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Pogi’s Training Pads – Large, Super-Absorbent, Earth-Friendly Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs Extra Large – 24 x 35″ 20-Count

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Earth-Friendly – We proudly use natural components to reduce waste. Pogi’s soft, absorbent topsheet is made from renewable bamboo fiber. Our leak-proof liner is made from plant-based materials – the absorbent fluff-pulp is harvested from certified sustainable pine; and even our packaging is plant-based, because details matter.
Extra Large (24 x 35 inches) – Pogi’s training pads are perfect for medium to large sized dogs. They’re also ideal for aging dogs, and dogs without outdoor access.
6-Layer Quilted Protection – Our special honey-based attractant helps your puppy mark the spot without missing, while the ultra-absorbent core turns liquid to gel upon contact – neutralizing odors and keeping the area dry.
“Stay Put” Design – Optional adhesive prevents accidental messes on hard floors or tiles.
Party Pack – 20-Count – 1+ Month Supply

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Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Pet Supplies. ASIN: B08355587M. Manufacturer: Pogi’s Pet Supplies. Date First Available: December 26, 2019. Package Dimensions: 13.89 x 8.31 x 6.89 inches; 3.31 Pounds.

13 reviews for Pogi’s Training Pads – Large, Super-Absorbent, Earth-Friendly Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs Extra Large – 24 x 35″ 20-Count

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  1. Michelle Carey

    Okay these pads truly work, and I would give it more stars, however, why are the answers and the labels so unclear to answer the simple question if these are truly biodegradable? The labels say bio-based renewable but that does not mean that the product is biodegradable, and while trying to find out the question I feel like they are trying to pass it off as the same thing. Bio-based renewable mainly refers to the origin of the sourced products, while biodegradable refers to how it breaks down over time. So, I hope this company can clearly answer the question…is this product biodegradable and bio-based? If it is biodegradable is it certified to support the claim?Read more

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  2. LAgal

    I have a senior dog who is nearly 20. With doctor visits and my nursing skills he’s been able to enjoy a little more time . He is comfortable and so loved , but has lost his ability to be house trained. He tries and it’s so endearing but he can’t make it to the back door. We’ve started laying out these pads near his bed and he’s adapted to using them quite well. What is so nice about these pads is they are more absorbent than regular ones yet they are a bio hybrid earth friendly and that makes me feel better about using them on the regular during this end of life period with my beloved senior dog. Thank you Pogi ❤️❤️❤️Read more

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  3. MDizzzo

    I have 2 indoor dogs, although they are potty trained to go do their business outside, sometimes accidents do happen. I been using a different brand in the past but it seems to leak from time to time. I decided to try a new brand and purchased Pogi’s Pee Pads. I actually made my purchase sometime ago but didn’t want to give a full review until an “accident” occurred. Well I came home from work and it happened.

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  4. R. Fischoff

    I do not have a puppy. I am a facilitator in the world of wildlife rehabilitation. I briefly babysit recently found orphaned and/or injured wildlife babies while I locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to raise them. Thus, I deal with baby poo. I wanted an eco-friendly solution, this is it!Read more

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  5. Lord Commander

    Actually, I got these for my mother’s 12-Year old English Cocker Spaniel after she started having bladder problems following a surgery. Gave these pee pads to my folks after always using the pogi poop bags from my local pet shop in Kaimuki and my picky Mom loves them. They’re very absorbent, doesn’t have any additional scents or perfumes and makes for easy clean up. My parents use it in her bed and crate with no issues whatsoever and my Mom loves that eco friendly and more importantly that they’re green. She used to hate the light blue colored ones they’d get before because and I quote “They remind me of the dang hospital.” Glad my Mom is happy with the color, Dad doesn’t have to worry about flowery scents and their dog isn’t making a mess. I’ll definitely be getting these again when my little dachshund starts having his issues when he’s older or when my girlfriend finally breaks down and lets me get a Ridgeback puppy.Read more

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  6. Dwight

    I just got these. I have been extremely happy with other Pogi products especially the poop bags. I try to be earth conscious when I can be. Use rags and wash them instead of paper towels, don’t drink bottle water at home or work, etc. My re-usable mentality ends with pet poop and pee. Gross! So it is nice to see there are greener options in this department; enter Pogi’s. I love the additional adhesive to help it stay put. Most people in southern CA I know have hardwood, laminate or tile. Other pee pads tend to slide around or their adhesive just doesn’t work well. The best part of these though is the no leaks and no smell. I haven’t had any issues with a leak or even a hint of odor from these and have with a couple other pads I tried.Read more

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  7. Melissa B

    I’ve been trying my best to make my household eco friendly/sustainable, but my little dogs are potty trained on pishy pads, so we go through quite a lot! I like that these are a more eco friendly version and the dogs actually seem to like them, but for using only 25% recycled materials, I’m not sure these are worth it. We go through a lot of pads, and there aren’t very many in one pack for the price. Plus, I was disappointed to see that despite the pads being packaged in a recyclable cardboard box, they are also sealed inside a plastic bag. So how eco friendly are these really? Would love to support the brand, but the reality is, I go through a lot of pads and there are other brands where you can buy bulk for cheaper. I need way more convincing that these are actually putting a dent in sustainability for our planet. The current packaging/information didn’t quite do the trick.Read more

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  8. Bixa

    For those who are considering purchase, the sticky tabs: photos provided The tab you see is a peel off. It comes directly off, it does not fold over. The tacky is just the right amount for use to stay put, time it will remain stuck is dependant on chosen surface, wear, etc. They are what they are and do what they are intended to do 🙂 The tacky is under the pad, it’s directly applied to the green back liner/ which isn’t shine slippery, it’s buffered some. Laminate plank floor, the pad is firm, it’s not going anywhere, UNLESS you have a Big Pooch who uses it as a take off landing launching pad. Bathroom tile floor, it’s a firm stick as well. Tile is a go. I used the BLUE pads for years until trying Pogi Pads. My puppy is 12, is 9lbs of fury and has had fewer Misses on Pogi’s than on the Blue ones. Absorbs more fluid, holds better than the blue, I believe. A direct hit into the pad vs fluid on top to absorb slowly. Color matters? texture? it’s for her comfort, use and my happiness, Pogi is the winner. No odor, no funky, we are happy with Pogi Pads. I hope the pics help.Read more

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  9. paul heusser

    Wow, these are huge, and work a treat. I’ve subscribed to a different brand but I’m seriously considering changing to this brand as they’re biodegradable. I find The best way to use these is place one upside down on the floor, then put another right side up directly on top. This way, when your dog wees on the edge, and misses a bit, it won’t spread all over the floor, the upside down pad will soak up any mistakes. Rotate the pad too, trust me when it comes to cleaning up, it’s a lot easier and way less messy.Read more

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  10. Lisa Q

    I’ve bought several brands of this type of product whilst rearring a litter of 6 pups at home. These aren’t the cheapest overall but the little extra you pay is not only good for the environment, it contributes to actually a better quality pad. I found I wasn’t having to change these as often as cheaper ones as they could be used for several small wees where the cheaper ones just disintegrated and/or smelled terrible. Been really impressed with this product and the box was handy too as they didn’t keep spilling out everywhere like the plain plastic wrapped alternatives (though these are in plastic inside the box (to prevent moisture damage I guess). Highly recommended, cannot fault.Read more

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  11. Ellie

    I use this to line the bottom of my guinea pigs hutches and they seem to be more absorbent than average pee pads and I don’t have to worry about them chewing the plastic anymore as these are made out of bamboo. I also like how these pee pads are eco friendly and biodegradable as they don’t use plastic.Read more

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  12. prettygreeneyes

    These pad are by far the best I’ve ever used, they are soft, large and completely leak proof!! I was sceptical at first, so just got the small pack, but after using them for a few days I bought the large pack and have never looked back!! Highly recommend and they’re echo friendly too, there is not one thing that I don’t like about these pads.Read more

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  13. Caroline Elizabeth Cowan

    These work. The puppy has learned to use them quickly and there is no smell (as long as he doesn’t miss!) Each pad can take three or four wees before it needs changing so the box of 20 is lasting well. I like the fact that they are environmentally friendly too. The only thing is the puppy scrabbles at the sides and tries to rip them off the floor, but that’s just him being a puppy not a fault of the product – I would recommend NOT having the puppy there when you change the pad, so as not to let him see it as a toy…Read more

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    Pogi’s Training Pads – Large, Super-Absorbent, Earth-Friendly Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs Extra Large – 24 x 35″ 20-Count
    Pogi’s Training Pads – Large, Super-Absorbent, Earth-Friendly Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs Extra Large – 24 x 35″ 20-Count

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