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Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Girls and Boys, 4T-5T (Size 6), 104 Count 1 Month Supply 4T-5T (Size 6)

(9 customer reviews)

Make potty-training magical with NEW My Little Pony Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants
Soft and comfy, underwear-like fit
Easy changing with Easy-Tear Sides
361 stretchy waistband for easy pull up and down
Up to 100% leakproof with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers
My Little Pony designs make potty training fun
From Pampers #1 pediatrician recommended brand
Packaging and prints may vary


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Pampers Easy Ups training pants – featuring your favorite My Little Pony characters – are a fun and easy way to prepare for underwear. Our dynamic 360° Stretchy Waistband moves with your toddler for a fit that’s just like the real thing and helps them pull up and down their training pants with ease. Pampers Easy Ups are the only training pants with Extra Absorb Channels for outstanding Pampers Leak Protection, all day AND night. Pampers Easy Ups training pants are super soft, like cotton underwear. Plus, they have Dual Leak-Guard Barriers to prevent pesky leaks — so they can dance and sing the day away with complete confidence. With Easy-Tear Sides for super-fast removal and Trolls 2 underwear designs on the front and back, your toddler will feel like they’re wearing real underwear. You’ll know it’s Pampers.

Specification: Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Girls and Boys, 4T-5T (Size 6), 104 Count 1 Month Supply 4T-5T (Size 6)

Dimensions 11.26 × 19.53 × 10.637 in

9 reviews for Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Girls and Boys, 4T-5T (Size 6), 104 Count 1 Month Supply 4T-5T (Size 6)

2.7 out of 5
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  1. Momof3

    Pampers easy ups started out great, but after 2 weeks my daughter began developing severe rashes and a yeast infection. These training pants are scented, and I believe that contributed to the problem. I’ve already switched to huggies, so we will see if those are better for her. I just want to warn other parents that pampers easy ups are scented and to watch for any signs of discomfort from your toddler while using them.Read more

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  2. Maurice Kelly

    These left horrible, bloody rashes and hives on both of my kids. Both my children wore nothing but pampers swaddlers their entire lives but the second they switched to the easy ups they broke out in horrible rashes. My poor oldest had this rash for almost 2 years, we took him to 2 pediatricians, a GI specialist, Allergist and dermatologist over the span of 2 years trying to figure out this rash. We tried medication and food elimination, changed his soap and detergent nothing worked. It wasn’t until we potty trained my younger child and switched her to the pampers easy ups and she broke out in the same exact rash. I switched them both to seventh generation and their rashes are both slowly starting to heal. I called pampers to tell them my story and ask for my money back for the 2 full boxes of easyups I currently had in my home and they told me they could only reimburse me for one box. If I wanted my money back for both boxes I was going to have to send in a formal request by mail to start the process despite spending thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars on pampers products over the past 6 years. Not to mention doctors visits and creams and soaps trying to heal my sons rash over the last 2 years. My family and will never spend a dime on another pampers or P&G product again.Read more

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  3. E girlz

    I did not read the reviews before ordering this product. My daughter has only worn them for four days and the outside of her private is very red and inflamed. These training pant should be recalled as soon as possible. My toddler has never had a diaper rash or irritation from any diapers. If your a parent And read these reviews and still purchase this product shame on you. I have also emailed pampers customer service in regard to this issue. Anything that’s made for little ones should be inspected and made sure that these types of things do not occur. I do not leave reviews often and this is the first bad review I have ever written. Children need to be comfortable and wear the best products. I’m appalled by all the negative reviews for this product and feel horrible that not only my daughter is in discomfort but other children had to suffer as well. Amazon please do not sell this item anymore.Read more

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  4. Jimmy Vu

    I have 2 kids, a 27mos and 8mos old. I have been using Pampers Swaddlers from the time they were born. However, I’m a little disappointed with these Easy-ups compared to the Huggies Pull Ups. They are very thin, which I like, because they don’t make the pants looks bulky. But because they are thin, they get squeezed and bunched up into the kid’s crotch. Whereas Huggies Pull Ups hold their shapes. I resisted using Huggies diapers even though they are always on sale at Costco, but I have to go with the Huggies Pull-ups over Pampers Easy-Ups. I’ve uploaded some photos to compare between Pampers Easy-ups and Huggies Pull-ups. On the left is Pampers and on the right is Huggies. You can see how the Pampers goes up my kids crotch!Read more

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  5. Kali

    I loved pampers diapers but the easy ups are not up to par with all their other products. These training pants leave balls of lint and sodium polyacrylate (beads inside that absorb the urine and turns into a gel) all over my daughter’s butt and vaginal area. Bought a small pack of pull ups with the learning designs and they are much better than these.Read more

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  6. Reviewer 831

    I strongly disagree that there is a “light amount of fragrance added” and will absolutely not purchase this product against solely for that reason. The fragrance smell is overwhelming and we all know there is no disguising a dirty diaper anyway. They are also not suited well to a small framed child. (Much too big) My two-year old is 25 pounds and usually fits a 3t well. These just fit her and only well enough for naps, not for play. think they would be very uncomfortable for her to play it.Read more

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  7. NR

    I use these for my female dog who leaks urine because an abnormality in her urinary tract. Medication only slightly helps. I cut a hole for her tail and an added slit at the top of the tail hole to make it easier to feed her tail through (she is a sheltie) She does not mind wearing them and our house stays clean. They also make special pants for dogs but she leaks out the sides when she lays on her side when we use those. So we use these when shen goes to bed with us.Read more

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  8. KLeeMagee

    My toddler is small and skinny (petite), and it’s hard to find a diaper that will not slip off and still offer enough absorbency for 1x pee. I prefer Easy Ups bc they do the job. Granted, the smallest size is still slightly too big, but they don’t just fall off. I use the Pull Ups for nighttime use, and I have to tighten every pair before she can wear them. It’s nice that I can adjust them, but I don’t like having to do so when I’m always busy. The Pull Ups also doesn’t have a “diaper” fragrance like Easy Ups (the fragrance doesn’t bother me or my toddler). I also find them to be more bulky and thicker than Easy Ups. Easy Ups, since they’re thinner, basically have the bulk in between the legs. So when they pee, it hangs down between their legs and sags very noticeably. Sometimes it’s good so I can change her immediately, sometimes she looks like I need to change her but she hasn’t peed. But they do have a distinct diaper fragrance to them which doesn’t bother us. If you or yours is sensitive to that kind of thing, I would avoid. I had mine wear Pull Ups for a month and she got rashes with those but not with Easy Ups, every kid is different. All in all, I wish these came in one size smaller than 2T-3T, but otherwise they’re much preferred over other brands, including Pull Ups.Read more

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  9. Maya

    Están súper buenos! He leído ya varias opiniones sobre los pampers easy ups con respecto a la mala calidad, pero recientemente cambiaron el diseño y a mí me tocó probarlos con este diseño (trolls). A mi hija todos las presentaciones de biobaby, huggies, honest diapers, etc, le causaron rozaduras severas. Excepto por Pampers, easy ups, swaddlers, cruisers. Lo único malo, que creo que para ella va a ser con todos los pañales, es que le causaron dermatitis del pañal, pero aparentemente es por el elástico (qué todos tienen). Otra cosa, siempre se la sale un poco de pipí durante la noche.Read more

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    Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Girls and Boys, 4T-5T (Size 6), 104 Count 1 Month Supply 4T-5T (Size 6)
    Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Girls and Boys, 4T-5T (Size 6), 104 Count 1 Month Supply 4T-5T (Size 6)


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