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Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Air 3 10.5 Inch (2019) & iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017) – Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking

(12 customer reviews)

Unleash your creativity: Professional artists and designers use Paperlike to improve precision and detail when drawing, writing, and painting on their iPad; Our iPad screen protector brings the natural feel and resistance of paper to your iPad display for long drawing sessions, smooth lines, and perfect accuracy
Take notes like a pro: Join the thousands of college students, business professionals, and productivity experts who use Paperlike to take notes with unparalleled precision; By adding friction and resistance to the iPad glass, Paperlike delivers a true paper feel that makes note-taking a breeze
Compatible with Apple Pencil: Paperlike was developed specifically for the Apple Pencil 1 and 2; Our expertly engineered surface texture reduces natural erosion and minimizes the wear and tear on your pencil tips; This screen protector is thin enough to ensure that stroke recognition between your Apple Pencil and iPad is always accurate
Nanodots surface: Enjoy reduced reflections and an anti-glare experience without spoiling your view; Paperlike’s Nanodots technology scatters incoming and outgoing light so that your screen colors are always pixel perfect; In addition to reducing scratches and fingerprints, Paperlike doesn’t affect your Face ID authorization
Package contents: This package includes two (2) Paperlike display protection films for the iPad Air 10.5 Inch (2019 – 3rd/older generation) and iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017), along with application stickers (2), wet wipes (2), dust absorbers (2), dry wipes (1), and detailed instructions for easy installation


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Screen Size: 10.5 Inches. Screen Surface Description: Matte. Item Display Dimensions: 6.81 x 9.84 inches. Special Feature: Anti-Glare. Brand: PaperLike. Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate. Compatible Phone Models: IPad Air 2019, IPad Pro 2017. Compatible Devices: Tablet. Date First Available: November 28, 2019. Included Components: Alignment Tool. Special Features: Anti-Glare. Best Sellers Rank: #2,031 in CARTGET Launchpad. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 656 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars. Item model number: 10.5 Inch. ASIN: B08245L17C. Item Weight: 1.76 ounces. Product Dimensions: 9.37 x 0.12 x 12.91 inches.

Specification: Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Air 3 10.5 Inch (2019) & iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017) – Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking

Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 9.37 × 0.12 × 12.91 in

12 reviews for Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Air 3 10.5 Inch (2019) & iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017) – Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking

3.3 out of 5
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  1. lunarclown

    For how much the PaperLike has been praised by reviewers and how some artists swear by it, I found it pretty disappointing. It really does feel great to write on— maybe not exactly like paper but definitely with more friction than on the bare glass— but there’s too many negative aspects for me to really enjoy using it. -Plenty of other reviews have mentioned this, but the installation process is a nightmare. It’s overly complicated and the protector is almost guaranteed to shift and pick up tons of dust. -Screen quality is noticeably reduced. This is the second version with “improved clarity”, but there’s still a huge drop in quality. Everything’s just a little bit fuzzy and grainy. It makes watching videos, browsing the web, or doing anything besides just writing that much more unpleasant. It actually makes drawing— the main reason I bought the PaperLike— harder, as I can’t see my work as clearly. -Screen sensitivity is also reduced. It’s not enough to make it impossible to use, but some lighter touches go unrecognized, and multi-touch gestures like zooming and rotating are a bit harder to pull off. -It doesn’t protect the iPad’s screen from falls like a tempered glass one would. To be fair, the creators have always been very open and honest about this fact, but it still makes me way more nervous carrying my iPad around or leaving it anywhere outside the very center of a table. -It wears down really, really quickly. The attached image is my protector after about a week of use, or about 20 hours of drawing and writing. For full-time professional artists or students who exclusively take handwritten notes, it’ll look even worse. Unless I have the brightness on my iPad turned way up, I can clearly see which areas are more worn down even when the screen is on. -Above all, it’s just too expensive. I was fine paying more for a “premium product”, but looking back I realize that while the PaperLike is a bit better than other matte protectors on the market, it’s not “$20 a pop” better. Most of the PaperLike’s problems— reduced clarity and sensitivity, no protection from falls, short lifespan— are not unique, but rather inherent problems of all matte screen protectors. For me personally, it’s just not worth it for a product that needs to be replaced on a regular basis anyway. I personally recommend that anyone wanting to try out a matte protector goes with a cheaper one first. I’m just going to go back to plain old tempered glass.Read more

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  2. De’Jana’ Parker

    Super impressed with this product. Well worth the price. I tried a cheaper version before trying paperlike and it wore down the tip of my Apple Pencil 🙁 its hard to explain but the Paperlike is just smoother compared to the cheaper versions. I can tell I won’t have trouble with my Apple Pencil wearing down but I’ll update my review if I do.Read more

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  3. Patrick Hunter

    I have the ipad 10.5 and when I put this paper screen on, not only was the bubble management next to impossible but by the time you get a good application on, there is already a dust bastard stuck to the damn thing, just to find out that the holes for the camera and button don’t properly align, and its already coming off at the corner. whats even more frustrating is that I bought two, the first one was essentially tossed because it took so long to get on it got a bunch of dust stuck to it. now the second one is already working its way off and there are just a few bubbles that refuse to slide out, and yeah the holes don’t align & its wanting to come off. waste of my damn money. and yes I used an ID card to apply the product, then a metal credit card on the second one, both failed.Read more

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  4. Amazon Customer

    My tip for installing is to sit in a room with no one around and wait for like 5 minutes. You think there’s no dust but there is just give it time to settle. What you get for your patience is a screen protector that works just as good as paperfeel which costs $30 more. I actually like these slightly more too be honest bc they provide slightly more traction, not too much, but just enough to make a difference! Also, what made me fall in love with this company is that they will replace the screen protector if YOU install incorrectly! I literally installed the first one incorrectly and they were ver understanding and sent me a new one! They are an amazing company with amazing customer!Read more

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  5. Justin Wright

    If you’re like me and need a screen protector to look juuuuust right, please save yourself the frustration and do not buy this screen protector. Their “designed” method of installation is far from efficient, and if you are able to get it lined up just right this thing is a dust MAGNET. I managed to finally get the install perfect on the second try, but it took almost an hour and countless corner peels and dust stickers to get everything looking fine. I have always bought from Zagg for my devices in the past due to the lifetime replacement warranty, and I’m afraid when it’s time to replace this one I’ll be looking for one of theirs again as well.Read more

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  6. Braydon

    I’ve used “no name brands” and this blows them away. It is smooth, but at the same time draws like paper. Just be very careful applying it since it is very easy to accidentally get dust and bubbles in it. As long as it is put on right, it’s perfect. The smallest details fit the iPad precisely with full connection to the screen.Read more

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  7. Leonardo Antonio Ruenes Cardona

    La diferencia en cualquier producto no sólo por la calidad en el producto físico, podría ser que haya productos genéricos casi tan buenos como este, no lo sé, preferí comprar con marca, pero la experiencia de compra e instalación si son diferentes. La calidad está presente desde el paquete, que incluye no uno, sino dos protectores y dos juegos de los elementos necesarios para instalarlos, bien empacados e identificados. Y el video para la instalación que tienen disponible en su sitio de internet es muy claro. Yo nunca había podido instalar sin problemas un protector en un celular, mucho menos en un IPad. Con sus instrucciones y materiales auxiliares me quedó muy bien.Read more

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  8. Amazon Kunde

    Ich schreibe eigentlich keine Rezensionen, da ich auch bisher noch nie so extrem von einem Produkt enttäuscht wurde wie diesmal. Ich möchte deshalb jeden hier warnen, der wirklich vor hat 35€ aus dem Fenster zu werfen: VERPACKUNG & ZUBEHÖR – Das Produkt kommt in KEINER eigenen Verpackung, sondern liegt lose in einer offenen Plastikfolie rein gelegt in einem Standard Amazon-Karton. – Es gibt keinerlei Anleitung und auch kein „System“ zur Befestigung ANBRINGUNG – Wenn man die Folie anbringt, wird einem schnell klar, dass man noch das Etikett zur Seitenbeschriftung entfernen muss. Dieses sitzt so fest auf der Folie, dass man es nicht ohne Rückstände entfernen kann (und dies auch nur mit sehr viel Gewalt u. Man läuft Gefahr die Folie zu beschädigen) – Ist das Etikett entfernt, so bleiben Klebe-Rückstände (siehe Foto). Diese sind sehr schwer- bis nicht zu entfernen (und beim Rubbeln kann man die Folie außen bneschädigen) QUALITÄT – Die Folie war unten beim Home-Button bevor ich sie angebracht habe bereits beschädigt (siehe Bilder). Dies sieht optisch nicht gut aus, erfüllt nicht die Ansprüche an ein hochwertiges Produkt dieser Preisklasse und es kann sich Schmutz und Dreck am Home-Button unter der Folie sammeln. USABILITY: – die Folie ist weder richtig matt, so wie sie angepriesen ist, noch kann man auf ihr wie auf Papier schreiben. Sie verschlechtert lediglich die Bildqualität und ist so enorm rutschig, dass einem das iPad beim Halten fast aus der Hand gleitet – Manchmal gibt es Verzögerungen bei der Nutzung des Apple Pencils und das Schlimmste: manchmal gibt es Wackelkontakte bzw. wird die Hand als Pencil erkannt und das Blatt verschiebt sich, da die Übersetzung von Folie zum Bildschirm miserabel ist. FAZIT: Ich würde dringend von einem Kauf abraten. Würde diese Folie nichtmal anbringen, wenn sie mich nur 1€ gekostet hätte, da sie die Bildqualität verschlechtert, nicht den gewünschten „matten“ Effekt bringt, schwer anzubringen ist, beschädigt geliefert wird / oder beschädigt wird durch das Entfernen des Etiketts und nichtmal in einer Verpackung kommt. Ich werde mein Bestes tun hier meine 35€ zurück zu erhalten. So viel Geld dafür zu verlangen ist eine Frechheit. Mit freundlichen Grüßen.Read more

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  9. Tadi Cividin

    The service offered from Paperlike was brilliant, good packaging and instructions. I was really happy with the product I received. However once applied to my iPad I was very dissatisfied. It looked like the first iPad released back in 2010, it spoilt the amazing screen quality making it look grainy and made the vibrant colours look dull. The matte finish isn’t nice when swiping the screen with fingers. It works brilliantly with the Apple Pencil and does feel like paper but that isn’t enough for me to keep it on my screen. I’ve now peeled it off and have fallen back in love with my iPad.Read more

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  10. Faedu

    Ich habe die Folie erst seit Kurzem in Gebrauch, kann aber schon Mängel feststellen. Zuerst zum Positiven: + cooles Design der Verpackung und Hilfsmittel + kinderleichtes Anbringen Nun das Negative: – Die Bildqualität lässt tatsächlich zu wünschen übrig. – Der Apple Pencil wird bei nur leichten Berührungen nicht mehr erkannt. Sogar die Bedienung mittels Finger klappt nicht mehr einwandfrei. – Nach nur einem (1!) Tag war die Folie total zerkratzt. Ich nutze das iPad für das Studium und meine Abschriebe und Notizen konnte ich Wort für Wort auf der Folie ablesen, vor allem in heller Umgebung. Das lies sich auch nicht „wegwischen“, da es richtige kleine Kratzer sind. Und ich drücke definitiv nicht fest auf, da ich im Kalligrafieschreibmodus dann nur dicke Linien hätte… Ich habe mir extra die Version mit Nanodots bestellt, um ein besseres Schreibgefühl zu bekommen und möglichst wenig von der Bildqualität des iPads einbüßen zu müssen. Die Folie hat nicht nur total enttäuscht, sondern ist mit 17€ pro Folie auch noch viel zu überteuert. Gibt von mir keine Empfehlung, da kauft man sich lieber die Folie für 4€/Stück anderer Hersteller.Read more

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  11. Katerina B.

    The five star review is mostly for the amazing customer service, nevertheless the product itself is great too. Although, I had a slight problem with applying the first screen protector (it didn’t leave me with the matte paperlike finish) and I had to use the second screen protector in the pack, everything was quickly resolved with the cusomer service. I would suggest you watch the video supercarefully and possibly see if your screen protector has three layers by carefully peeling off a tiny piece of the corner on both sides. My explanation might not make sense now but when you have the product in your hand and see it, it should make sense then. I use my iPad for taking notes on a GoodNotes and a Note Shelf app and the writing looks much smoother and neat with paperlike, as the paperlike cover makes the surface less slippery. I use it on iPad pro 10.5” (2017) and it still works well and I didn’t want to upgrade to the new iPad pro (on which the writting feels way more plesant and natural) yet. And I think paperlike was the perfect purchase.Read more

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  12. Jtrsilverman

    Pleasantly surprised by how the writing experience with an Apple Pencil has become since I fitted the Paperlike screen protector – far more like writing on paper than a screenRead more

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    Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Air 3 10.5 Inch (2019) & iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017) – Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking
    Paperlike (2 Pieces) for iPad Air 3 10.5 Inch (2019) & iPad Pro 10.5 Inch (2017) – Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing, and Note-taking


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