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OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush Lint Roller

(11 customer reviews)

FurLifter Brush combines the effectiveness of a lint brush with a self-cleaning base
Flexible Handle pivots away from surfaces to give clearance between hands and furniture while brushing
Base clears fur from brush with a simple dip and holds fur until emptied
Reusable system requires no refills
Soft, non-slip, comfortable grip
Base clears fur from brush with a simple dip and holds fur until emptied


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FurLifter combines the effectiveness of a traditional lint brush with the convenience of a self-cleaning base – no refills required. Best of all, it’s quick and easy, giving you more time with your furry friends. The micro-bristles effectively clean pet fur, hair and lint with just a few quick strokes. The bottom of the base has a cover that can be opened to access the hair.

Specification: OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush Lint Roller

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 1.6 × 5 × 12 in

11 reviews for OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush Lint Roller

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Kaatje

    I saw the “Fur Wizard” on TV, but being impatient, I didn’t want to wait 6-8 weeks to try it out, so, trusting the OXO name, I ordered this from Amazon. I received it yesterday, and as soon as I tried it on one of my cat trees, I was stunned! I ran around the house and used it on furniture, cat trees, clothing, and anything else I could find. I even tried it on a cat, but it wasn’t too effective there.. I’m going to attach 4 photos I took: 1) Cat tree top before. 2) Cat tree top after ONE swipe of the FurLifter. 3) FurLifter going into base/cleaner. 4) FurLifter coming out of base/cleaner after ONE swipe. I bought 3 more today for friends. They come in 3 sizes from OXO. I got the little one for my car glove compartment, the regular size for my house, and the jumbo/HUGE size for a friend. I was amazed, I’m not kidding. Really, look at the photos!!! Good bye to my tape roller lint removers!Read more

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  2. Ruthie Ack

    I bought this based on previous reviews and figured I would try it. I like it and was impressed. It is very effective. We have a dog who sheds a lot. The product works like a lint brush – the reds ones you are supposed to brush in a specific direction. While effective, it is only effective on a small area at a time. That is the only down side, but it is not that big a deal. Once I brushed it over the edge of my area rug three times, I had to clean it off by pulling up on the handle. (This is the awesome part that makes it better than a lint brush – the ease of cleaning the “lint brush”.) It’s not hard to use, but does have to be scraped off often. I emptied the collection area after several passes. It certainly can’t replace vacuuming, but it can be a quick in between move or can be passed over high traffic areas to decrease vacuuming frequency.Read more

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  3. mickey

    First off, it does as advertised. It did it’s job. I purchased it to clean the fur off of the area rugs I brought home, then realized when I got them home, the tag that said they could be vacuumed had fine print that said, just not with the brush head running. Sigh. Why only four stars? The handle is too short for me and I am only 5’1″. You have to scoop the fur out of the base. You can’t just knock it out into the trash can. The collection compartment needs to be bigger. I wish the brush was bigger to cover more area. These are all minor complaints. I would by it again.Read more

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  4. Karen

    This is the best purchase yet! We have had our OXO furlifter for about a month, and we love it! Just a few minutes with the furlifter, a very simple operation, and the clumps of hair are gone! When we do have to run the vacuum, we are spared the frustrating work of cutting and pulling scads of the hair from the beater bar. And the furlifter cleans so well that we often have no need for the vacuum at all! The carpets are wonderfully clean, and completely hair-free. And we have 3 dogs, all long-haired, and 3 cats. Mostly, we pick up dog hair, and it seems that they shed in rotation, so that someone is always leaving tons of hair! We have a special pet vacuum, with an easy to clean beater bar, but it still involves unplugging, upending, removing the bar, cutting and pulling dusty hair that wants to fly everywhere, then reassembling. Compare that to a few pulls of the OXO handle, and a quick empty of the fur bin, and we’re done! Love this furlifter! Update: we’ve had this furlifter rug cleaner for over a year and a half, and it is still one of our favorite purchases! We use it daily, and it still works perfectly! It is quick and easy to pull up all of the abandoned dog hair, even on the kitchen linoleum. Our floors can look like we are growing a new dog, and literally a few strokes of the furlifter and we are ready for company. Bless you, OXO, for developing such a wonderful, useful tool.Read more

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  5. Sandy Jackson

    Great product and so easy to use! I have 3 little shedding dogs and a cat. I purchased this is to use on an antique Persian rug. No more bringing the heavy vacuum up the stairs, and the Furlifter does lift more hair off the rug than the vacuum does, without the rotating brushes which could damage the rug over time. It comes fully assembled; just read the enclosed instructions and you’re ready to go. It appears to be well-made; not cheap plastic, but also not too heavy. The self-cleaning feature worked great for me on just one retraction of the brush pad, and it was loaded with pet hair! The canister is a bit small, so if you have a lot of hair to pick up, you’ll need to empty it a few times, but that is also easy to do. It works great on the hardwood floor too, much like a Swiffer. If you have shedding pets, I would definitely recommend this product.Read more

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  6. Ashley Kessler

    I bought this to keep in my purse because I wear an all black uniform to work and dog hair is a very real struggle (I have two Australian Shepherds). I decided to test it on my lamps that the dog hair absolutely clings to (I can’t pull it off with my hands/rags) and it came off with literally one swipe. I am absolutely sold and will be buying the full size one for my couch and pillows!!!!Read more

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  7. Amazon Customer

    This is first class. I wasn’t too sure I have to admit but I have two cats and whilst they are short haired, they do moult and I always use a lot of sticky tape rollers. I bought the above and it is absolutely first class, it does exactly what it says it does and since buying it I haven’t had to use the sticky tape rollers. Well worth every penny.Read more

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  8. Maz

    Arrived fast. Was happy to get a new 1 of these and decided to go with a brand i knew of ‘oxo’ however the normal size wasnt in stock so i went for the bigger furniture size. We have a couple different dehair brushes, as got blue merle collie and a huskyXcollie…and 3 kids… and i HATE loose hair

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  9. ratstails

    Wow! This is fantastic! We own long haired cats and have to de-fluff work suits on a daily basis. Over many years we have tried a range of clothes brushes and sticky rollers, but the fur is so fine that it can weave into the fabric. This brush does the job! The holder removes the fur from the brush and keeps it clean for each use. The fur collects at the bottom of the holder to be removed in a clump. I have purchased the smaller travel version for my handbag too.Read more

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  10. shel adshead

    We have 3 cats and 3 dogs, so it’s a nightmare to keep on top of the cleaning! Upon Mrs hinch’s review we ordered this and it arrived yesterday…. I can’t stop using it! It’s so easy to use and empty!!Read more

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  11. Turtlepig

    Took time to research and devided on this. A great decision i feel as with a constantly shedding black lab who jumps on to sofa and likes so snuggle in bed, this is a super fast and easy way to remove the unwanted hair without having to wake or disturb the family with a noisy hoover. Very pleased. Easy to empty with removable bottom. Arrows on devise helps to take the thinking out of the process so super easy to use. Nice and light too so no strain on poorly wrists either.Read more

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    OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush Lint Roller
    OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush Lint Roller


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