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Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Ajustable Modes & Up to 55Min Long Runtime, Blue

(9 customer reviews)

【25KPA POWERFUL SUCTION】: 25000PA powerful suction power can easily vacuum food crumbs, neglected dust and pet hair, whether on hardwood floors, carpets, stairs or sofas. It can also be converted to handheld vacuum cleaner to easily clean all corners in the car to meet your various cleaning needs.
【55MINS LONG-LASTING RUNTIME】: The new model has upgraded lifetime. The 8*200mAh high-capacity battery, up to 55mins in ECO mode, longer running time than other products, more suitable as your home cleaning helper!
【Removable battery & 2.5H FAST CHARGING】: The battery is removable and can be replaced when the power runs out to extend the usage time and meet the needs of daily use. With fast charging technology, it takes only 2.5H to be fully charged.
【CARPET BOOST】: In the automatic gear, there is a carpet boost function, when the carpet is detected (the height should be higher than 10mm), it will automatically adjust the suction power (between 11.5-18.5±1Kpa), no need to adjust manually.
【FOUR STAGES FILTER】 These four stages filter( HEPA, Sponge, Steel mesh and Cyclone ionosphere) can help remove fine dust particles, allowing you to enjoy fresher and healthier air. All filter accessories are detachable and washable, easy to clean with water. [Toll Free Call: North & South America: +1(833) 313 1310 (Hours: Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm ET)]


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Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet. Model Name: P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Is Cordless?: Yes. Brand: Proscenic. Included Components: Battery, HEPA Filter. Batteries Required?: Yes. Form Factor: Handheld. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #258,867 in Home & Kitchen. Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 861 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars. Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. Item model number: P10 PRO. ASIN: B08QN45LHN. Manufacturer: Proscenic. Item Weight: 8.2 pounds. Product Dimensions: 29.21 x 12.01 x 5.98 inches.

Specification: Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Ajustable Modes & Up to 55Min Long Runtime, Blue

Weight 8.2 lbs
Dimensions 29.21 × 12.01 × 5.98 in

9 reviews for Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Ajustable Modes & Up to 55Min Long Runtime, Blue

4.7 out of 5
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  1. NaWest

    Over the years I have used many vacuums from Stick, hand vac, regular, No suction loss ones(Dyson) and even the Roombha likes. What I have observed is the battery powered vaccine are always having an issue with suction. I wanted to get a cordless vac with the power or corded ones. Dyson was very expensive and while searching I came upon other alternatives. Finally after much research I landed in this Prosenic one in the affordable range. Shipping too few days. The vacuum came fully charged. I just connected the two pieces and used it right away on my hardwood floors. Excellent suction and it picked up the pieces very well. The floor brush is a little softer which I think helps with not too much hair getting tangled. There is still a little hair still on the brush but easy to take off. On carpet you can feel the suction especially if you use the max mode. On Auto it automatically adjusts the power. Eco mode seems a little underwhelming, so I leave it on auto and it past a while. The battery battery changes color when it starts to loose power when I played around with the max power mode for a while. Emptying the dust can is simple. However it would have been great to pop a button instead of pulling it out. Cleaning the metal filter was also easy. Battery charged pretty fast . I like the color which is like a metallic blue. Lightweight to use and I had it for 30 minutes around the house cleaning all over and did not feel too much strained. Overall pleased with the purchase.Read more

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  2. GW

    Let me first say that I live in a two story, 2,000 sq ft home with my husband. We’re both retired and have no children or pets (unless you include my husband who is a bit of a slob but that’s another story…). I find the vacuum cleans well, it’s light and very maneuverable. I have no problem with the battery life but I clean in two stages: downstairs first plus stairway, recharge the battery, clean kitchen and baths, then reinstall the battery and finish the upstairs. This is my first battery powered vacuum and will never go back to a heavy corded vacuum again. Now the issues: I start with the default AUTO mode but the vacuum will change modes for new apparent reason. The touch screen is not very responsive and nearly worthless. The dirt cup and filters are not very easy to take apart to clean and have to be put back together precisely. I understand a good fit for these parts is essential but I have to believe there is an easier way. I hope this vacuum lasts a few years but will definitely look for better engineering when I buy again. 9/25/21 Update. The seller reached out to me with some suggestions and I used the vacuum again today. After viewing a maintenance video provided by the seller, it seems it’s not necessary to completely disassemble after each use – just pop out the filter assembly and wipe it off with a cloth and the same with the dirt cup. Much easier. Also, I figured out if you align the small notches in the top of the filter assembly with the red dot on the cup, putting it back together is much easier. I also figured out the problem with the touch screen. The entire screen is not touch sensitive but if you touch the word Mode, it works fine. The vacuum still tends to switch modes at random, but not as much today for some.reason…user error??? Anyway, now that I know how the touch screen works, not so much of a problem. Couldn’t give 4 1/2 stars but OK with 5. Given what I know now, would I buy again? Yes.Read more

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  3. Amazon Customer

    9/28/21: Update to original review: A few months later I received an apology from Proscenic along with a partial refund for the difficult time I had getting a replacement part. They said they are working hard to improve their customer support. I appreciate this and have updated the review to include this new information. I do think it would be helpful if the technical support model allowed customers to talk directly to the support representative instead of having to communicate via email. Also, now that I have used the vacuum, I do think emptying the dust container could be easier. It’s not all that easy to get it back and aligned properly. I appreciate the effort at improving their service so I gave them 1.5 more stars. The vacuum gets 4 stars and the support model gets 3.5 stars. Pros: product is light and works acceptably. Cons: the small brush did not work when we got it. I called Amazon customer support and they transferred me to Proscenic. That was almost a month ago — there is a person in the US that takes the call and that person was fairly helpful. But all the technical questions get handled by another department that is in a time zone across the world. You cannot talk to them — only email. After waiting 3 days I received an email requesting a video of the problem. They replied and said the part needed to be replaced. And that was over 3 weeks ago. With the time difference and the language gap, it is not immediate service. Incidentally, their emails to me look like spam emails — different fonts, strange grammar, and errors. It is all very very strange. I still have not received the replacement part. Had I known support would be like this I would not have bought a Proscenic.Read more

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  4. Kindle Customer

    I want to like this, and I almost returned it after the maiden voyage. It wobbles all over the place, I find that I have to re-vacuum areas more than once, the best suction is on high and it lasts for less than 15 minutes. You have to be uber careful where you place your hand on the handle as you turn it off as many have complained. It needs some redesign work to be great. The cleaning cup is impossible to get off, the instructions are ridiculous, it does charge quickly and I love the light. It is doing a better job than the one I have, so I am keeping it. definitely for floors not carpets.Read more

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  5. HV

    I bought this cordless proscenic p10 pro to replace my vax blade as its battery life was getting short. Initially I was hesitant to go for a brand I’ve not used before however after seeing the reviews I thought to give it a go. I looked at many different options and in the end decided on this one. Mainly due to its specifications, reviews and price… specification being the main game changer. So far I have tried it on deep pile carpet, short pile carpet, laminate and tiled floor types and can actually say it really does do what it says on the advert! I have only used the auto made as that is more than adequate for picking up the small crumbs to the embedded dirt which I witnessed in the dust collector bin. The feature that it changes the suction power according to the floor type also came in handy as where the carpet was more fluffy (less walked on) the power changed to high and had a deep clean. The attachments that come with it are perfect, as they’re a good range of tools where you can use for most tasks. I also decided to buy the pet tool for the p11 hoover as it comes with a flexy hose which will work well when hoovering the car. (Yes this DOES work with the p10 pro even though it says it won’t work).. the pet tool won’t be used but I only bought it for the hose. This attachment is brilliant to get under the seats and in the small spaces in the car. I hope this review has been helpfull for your decision to go for this cordless. Trust me you won’t regret it!Read more

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  6. Jklein

    The media could not be loaded. Vivant dans un appartement de ville, j’avais besoin de gagner de l’espace en remplaçant mon ancien aspirateur datant d’un autre siècle. J’ai donc franchit le cap de l’aspirateur balai en commandant ce modèle et je suis conquis : – le gain d’espace est réel, et étant livré avec un support mural permettant la recharge de la batterie, je peux aisément le placer dans un coin. – 3 modes d’aspiration sont disponibles : silencieux, automatique et puissant. Pour ma part je laisse gérer le mode automatique peu importe la surface (parquet, carrelage ou tapis) car cela me suffit amplement (poils de chien, poussière). – Le niveau sonore est tout à fait correct, je ne suis pas dérangé. Il est même plus silencieux que mon ancien aspirateur. – Le fonctionnement est on ne peut plus simple : on appuie sur la gâchette pour démarrer/arrêter l’aspirateur et on règle les modes via l’écran tactile qui est très réactif. Pas de chichi, les informations nécessaires y sont présentes : charge de la batterie et mode d’aspiration actif. – Les accessoires : 4 embouts différents sont fournis permettant d’aspirateur diverses surfaces de façon optimale (sols durs, murs, tapis, canapé, …) ou les recoins moins inaccessibles. Les brosses sont motorisées, ce qui favorise l’aspiration des saletés. – Le poids et la maniabilité : l’aspirateur est relativement léger et très maniable. J’accède facilement au dessous des meubles sans avoir à trop me pencher, c’est agréable. – La capacité du réservoir : il faut y aller pour le remplir … c’est amplement suffisant ! Les petits plus : – L’autonomie de la batterie est bonne : j’aspire mon appartement de 60m² avec un quart de charge. – La batterie est amovible, donc remplaçable. – Les LEDs sur la brosse principale permettent d’éclairer les zones sombres. Cela peut paraître gadget mais c’est en réalité bien pratique. – Et évidemment, l’aspirateur peut être utilisé comme aspirateur à main sans la rallonge, pratique pour aspirer le canapé et les coussins par exemple ! Je pense avoir fait le tour de la question, pour moi c’est un coup de cœur !Read more

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  7. BrianH

    The media could not be loaded. We did a fair amount of research into battery powered vacuums. Testing out a few in Currys helped to decide what we needed! This one ticked the boxes for battery life, suction and ease of cleaning. The adjustable power setting is perfect for wood floors and it’s equally good on carpets. Basically you get all the benefits of the more expensive types in one that a lot more affordable.Read more

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  8. mrbowlfish

    The media could not be loaded. Bitte beachten, dass es bei meiner Bewertung um das >PRO< Modell geht. Ich habe für ein 35-minütiges Video erstellt. Dazu später mehr … Zunächst einmal ein paar fehlende Daten und eigene Messungen: Netzteil: 34,2V/1A = 34,2 Watt Kabel: 145 cm / davon benötigt (Ladestation bis Boden) 102 cm verbleiben also 43 cm + Steckdosenhöhe vom gewählten Montageort bis Steckdose Akku-Werte: 28,8V/2A = 57,6 Wh Ladezeit bei völlig entleertem Akku: circa 2,5 Stunden Akkulaufzeiten in Minuten jeweils unter Volllast (durchlaufendes Gerät): Auto: 28 Minuten permanent auf hoher Stufe => im Mix deutlich mehr – siehe Eco 😉 ECO: 57 Minuten (diese Stufe ist mehr als ausreichend für harte Böden) Turbo: 12 Minuten (topp zur Tiefenreinigung von Teppichen) Gewicht: 2.572 Gramm (Sauger 1.628 + Rohr 210 + Düse 734) Saughöhe (unter Möbel): Von: 7,5 cm (Düse) bis 10,5 cm (Rohranfang am Gerät) max. Arbeitshöhe: 109 cm (Griff) Die Reinigung harter Böden bekommt man auch schon mit einem 80€ Sauger hin und daher fragt man sich natürlich immer in welchen Belangen dieses Modell hier punktet. Meines Erachtens sind das die nachstehenden Punkte: + hervorragende Akkuleistung in Leistung, Lauf- und Ladezeiten + extrem gute Tiefenreinigung von Teppichen/Matten + super lange Laufzeit auf Stufe 1 (57 min. bei Volllast = beim realen Saugen ca. 70 min.) + exzellente Reinigung harter Böden bereits auf Stufe 1 + geringes Gesamtgewicht, trotz schwerem wertigem Akku + Touch Bedienfeld + komplett zerlegbarer Filter = leichte Reinigung + klasse Filtration = kein Staub kommt mehr aus dem HEPA Filter = Null Emission + der Akku lässt sich auch direkt mit dem Netzteil über eine eigene Buchse laden Wer sich noch einmal intensiv mit dem Gerät beschäftigen möchte, findet mein Video auf YouTube mit der Suche „WauJni-YaLw“Read more

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  9. Jack

    The media could not be loaded. I have been a big fan of proscenic for a while now. I have 2 robot vaccumm cleaners, 2 air fryers and other devices from proscenic. So when my cordless vacuum cleaner broke I decided to go with proscenic and as usual I am extremely happy with the item. Compared to my last vaccum cleaner this one has a much higher suction meaning that it cleans fluff out of carpets much better. There are 3 suction modes, auto, low and high. I personally use the high suction mode on carpets It includes lots of attachments for reaching difficult places. It also includes several attachments perfect for cleaning carpets. These attachments can be extended using the extension. The Vaccum is very light and easy to maneuver. The battery lasts for a long while and can be charged whilst connected to the hover or it can be disconnected and charged separately. The battery charger can also be wall mounted.Read more

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    Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Ajustable Modes & Up to 55Min Long Runtime, Blue
    Proscenic P10 PRO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Ajustable Modes & Up to 55Min Long Runtime, Blue


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