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Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag

(10 customer reviews)

Hard Clumping
99.9% dust free
Use in mechanical
All natural
Superior odor control


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Larger denser particles that stay in the litter box, low tracking. The result is an excellent clumping litter that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box, while providing a clump that will not break apart. Classic is perfect for multi-cat familes and cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes and it controls odor naturaly without perfume, deodorants or chemicals

Specification: Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 418 in

10 reviews for Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag

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  1. Rvincent

    I like the red bag …the blue gets to hard and sticks to the bottom off my litter box like cement and is a nightmare to get loose…the red clumps hard also but without that annoying hard to loosen sticking…odor control is the same..,tracks a little less but still the particles are small but the blue are smaller so it tracks more…I wish they would make make the particles a little bigger and end the tracking….I have a covered litter box it is not kick out.. all in all this brand is the best litter out there…and NO SMELL! AT all! Amazing! I totally recommend this brand!Read more

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  2. The Good Crone

    This is the greatest! I’m an old cat lady, having had one or multiple cats almost every minute of my life. Being out of cats, I decided to get one from the humane society. Not to bore you, she’s semi-feral but getting along very well, and she’s one of the world’s great beauties. She’s young enough so this is working out. But heaven knows what kind of litter or whatever she’d been exposed to before. We got her sort of suddenly, and I didn’t have any litter on hand, so my daughter lent me some of her reputedly premium brand. Well, that stuff stuck to Lucie’s little feet and got all over everything. And stunk. It was so bad I was in despair. How could I live with that??? Once she’s used that up, though, the Precious Cat had arrived and I put a good amount into a clean box. Lucie got in, sniffed around, lay down on her tummy as if she were positively wallowing in luxury. She looked so happy! However, she got out without mishap, and started from then on using her new litter. I noticed right away that there was NO odor, good or bad, after she had gone poop. When she pee-peed, the litter immediately formed a hard clump, which did not crumble away within a few minutes like some. She doesn’t try to sleep in it, either, as I’d been afraid she might. I know some people say it doesn’t clump well, or sticks to the box or to the cat’s feet, but we’ve had none of these problems. Once in a while she gets manic and flings a little bit out of the box, but not much. Really. And, as another reviewer said, she doesn’t get mad if I miss cleaning out the clumps and the poop every day. I usually do, though, just because it’s not as unpleasant as other kinds have been. I also greatly appreciate the low level of dust. Now if only every bag of this we buy turns out as well, we’ll be in kitty-litter heaven. The kitty is pretty fantastic, too.Read more

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  3. Carol S

    I purchased this hoping that it would help with the extreme dust problem we had in the room with our cat litter box. We were using Tidy Cat and it was HORRIBLE with dust! I had to cover everything in the room that I didn’t want covered with a layer of litter-smelling dust. The day I started using this litter, I uncovered everything in the room and cleaned it completely. After a week of regular box use by our messy kitty, I tried the finger-swipe test and was very pleased to report little to no residue on the furniture or electronics! And it covered the smells that are associated with the litter box too! I will definitely order this regularly from now on.Read more

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  4. Kate

    This is an excellent cat litter. It clumps and stays clumped no crumbling apart making a mess. I use a 2.5 ft long sterlite container that’s just a little wider than regular waxed paper like you find at the grocery, roll it out on the bottom and a couple inches up at both ends. Then I pour this litter about 4 inches high. Then when litter needs to be scooped I sift the whole container of used litter through a regular litter grid into a clean wax papered second container and bag up the waste to trash. Nine times out of ten I have a clean container after sifting, so then I toss the old waxed paper, and reuse the sifted litter into the clean wax papered container. Very rarely do I have waste on the sides of the container I’ve emptied, so it saves so much time. It takes 3 minutes if that long and no digging and picking out with a litter scoop. This litter can be reused after sifting with no cling odor because it clumps so tightly. I can add some fresh litter to it if it’s needed. I’ve tried this with other brands but I get the cleanest best results with this one and very little dust. It helps having this setup in my basement, out of the way.Read more

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  5. K.N

    We recently had to change cat litters due to severe Allergic Asthma diagnosis. The dust level is nonexistent, compared to another cheaper brand we used, Frisco. It is a heavier litter with bigger granules. I tried an expirement, pouring the litter out of bag from a standing position and no dust blow back. I also now realize that we will change litter out more frequently than every 4-5 months. We scoop 2x’s a day. 3 large litter boxes (rubbermaid bins) for 4 cats. The litter will eventually break down and get smaller and dustier, which i just realized. As an aside, we used to be able to get 6-7 months out of a full dump and clean. I have heard from many experts that dumping the litter without cleaning the boxes as long as there is no residue of pee or poop stuck to it is perfectly fine. According to Jackson Galaxy, we should only be washing littler boxes every 6-8 months at the most. Cats prefer a box with a little order that is undetectable to us. As long as you scoop frequently. We are very clean people, on top of scooping very frequently sometimes 3 times a day.Read more

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  6. M. Lee

    This stuff really is awful. It is also incredibly expensive. You can’t flush the wate clumps down the loo as it sets like concrete. My one cat got through a whole bag of this in 8 days, making it more costly by far than his food.Read more

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  7. Sarah

    In general I was happy with my purchase, it’s absorbed very well The only negative thing, I found it a bit difficult to remove the clumps from the litter as they getting to hard.Read more

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  8. Ess

    So I was really rooting for this product but I have had so many concerns I had to throw the rest out after one use: 1. The quality is what you’re paying for, stick with the arm&hammer if you’re looking to stray away – the litter itself is coarse, and was not all litter 2. Foreign objects – there was literal shards of glass – before I could take a picture I was actually so in shock so I threw away the rest as my cats paws had a bit of blood on them and I kept wondering why – until I checked the little shimmery pieces in the litter – closer look, they were ACTUAL SHARDS OF GLASS, I really wish I took pics but I was so scared and had connected the dots at that point my main concern was to replace it ASAP 3. Tracking – there was… SO MUCH TRACKING, not only all over the floor in the bathroom but in the living room, my room etc. Take this review for what it’s worth. No pictures, so I’ll understand the hesitation to believe. However, with the price I paid I didnt expect much, but certainly not this. Glass?! I dont know how or where, but it was there – not just a little, it was quite a bit. I felt so bad for my baby walking around weird and I didnt know what the hell caused it but now I know and if it helps out even one pet/pet owner, thats all I’m trying to do! Stick to your Maxi Arm&Hammer products. DO NOT BUY!!Read more

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  9. MultiUser

    After trying a light weight litter with a horrific scent that tracked absolutely everywhere, I have been beyond impressed with Dr. Elsey’s Classic. No scent, great odor control, FAR less tracking. But, since purchasing 2 days ago Amazon has increased the price of the 18lb bag by nearly $6. I can get a 40lb box of the Ultra version in a local store for the same price as Amazon now has this bag priced! I prefer the larger partials of this litter, but I won’t buy this again until the price goes back down.Read more

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  10. Lisa M

    My fussy cat loves this litter. It has no odor and except for sticking a bit on the bottom of the litter pan, I have no major issue with it. What I do have a problem with is the price increases that are occurring on Amazon for this item and many others. Like others are saying go to your local pet store to get this litter if you can. A 20-pound bag is $15 and 40 pounds is $18.Read more

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    Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag
    Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag


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