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Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA

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DURABLE CLEAR ADHESIVE: The stickers are printed on transparent vinyl and coated with a long lasting adhesive material that will not damage your keyboard.
EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: The labels are especially designed to keep your eyes on the notes while you play. It makes learning the notes easy and speeds up memorization of the keys.
WORKS ON EVERY KEYBOARD: The package contains 88 pieces of QMG stickers, which is enough for any keyboard or piano WHITE and BLACK KEYS (49, 61, 76, or 88 keys).
EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: Comes with a QMG placement user guide with easy instructions and application stick to help you install them within minutes. Easily removable without leaving any residue.
MADE IN USA: Proudly designed, printed and packaged in the USA.


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Size: Sticker. Number of Keyboard Keys: 88. Date First Available: May 6, 2016. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #1,207 in Musical Instruments. Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,371 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars. Item model number: QMG201605942. ASIN: B01F8BY2AO. Product Dimensions: 7.99 x 5.98 x 0.1 inches. Item Weight: 0.388 ounces.

Specification: Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA

Weight 0.388 lbs
Dimensions 7.99 × 5.98 × 0.1 in

10 reviews for Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA

4.8 out of 5
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  1. David N. Goliath

    I purchased this to put on a Yamaha 88 key electric piano for one reason only. To play & commit to muscle memory Sonata quasi una Fantasia (“The Moonlight) – L. van Beethoven Op 27 No2. The problem is the treble clef (not even sure I spelled ‘clef’ correctly that’s how I feel about music theory in general). In order to play this song the notes played with the right hand are further down the treble clef than what is on the stickers so I wasted my money but that’s on me. I don’t blame the stickers. I am fed up with reading sheet music. It makes sense for brass instruments where numbers cannot be used however a piano is a keyboard. Look at your computer’s keyboard. Now imagine instead of seeing a “K” on the “K” key you saw a circle located somewhere on a series of vertical lines. That doesn’t make sense does it? Guitar players figured this out and hence guitar tab was born. A piano is a keyboard. Pianos should have LED back-lighting like some of our keyboards or laser etched numbers. We have the technology! You don’t need to number the black keys, just the white ones. When I was a child I thought and did as a child. When I was instructed to learn how to read sheet music I did exactly that. It was probably about 3 days into not being able to play due to a health issue my brain kicked that garbage to the curb. But what about sight reading? OMG how are people going to sight read? Sigh… don’t. Any song worth playing is worth committing to memory and if it remains worthy of playing your brain will store it in our protein based version of RAM. Music should not come from a sheet of paper. Music should come from the heart, the soul, the brain… okay it’s the brain let’s be honest here. But numbers, how would we write music? You’d write music as I write music… wait for it… with numbers. With these fancy computin’ machines we have nowadays you can enter a number into a piece of software and magically both the number and the corresponding note appears. And they said unicorns didn’t exist, pffft. Obviously this won’t work for instruments like the sax or tuba. Obviously we’ll still need to keep traditional music around for certain instruments but 88 = 88, 45 = 45, 74 = 74 etc is a superior method for learning piano, especially if you’re like me & just want to play one song. What is printed on these stickers is archaic & not necessary for learning the piano. We just need software to correspond with the number system. It’s only 1 through 88. This isn’t rocket science. We also wouldn’t need to store in our memory all the sharps and flats because 65 = 65, there’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. Go get the patent. Code the software. Sell it. Cut me off a slice. That last part is the most important. Bring the piano into the 21st century & assist future generations in advancing faster than they could if they were burdened by learning how to read old sheet music. Stop wasting time training the eyes. Train the ears. Why not just learn to play the song by listening to it you say? That would have been a possibility years ago but I’m running on a single core these days. I’m going to need the piano equivalent of paint by numbers on this one. TLDR: Great product. Stickers were easy to apply. I wasn’t shaking & sweating at all during the process. Did not help me accomplish my task.Read more

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  2. Kenneth C.

    I mean the bar was set pretty low by the sticker on the back. (See first picture) jokes aside. These work awesome and aren’t childishly colored so it’s good for adults and teens in learning :DRead more

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  3. monsta

    These come with a chart that shows you where to place stickers for 46/61/76/88 key keyboard/pianos. I have an 88 key and they were very easy to apply. Start with the red C which is the first sticker on the sheet, continue right until you get to the end of the keys. I then started with “A”, far left, first key and continued towards the middle. All stickers were in order on the sheet (starting with red C) so I didn’t have to verify each one after making sure my first ones were correct. I used painters tape to make a straight line, used the stick they gave at the top of the sticker, lined the bottom of the sticker against the tape (acted as a nice wall) and breezed through applying all of them quickly. I made sure to hold the sticker against the stick while applying to make sure I could easily peel it back up if I didn’t like the alignment last second. Peeled nicely for the few I readjusted. The longest part was probably making sure my painters tape was lined up how I liked and that my starting key was correct. I placed all my stickers above where my fingers will be touching the keys to avoid them possibly being gross later due to hand oils. This is why my black labels are at the top of the keys instead of the bottom. There was ONE printing error that affected two stickers. The note was slightly cut through leaving a sliver on the wrong sticker. See photo. Overall, even with the printing issue I would highly recommend. So easy to apply and they look nice. Too many of the other brands are childish/ugly. These are very aesthetically pleasing to be on my keyboard. Sticker sheet states designed and printed in USA also, which is also cool since so many items like this are from foreign countries.Read more

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  4. OpenSource

    Removable, but NOT Reusable, by the way which was my inclination. I tried to pull the second sticker, major D, and it did come up but was very difficult to get up and it got a little damaged as I very meticulously and took my time to get it up. Take your time if you want it to look nice and line it up, because if you have to remove one, it might get ruined. Time consuming, but worth it if you’re just getting started like me. Take my advise, just eyeball the first sticker, then line up the rest with the bottom of the sticker and the bottom of the Staff line (not ledger lines). I did place one low and it was hard to get off the key without damaging it so be careful and don’t lay it all the way down right away so you can pull it up if it’s not to your satisfaction. The major-key stickers are clear, but the black are black.Read more

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  5. Jen

    Me and my family love these piano stickers! The clear simple font and the font size are perfect. Its subtle and easy to see without being to gaudy or obnoxious on my lovely piano. They help with sight reading and practicing. I’ve placed them so that we can play the piano keys without covering the sticker. They are not distracting at all and are not very noticeable unless you sit-down to actually play the piano. The vinyl-type stickers are very easy to apply, adjust and later remove. I would definitely recommend.Read more

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  6. Avalon Enigma

    These are great little labels to help beginners find their way around a keyboard. They are printed on clear plastic (those for the black keys are printed on black plastic) of the type they use for window stickers. They peel off without leaving any kind of residue and are easy to apply and even re-apply if you get one wrong. Each label has the note in alphabetical form as well as a little image of it on a music stave (if thats the right word… I am a beginner after all!). They do look rather nice on the keyboard as well, preferred these plain black ones as they were less “showy” and therefore less distracting. I highly recommend these if you feel the need to have a little help finding you way around.Read more

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  7. Pete

    These keyboard note stickers are an excellent way of associating the notes on a stave with the keys on a keyboard, whether for students of an instrument or those who can play but lack sufficient music reading abilities. Although they are a little fiddly to correctly position – especially if, like me, you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist – they have excellent adhesive qualities and can be applied beautifully with a sturdy buff from a clean, dry rag after initial affixing. The diagrams that accompany the stickers provide a useful reference guide for several keyboard sizes. I found the supplied wooden applicator tool to be a little troublesome as occasionally it left a minute splinter stuck to a sticker, so my advice is to use any similarly shaped plastic or metal item, such as the handle of a spoon. I used the handle of a scalpel as it was the perfect rounded shape. Occasionally, adjacent stickers had a tiny area, usually the corner, where they were not fully separated but this was easy to remedy with a sharp blade. Overall, I found the installation process quite cathartic and the finished result looks very professional as someone would likely assume the keyboard came with the notation already applied.Read more

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  8. Mr. P. H. Gallienne

    As a member of “the older generation” I have long intended to learn to play the piano. Retirement has given me the opportunity. I am hoping that this product will help me towards being able to drop the fingers onto the appropriate keys almost instinctively – with a lot of practice – to being able to sight read and make sense of the sheets. That’s the plan anyway. The stickers are excellent, and I am most impressed with them. How effective they will be, time will tell!Read more

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  9. Deano

    The media could not be loaded. I’m a guitar teacher but often refer to a keyboard for explaining music theory. Having the notes clearly illustrated is essential for me as guitarists are not familiar with the layout of the piano. Having the notes in the middle of the keys is also very helpful, as they’re not massively obscured by my fingers when playing. My previous stickers were at the bottom of the keys, so these are definitely more practical.Read more

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  10. Oli Allen

    Really useful, easy to apply. This has made me learning the piano 100 times easier. After playing piano for a month, I was struggling with playing simple chord songs. Using these, I was very quickly able to sight read through simple songs on a first try. I think it will take a good few months before I feel comfortable enough to remove them, but as far as instant gratification goes, this product is superb.Read more

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    Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA
    Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys; Transparent and Removable; Made in USA


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