PAWMATE Rolling Mouse Catching Device – Auto Reset Live Catch and Release Bucket Spin Roller with A Ring for Mice, Rats and Rodents for Outdoors and Indoors

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APPEAL: The rolling device gets rid of the mice like it’s going out of style. It is awesome. We like folks that are skeptical at our device at first because it is our joy to hear from you later about how this thing really, really works
EFFECTIVE: The device spins and the rodent falls in the bucket. It is a mouse catching or killing machine. Fill bucket with water to eliminate the mice. Or fill with sawdust and throw the mice away afterwards
BUILT FOR ANYWHERE: Do you have problems with rodents, do you have mice or rats chewing and doing expensive damage to your property. Use it in your carport, garage, basement, barn, crawlspace or anywhere you have an infestation
HIGHLY-ENGINEERED DESIGNED: Get a 5-gallon bucket and attach the device to to the bucket. Put bait like peanut butter in the middle, fill the bucket with a little water or sawdust. Place 2 laths on the side of the bucket so mice can climb
OUR QUALITY PROMISE: If you don’t eliminate your rodent problem and don’t absolutely love it, we will make it right. Our world-class customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase

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