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Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for Windows Linux Mac OS, Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)

(11 customer reviews)

2021 NEW VERSION – 2 IN 1 External CD Drives comes with TPU Material Leather Texture Design, More fashionable!
Dual Interface – USB Type-C and USB3.0 2IN 1 cord design, adopt to most of Type C or USB port devices
Important Data: Item size 5.9×5.6×0.7 inches; Cord length 13inches ; Burning Speed CD-24X/ DVD-8X; Support Disk: CD/DVD
Easy Burning – Just 3 steps finish the CD/DVD burning, First insert a empty CD in it and open recording software; Then copy files in your disk, Finally burning finished and auto Pop-Up the CD/DVD from the External CD drives (Support 12cm DVD and 8cm CD)
Wide Compatibility – Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Vista 7 / 8, XP, Linux, Mac OS10.6 or above. It also supports varies discs: CD-R, CD-ROM, CD+/-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-R DL and VCD ROM discs (TVs, tablets and Blu-ray disk are not supported)


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Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for WindowsXP 7/8/10/Linux/Mac OS,Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, Macbook, Macbook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)

USB3.0 &Type C 2-in-1 Cord
This External CD Recorder works well on different devices, What ever you have an USB-C Laptops or old Standard USB port Desktop Computer; Both ok!

Compact and Portable
Slim and Lightweight design, just only 14OZ, Thickness less than 0.7″; You can put this External CD Drive/ DVD Writer/ Player in the traveling bag and carry around wherever you go.
This external dvd device can not works well on Google Chromebook, But works fine on most of usb-c/usb laptops .

Plug and Play
No external power needed,fully powered by USB 3.0 ports or USB-C port. Only 1 cord got it!

Support Format
Supported formats: DVD-ROM, DVD-video, CD-R/RW, CD-ROM/XA, CD-ROM, CD-EXTRA, CD-TEXT
Supported media types: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD RAM
Read Speed: CD-ROM: 24x Max; DVD-ROM: 8x Max; DVD-ROM(DL): 6x Max
Write speed: 24x CD-R, 8x CD-RW, DVD±R: 8X Max; DVD±R DL: 4X Max; DVD-R±9: 2.4x Max
Rewrite Speed: DVD+RW: 4X Max; DVD-RW: 4x Max; CD-RW: 10X Max; DVD-RAM: 3x Max

What`s in the box
· 1 x 2 in 1 External CD Burner (USB C & USB3.0 )
· 1 x User Manual
· 1 x Exquisite Packaging

Specification: Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for Windows Linux Mac OS, Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)

Weight 15.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.91 × 5.59 × 0.71 in

11 reviews for Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for Windows Linux Mac OS, Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Kirk Bailey

    plainly declared in the page that this works with chromebook; forget that untruth, it does not. my cb does not even know it is there. I want my money back for this piece of trash!Read more

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  2. Percolato

    To begin, why did I need this device? Well as Apple computers continue to evolve, the pursuit of a minimal profile and phasing out old tech, my latest iMac came without a disc drive. Fortunately, external drives work well and are a fraction of their price from a decade ago. Right out of the box, this drive is simple: a “Y” cable offers users the choice between a USB or thunderbolt connection option. Putting the drive through its paces, the first thing I did was throw it a curve ball, but it sailed out of the park: An old Japanese-formatted DVD that I have had no luck playing over any western DVD player or standard PC disc reader played without fanfare. I should note that, I had originally plugged in the USB side of this device and my iMac didn’t recognize the device. I switched over to the thunderbolt port and it worked fine. Overall I had a more consistent experience with the thunderbolt port than the USB. The problem is that my computer only has two Thunderbolt ports available, and I need them–so I can’t leave this plugged in that way. On USB it’s also pretty solid, that first experience I noted aside. As I began this writeup, I was copying a 4 gig DVD to the computer with the USB connection. It looks like it’ll take about 11 minutes, and that seems pretty typical of these drives. I imported the same DVD over the thunderbolt connection and the speed was about the same. Writing or burning that same DVD took about 20 minutes at x8 max speed for the program I was running. You may get different mileage from different programs. I also imported two music CD’s with no problem–around 3 minutes to import. On my old computer, the disc drive sounded like it was dying, clicking and clacking when I tried to import music from a Japan-formatted disc; this drive did so smoothly and silently. An additional positive in this drive’s favor is that it doesn’t req require an external power source. Some drives use a secondary power cord with a “brick” transformer to plug into an outlet, or a two-or USB connection to get extra power that way. Sometimes sapping extra power from a laptop is a problem. This unit is solid–no noticeable heating up, or stuttering, out of the box. What could make this product better? Faster reading and writing speeds would be nice, but may not be feasible with the media and hardware available today.Read more

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  3. Super2021

    The other reviewer who gave this one star obviously didn’t do any research/Googling to find out about Chromebooks… 1. Chromebooks do NOT inherently work with all external DVD/CD drives 2. The specific external drive needs to be able to work with Linux, which this one does! + I plugged it into a really old Chromebook that only had a USB v2.0 port and pulled open my File Manager app; navigate to My Files and the Chromebook accessed the CD/DVD drive to show me my files on the disc. I even played a saved video file off the CD/DVD drive just fine. I don’t have burning software for the Chromebook, but then again I don’t use the Chromebook for that sort of thing. But I can definitely use the drive to install software or copy files from a disc now. + On a Windows machine this plugged into my Type C port and was immediately identified. It only burns at 8x speed max, but that is okay. I burned a couple of DVD discs without error using free burning software I found on the Internet. I did not try CD functionality such as burning mp3 files into an ‘audio CD’. Since I had no issues with the DVD burning I was plenty happy. OVERALL: Affordable (at the time of this writing). Plug-n-play for both Windows and Chrome OS.Read more

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  4. Summit

    With most laptops doing away with internal drives, there are times when we really need to either read or write a CD or DVD. This gives you that capability. You just plug it in and it goes. It’s not intended for devices other than real computers, so if you’re not running a regular laptop this may not work for you. If you have a desktop or mini PC that have no drive, this will work on those as well- any real computer with an USB port available. If you have a home network, you can share the drive on the network for use by other computers as well. The build quality seems decent. Don’t drop it- as it’s not a “ruggedized” device and probably wouldn’t take well to abuse… but it is made well enough to survive life in a laptop bag being taken places. Now you can rip all those old CD’s to portable formats, play old movies, copy movies to DVD… all those things that require a drive.Read more

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  5. Amazon Customer

    So many people on Amazon don’t read the description and then are shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya!, that the product isn’t more than described! I have a newer laptop without built-in dvd/cd. I plugged this in with a disk already in it, opened file explorer…and no joke, there was the drive. I opened a few files, no problem. This was the ultimate plug and play for me. So, IF you read the purpose and use, if you know enough to know what the description doesn’t say, and it meets your needs, go for it! Otherwise, maybe ask someone who knows technology for a little help instead of ordering the wrong product and then blasting it on a review.Read more

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  6. Beeker318

    I have not tested the burning capability of this device as I have no intention of ever using it for that, so I can’t attest as to how it would do in that function. As an easy to install external drive I will use on rare occasions for primarily installing some software I still have on CD, it is very nice. Installation of the drive was a non-event. I plugged it in and the operating system (windows 10) loaded it as an available DVD drive. It’s sturdy, fairly quiet and read every disc I inserted. The tray is a “pop on” design for the disc. It can read the smaller three inch discs. Overall a nice package.Read more

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  7. Manfred Lindemann

    Obwohl der externe Player expliziet auch für Chrombook angepriesen wurde, war keine Installation möglich. Auch am Laptop wurde er nicht erkannt. Vom Kauf rate ich ab.Read more

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  8. M. A. Lemoine

    Ne disposant pas sur mon pc portable de lecteur celui-ci est très pratique. Pas besoin de prise, il est auto alimenté grâce à son câble USB. Le PC le reconnait immédiatement, il suffit juste de le brancher! Il n’est pas très imposant et très léger, parfait pour le transport. Il fait un petit peu de bruit lors de son utilisation mais je ne trouve pas ça dérangeant (similaire à un disque dur externe pour moi). Attention, la notice n’est pas en français. Le prix est un peu onéreux; à voir si sur le temps cela se justifie (et qu’il marchera aussi bien sur la durée).Read more

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  9. Cheerioh

    J’ai choisi ce lecteur DVD pour palier à celui qui est en train de mourir sur mon lieu de travail. Il sera parfait en association avec un mini pc qui ne possède pas ce moyen de lecture. Effectivement, je confirme le plug n play, ça fonctionne direct. On a le choix entre deux entrées : USB ordinaire ou USB C. Le seul souci ici est que le câble est très, très court et sa version USB C accolée au câble USB normal encore plus court. Dans la plupart des situations, il faudra un câble rallonge je pense ou passer via un hub, solution que j’envisage. Pour graver, il suffit de mettre un dvd inscriptible puis de cliquer droit sur l’icône du lecteur DVD. La qualité est standard mais correct avec une finition texturée sur le dessus. A l’usage, il tourne en faisant un léger bruit blanc. Son point fort ici : la sortie USB C, la sortie USB A 3.0. Son point faible : Le câble trop court à compenser. Performances ok.Read more

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  10. Bastien Montes

    Ça me faisait plaisir d’avoir un lecteur/graveur USB3 à tester car aujourd’hui, bon nombre de PC portable n’ont plus de lecteur/Graveur. Même si le besoin est de plus en plus rare, on est encore pas mal de personnes à avoir quelques vieux CD/DVD en réserve. Pour résumer l’appareil est livré seul : – avec une mini notice – Le câble a une sorti USB standard ou USB-C – Pas besoin d’alimentation externe. – Il lit les CD et DVD 8 et 12cm – Il grave les CD et DVD 8 et 12cm La gravure marche bien sur des disques pas trop vieux mais pour des CD un peu plus anciens vous risquez d’avoir des soucis, ce n’est pas un défaut, c’est courant sur de nombreux lecteurs bas de gamme. Dans l’ensemble, pour moins de 35 € ça dépanne bien.Read more

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  11. Vincent VZT

    Mon PC portable est assez ancien et est donc équipé d’un lecteur CD, mais pas de la fonction graveur. Je n’avait plus gravé de CD/DVD depuis que j’ai opté pour des ordinateurs portables, soit une bonne douzaine d’années! Je dois reconnaître que ce Lecteur de DVD Externe Portable, 2 en 1 USB 3.0 et Type-C – Graveur de CD Optique pour Windows Linux Mac OS – Compatible avec HP, Dell XPS, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019, 2020 (Noir) est bien pratique comme lecteur, mais surtout comme graveur! J’ai pu utiliser mon vieux stock de CD et de DVD que je croyais finir par jeter à la poubelle!Read more

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    Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for Windows Linux Mac OS, Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)
    Portable External CD DVD Burner, YMY 2 in 1 USB3.0 & Type-C CD/DVD Recorder for Windows Linux Mac OS, Compatible with Dell XPS, Asus, MacBook, MacBook Pro 2019,2020 (Black)


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