that could potentially be quick to develop and improve these sensors. My experience has been frequent connection drop-outs even though the distance from hub to sensor is relatively small with simple stud/drywall in between. Alerts have been the biggest issue: #1) Alerts can ONLY be sent to email not SMS text. As usual, many emails fail to deliver (spam filters, etc) or can easily end up buried in a busy mail client’s inboxes. SMS is immediate and useful, email notifications that are read a day or two later are NOT! #2) False warnings – – In my case I receive a false “Water Alert!” 2 or 3 times/month. On inspection (usuall later – see #!) I see no evidence of water in the Laundry or Utility room. I have performed full reset/reboots on the system but still get the same behavior. Orbit responds with “Sorry you are experiencing issues” and “We will pass along your suggestions” but the problems remain. This does not seem like it is such a difficult technological problem, but perhaps Orbit engineers have larger issues elsewhere. After 1 year’s experience with these sensors I cannot recommend them.Read more

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  3. Paul Christian McDonald

    I finally got a chance to try to set these up and no matter how close I put the sensors to the hub and phone, the B-Hyve app always says the signal is too low (and the sensors are not connected to the hub). I ordered the kit in February, tried to set up in May, if the batteries don’t last that long not even being used, then I’m not sure I’m going to try new batteries. The support website linked from Amazon is blank for me. Not finding any troubleshooting guides or FAQs. My Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler timer/controller was easy and quick to set up and is reliable so far. I didn’t have any problems setting that device up. I had expected these to be similarly straight forward.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I can understand that a couple of my sensors are at the limit of Bluetooth range and might have intermittent connection issues. However, most are not and have good line of sight to the hub. Nevertheless, they are all constantly connecting and disconnecting from the hub. This was a good idea, but VERY poorly implemented. I recommend that you avoid this product.Read more

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  5. D. Edwards

    I wanted to monitor my crawl space and garage for flooding but the Bluetooth won’t go through cinder block plus Sheetrock. I can put the unit closer but then the other side of my house won’t work. Otherwise, everything was pretty easy. I had hoped you’d Unit would work wirelessly as well as the auto watering system I purchased but I don’t have the same kind of material between the units.Read more

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  6. Ben Ireland

    Works! But it is Bluetooth so if you have more than 300 ft distance or concrete between sensors it won’t work so get an extra base for each level of the home and don’t expect it to go through concrete. But it works! Told us when water was located in the area. Easy to set up too!Read more

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  7. C. J. Butcher

    Small and unnoticeable in day to day use, but when they sense water they become very visible. Really like these units.Read more

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  8. Derek

    These were easy to set up, detect water very quickly, send a push notification through the bhyve app AND an email notification! This is exactly what I need. I haven’t had any connectivity issues yet. All three sensors and hub are in the basement.Read more

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  9. Dan Crainic

    Although I read there might be connection issues between the base and the units, I have no issues. They are apart between 10′ and 30′ and also base is in the basement and the farthest unit is on second floor.Read more

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    Orbit 71003 B-hyve Flood Water Sensor, Gray
    Orbit 71003 B-hyve Flood Water Sensor, Gray


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