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Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats 2 PACK

(13 customer reviews)

Pet food dispenser with airtight seals and seal buckles keep out moisture, humidit, keep the food dry and fresh.
Recyclable safe plastic materials, safe to storage food for people and pets! This PISSION Pet Food Storage Container is ideal for any pet food, litter, seed or bedding material.
Ideal for food capacity up to 2.5L, please refer to the size information before you purchase it.
Translucent design allows for easy monitoring of food levels and the measuring cup with a scale, can easily to control of your dog’s appetite.
Food storage bottle adopt groove design for easy to grasp when using it, also easy to clean, perfect for indoor, outdoor and traveling.


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Color:2 PACK

-Convenient handle shape design makes pouring out the food easier.
-Transparent lid with a scale, easy to measure.
-Easy to take apart and clean, also looks clean and clear.
-Containers are airtight and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry pet foods fresh pest-free and organized.

Materials: plastic
Size: 22cm x 9cm x15cm

Package includes:
2 x 2.5L Pet Food Container

13 reviews for Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats 2 PACK

4.2 out of 5
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  1. bunn3h

    Anyone that has ever tried to feed their pets with food from a bag without the assistance of scoops or any other equipment will tell you that comfortable or easy it is not. This is probably the best pet maintenance thing I own. I only have to wrestle with the stupid food bag and child proof ziplock once every few weeks. After its filled all you have to do is pick it up, pour or measure then pour, and put the lid back on! PRO: – Lid has a measuring cup if necessary – Easy to pour contents – Holds quite a bit CON: – I have zero complaints and neither does my cat Update 8/20/19 – Container is almost two years old and still going strong!Read more

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  2. Tipsycaek

    got a couple, for food (harlan teklad lab blocks) and litter (so phresh paper pellets). they’re cute and although i expected them to be slightly bigger, they’re actually the perfect size to last a while before refilling (and a 5lb lab block bag fits aaaalmost perfectly). they also fit nicely (sideways) on the bottom shelf of my critter nation. the hold at the top is also a great size/height for pouring into my hopper and litter box. theres a bit of and indent on the sides that helps for holding it. the lids aren’t super snug, so i dont thing i’d use them for anything i was concerned about getting stale, and it doesn’t feel safe to lift them by the lid.Read more

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  3. Shippo

    Perfect for a small bag of cat food. I can only fit a 2.5lb bag of food in here which is fine. The lid seals on tight and the container is nice and sturdy. I love the measuring cup that comes on top. We will be ordering more of these to use around the house for rice, sugar, flour etc.Read more

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  4. Lora

    These containers made me so mad! My cat knocked it over, and off came the “cup” that was on the spout and food went everywhere. The flaps that seal are already getting that white line from bending something too much and I’ve only unclasped them twice. Not worth the money at all and I really researched to find a good product that wouldn’t open easily and that would seal well.Read more

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  5. Douglas Fugate

    First off, see picture number 1. This thing is tiny. It will not hold even half a bag of regular dog food. If you flip through the pictures you do get some actually dimensions, but for a pet food storage container or dispenser, its crap. Second (see pictures 2 and 3) imprinted in the side of the container, which is difficult to see because its almost transparent, are the words “Rice Stocker.” This was basically a product to store maybe a small bag of rice on your counter top with a measuring cup attached. But it’s useless for stocking pet food unless you want to continually restock the empty container. Amazingly, Amazon sells a ten pound pet food storage container for the same price as this rinky dink little piece of plastic. I’m reluctant to even use it at this point. Did they re-purpose a rice container as a pet food container because it wasn’t selling, or is it unsafe to store items for human consumption in it, but the same regulation doesn’t apply to dogs. Bypass this crap.Read more

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  6. R. Bender

    This is the perfect size for easily dispensing cat food several times a day. Previously I would open the bag that the cat food came in (zip lock top) 2 or 3 times each day. It would eventually fail and then the bag would seal. My cat is very aware of freshness! Now I can put a week’s worth of food into this container and easily pop off the sealed cap, pour some food into his bowl and pop the cap back on. Meanwhile the bulk of the food remains sealed in the bag were it is not getting stale. Product is well made, easy to clean and arrived quickly in minimal packaging.Read more

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  7. CIFilter

    What a great product! The container itself is made of a sturdy plastic. The size is perfect for keeping near your pet’s food bowl so you can potentially store the huge food bag elsewhere. The measuring cup was a godsend for me. My cat was getting fat because I was just guessing how much to feed her. Now it’s super easy to pop the measuring cup off, pour the right amount, then cover it back up. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the measuring cup is a little hard to read unless you look closely because it doesn’t have colored markings or other ways to distinguish it from the rest of the plastic. Finally, the top does snap on fine, but it does feel a little bit loose. For containers like this, I always love the lid to give a good deal of resistance to being snapped shut so you know the seal is right. The cup also just rests over the pouring spout. It seems to keep the food airtight, but again, I would prefer something with a little more resistance to being set in place for a better seal. The size of the container probably isn’t even worth worrying about this, though, as you’d probably finish off the food inside before air could spoil it. Overall, neither of these flaws have been a problem, just minor nuisances. Highly recommended for conveniently portioning out food if you buy in bulk. The measuring cup is pretty essential for keeping your pet fed the proper amount.Read more

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  8. Siagao

    The plastic cap doesn’t stay on securely, which I learned when the cats knocked it on the floor and got extra dinner. Once I moved it out of their reach, there wasn’t an issue, but otherwise, if you’re planning to keep it on the counters or the like, I would get a more secure container.Read more

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  9. A Erickson

    I ordered this product (on a Saturday and it was delivered on the Wednesday), to replace another container that holds cat biscuits. It doesn’t have any annoying stickers that you need to scrub off and arrived in perfect condition. Its slightly smaller than I expected (I didn’t look at the measurements), however I’ve found this smaller size not only easier to store but easier to hold. The problem I had with my previous container was that when you held it to pour, the lid would pop off & I would end up with cat biscuits everywhere (which the cats enjoyed but I did not). I don’t have this problem anymore as this container is sturdier and the lid seems much more secure. The measuring cup makes life easier and if ever I need to put the cats on a diet, it would be ideal, (if your using it for pasta etc, than its even more useful). Overall very happy with my purchase & thinking about ordering more!Read more

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  10. Olivia

    I used to keep my cats dry food in several different containers which I was never really happy with until I found this. Honestly it’s just an amazing product. It holds a very large amount of dry food, but it’s also very light and it is slimline which means it takes up virtually no room in my car cupboard. It has made feeding my kitty a lot less stressful. If you have a cat who’s always extremely keen to get into their food bowl get this product.Read more

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  11. RobMo

    I needed a way of dispensing dry cat food in a way that did not overfeed. The cap on this unit allows for good measurement and the snap fasteners on the container means I can easily return excess. The container itself is a good palm size, and as it does not contain the entire bag, its overall weight is not a problem. Good ProductRead more

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  12. JR

    I was fed up struggling with bags of dry food for my pets; they’re heavy, awkward to hold and always spill when tipped. I now use this container and it’s great. So easy to fill with the food and to pour into bowls. It has a very simple but firm clip on lid, a funnel shaped spout and a lid which can be used to pour the food into. It keeps the food fresh and it’s easy to lift and pour.Read more

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  13. anna maria o’neill

    Very happy with this item. I am using it to keep my new kittens food and it is a great way of measuring out the right amount requir edeach time. Keeps food fresh and dry . Perfect for my needsRead more

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    Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats 2 PACK
    Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats 2 PACK


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