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Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable

(10 customer reviews)

Unique foldable design, Set up in several seconds
Very stable and comfortable, Superior build quality and materials
Realistic cockpit, Suited for all consoles and PC’s
Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals currently available, including Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec


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Put the pedal to the metal in the Playseat Challenge sim racing seat.

Featuring a fully collapsible powder coated steel frame for a more temporary setup in your home, media room or dorm that easily folds down to fit into a closet or to slide under a bed frame when not in use. Providing the same realistic level of Playseat immersion you’ve come to expect, the Challenge offers the same great functionality in a more affordable style with a much more accommodating storage design. The wheel support plate arm swings up for easy in and out of the Challenge seat and latches down to provide stable support of your racing wheel. Racing pedals attach to the foot base to keep them secure and adjustable to find your ideal driving length. Once the driving is done, the Challenge easily collapses with all hardware still attached for easy storage of your full sim racing setup.

Take your seat in the Playseat Challenge.

Specification: Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable

Dimensions 32 × 23 × 83.31 in

10 reviews for Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable

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  1. David Dieguez

    This thing is amazing if you’re tight on space, but still want to mount your stuff on a rig. Comfortable, plenty of ways to adjust the seat, and no side to side wobble. Works with my Fanatec stuff just fine, but I had to make aluminum mounts for the pedals.Read more

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  2. Clint Barton

    I was struggling to decide whether to purchase this item. I was using a wheel stand pro, but still needed a comfortable seat to make the set-up work. I also felt like the wheel stand pro wasn’t as solid as I had originally hoped and movement could occur in the wheel during intense driving. I read a lot about the Playseat Challenge, watched multiple video reviews, and finally pulled the trigger after much back and forth on whether it was what I needed. Now, I’m sorry I waited so long to purchase this product. Set-up was quick and easy. The seat is incredibly comfortable and the whole rig takes my sim racing to the next level of immersion. It was truly a joy to use. I also love the compact nature of the product and the ease of storing it after a session. I’m using with a G920 wheel and pedal set. No movement on my wheel and the pedals are solid. If you don’t have room for a dedicated sim rig – or don’t want to spend the money to get a decent one – this is really a fantastic option. If you are debating between a wheel stand pro and this – I would grab the Playseat Challenge. It has the seat already and, in my humble opinion, is a much steadier option. Love this product and would recommend without any reservations!!!Read more

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  3. krugmeister65

    My first impressions are very positive. I’m a 6 ft, 270 lb man and I fit just fine, however I wouldn’t want to be any bigger. (Also, bigger guys will want to adjust “themselves” before sitting, or they will have that special male uncomfortable situation). Assembly is easy. So easy in fact, the instructions don’t require reading. Just simply follow the images printed in the book. Adjustment is easy with the Velcro straps. The hash markers are a great detail that allow you to make sure each side is even. Another great detail are the Velcro bands for cable management that wrap around the frame. Also the Velcro bands that tie the chair together when in it’s collapsed state. The collapsed chair fits behind my caddy cornered sofa in the living room, which makes my wife happy. You can tell that this design was well thought out, and there was a great deal of effort put I to the product. The materials seem sturdy and I feel like this will last a long while with care and gentile use. Reviews are all mostly positive, but I feet the attention to detail makes this a quality product. Edit: After a few days Two minor things pooped up that annoy me. 1. The pedal rig likes to shift off center after so many packs/unpacks. No big whoop just have to look out for it. 2. There is no way to attach my TMX Force feedback to the chair. This is more on Thrustmaster than Playseat. The TMX is a starter wheel and is thus limited on attachment methods, but this is a starter chair. They seem destined to cross paths. The options now are the Velcro sticky pads that came with the chair or the wheel’s clamp (which takes up valuable leg room). I would’ve liked to see a large enough hole that would accommodate the threaded rod used for the wheel clamp, then I could’ve been left to my own devices to find a bolt that would work to secure the wheel.Read more

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  4. Ricardo Dos Santos

    I don’t write reviews 99% of the time but this one really deserves it. I’m not someone who has ever tried a real sim racing rig only ever had my wheel mounted to my desk but what a difference this makes. It’s actually very sturdy for what it is. I have a fanatec csl elite which is on the heavier side & stronger in terms of force feedback. It holds up extremely well the only thing is you have to move the plate to the forward position. The pedals didn’t fit the way it’s meant to but I was able to mount them with zip ties and I think it’s even better than the Velcro strap. The material is very nice & has a premium feel. But the most important part hands down is the ability to fold it up and put it away. If it wasn’t for this I would never be able to have the real sim racing experience. Look at the pictures I posted you will see how small it folds it’s incredible. If you are hesitant because of the price trust me this is completely worth it if you are tight on space and need something you can stow away.Read more

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  5. Qbomb

    We have a limited amount of space in our game room, but wanted a racing seat. I have had a Playseat Evolution in the past (the home at the time had a much larger game room). The reviews on the Playseat Challenge are correct, you get everything you need in this simple yet brilliantly designed racing seat. The materials are quality and should last a long time. I have my seat set up with the Thrustmaster T300rs GT and couldn’t be happier. If there were a negative on the seat, it would be that it is on the narrow side. I am 6’2” and 220lbs and there is not much extra width room in the seat. I wear 36×34 jeans, so if you are larger than that it may not be comfortable. I intend to purchase a Butt Kicker Gamer 2 for it soon to add to the experience this Playseat provides.Read more

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  6. CMB

    Having previously had a full racing seat setup in the lounge – sold to the wife on basis of “of course it will blend with the furniture” and being told to put it on eBay as it very much did not blend with anything , I was looking to find a better compromise . This is exactly that – Offers enough stability for steering wheel (G29) and for me (40 something fat Dad) plus 11 year old boy . it folds away like a deck chair essentially .The foldaway is sufficient that it will go in a cupboard ( if you could put a deck chair in there) and saves on any domestic conversations that start along the lines of “What the **** is that and it needs to go” Well constructed , straightforward to put together and holding up well thus far .Read more

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  7. F. Schulze

    Der playseat ist stabil und mithilfe der Bilderanleitung schnell aufgebaut. Die Anpassung an die Größe ist mit verschiedenen Riemen per Klettverschluss möglich, und die Klettverschlüsse sind reichlich dimensioniert, sodass sie auch dauerhaft halten. Das Lenkrad (hier G27 Logitech) lässt sich mit den beigefügten Inbus-Schrauben solide an der Konsole befestigen, da rutscht nichts mehr hin und her. Der Bügel für die Pedale lässt sich auf die gewünschte Länge ausziehen und dann mit Klemmschrauben feststellen, der Verstellbereich ist ausreichend groß. Die Pedalplatte liegt an einem Querbügel an und wird von hinten durch einen breiten Riemen mit Klettverschluss befestigt, auch da rutscht dann gar nichts mehr. Zum Ein- und Austeigen lässt sich die Lenkradkonsole hochklappen, sie ist mit einer stabilen Klemmschraube mit Rastung am Lenkradbügel befestigt. Dies ermöglicht auch die gewünschte Höheneinstellung des Lenkrads zum Fahren. Sogar ein ausziehbarer seitlicher Ausleger ist vorhanden, der den Sitz beim Ein- und Aussteigen am Kippen hindert. Zum Wegpacken hebe ich nur den Pedalbügel an (drehbar am Stuhl befestigt) und befestige ihn mithilfe eines beiliegenden Riemens mit Klettverschluss am Lenkradbügel. Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass mir dieser playseat nach einigen Einstellungen passt wie ein Handschuh, auch bei längeren Online-Rennen (bis 90 min) sitze ich entspannt wie nie zuvor. Vorbei sind die Zeiten, wo sich die Lenkradklemmung am Tisch selbständig löst oder der Schreibtischsessel plötzlich auf den Rollen wegrutscht, so ein Gerät hätte ich mir schon viel früher beschaffen sollen. :-)Read more

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  8. Cliente Amazon

    E’ perfetta. Da premettere che ho 43 anni. Posso garantire a chi è indeciso, perché pensa che sia un giocattolo o traballante rispetto a quello che offre il mercato spendendo di più , posso garantirvi che per l’uso occasionale che se ne farà , è l’ideale. Specialmente che può richiudersi è l’ideale per non litigare con tua moglie che ti potrebbe dire: adesso questa cosa me la lasci in salone? E gli ospiti devono vedere e avere questa cosa in mezzo ai piedi? Perché parliamoci chiaro, la stramagioranza di noi la monterà in salone dove sarà montato una TV da oltre 42 pollici. Pertanto come magia la facciamo sparire in 3 minuti. Spero di essere stato utile. Buon fine anno 2018 e buon inizio 2019.Read more

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  9. carmelo

    Premetto che la mia scelta non è stata fatta per il prezzo, ho valutato è provato tutti i playseat in commercio di questa tipologia, la mia scelta è ricaduta sul challenge perché semplicemente perfetta, nessun fastidioso palo in mezzo alle gambe, solida, regolabile in mille posizioni, rifinita benissimo, più alta da terra rispetto alle altre, veramente soddisfatto, in più costo non esorbitante è facile da posare una volta finito, a dispetto di quel Che sembra la pedaliera non si muove di un millimetro, in più anche bellissima da vedere, iper consigliata per tutti gli appassionatiRead more

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  10. JEAN1978

    Sedia di buon livello per giocatori occasionali che dopo le sessioni di gioco devono far sparire l’oggetto agli occhi della moglie. Solido, facilmente componibile e di discreta fattura. Ci ho montato sopra un t300 alcantara Thrustmaster con pedaliera, con adeguato supporto un cambio 7H sempre della Thrustmaster e un Buttkickers gamer 2. Regge tutto alla meraviglia. Se siete dei fanatici lasciate stare e optate per una postazione fissa e magari volante e pedaliera Fanatec. Per me appassionato ma con poco tempo e una moglie che vuole il salotto libero questa postazione è fantastica. Venditore veloce ed affidabile. Spedizione arrivata addirittura con 2 giorni di anticipo. Consiglio vivamente ma alle condizioni sopracitate.Read more

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    Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable
    Playseat® Challenge Black | Popular foldable budget racing chair | Set up in several seconds| Unique foldable design| Seat is very compact, stable and adjustable


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