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PS4 Universal Controller Charger KINGTOP PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Charging Station

(13 customer reviews)

Universal PS4 Console Vertical Stand Fan Cooler with Dual Charging Station and 2 HUB 1 USB Ports. Not only work for PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 Slim but can also charge the PS4/Playstation 4/DualShock 4 Controllers and also your mobile phone, power bank or other USB device at the same time. What an amazing Tool.
All in One Universal Vertical Stand Charger Fan Cooler work for PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 Slim.Keep your PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 Slim cool and calm with the vertical cooling stand and charge both of your PS4 shock controllers simultaneously, saving your time when need to charge the controllers; 2 HUB and 1 USB ports with powerful output for data transferring and charging.
BEST PS4 ACCESSORIES TO KEEP YOUR PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 Slim COOL,upgraded cooling system built in two powerful cooling fans with High and Low fan speed design for your adjustment,No need to worry about your ps4 will overheating and burning your table from long hours of game play.
SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Normally your PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 sits horizontal taking up space within your room. However, with this vertical stand, your PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 now stands vertically, saving you lots of room space while cooling your ps4 at the same time.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED with 2 Year WARRANTY: Try it out at our expense and if you have any concerns with the PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 cooler on pre-sale or after-sale,please just feel free to contact us!


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Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Item Weight: 0.44 Pounds. Power Source: PS4 Console USB Powered. Color: Black. Total USB Ports: 3. Brand: KINGTOP. Connector Type: USB. Special Feature: Three Additional USB Charging Port, Built in Two Powerful Cooling Fan, Two Wind Speed Adjustment Switch See more. Connectivity Technology: USB. Compatible Devices: PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro. Date First Available: January 14, 2016. Manufacturer: KINGTOP. Item Weight: 7 ounces. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Item model number: 3IN1-FAN. Binding: Personal Computers. Product Dimensions: 1.18 x 5.59 x 14.84 inches; 7.04 Ounces. Pricing: The strikethrough price is the List Price. Savings represents a discount off the List Price. Best Sellers Rank: #1,674 in Video Games. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,790 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B01ALCAIMQ.

Specification: PS4 Universal Controller Charger KINGTOP PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Charging Station

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 1.18 × 5.59 × 14.847 in

13 reviews for PS4 Universal Controller Charger KINGTOP PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Charging Station

4.6 out of 5
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  1. NiemenZ

    I bought this stand when advertised from Kotaku as one of the more reliable and efficient stands for cooling / charging the PS4 and its controllers in a small space. I’ve been using it for DS3 about two weeks, and so far it’s been working very well. No flaws that I’ve been able to see so far. Fans help keep it cool (they’re not quiet, but barely noticeable over TV) and controllers charge quickly enough. Having the USB hub in the front with the extra ports has also been extremely useful. For the price (less than $20 at the time of purchase), I’m very pleased with this product.Read more

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  2. Phoenix571977

    Wanted to wait a few months before writing a review to run it thru its paces. So far it has been 1 month. Purchased for PS4 pro. I play after work for 3 to 5 hours a day before going to bed. One day a week and did endurance run of 16 hours gameplay. Play Skyrim S.E. with and without mods. Fan setting on high. The power draw is unnoticeable to affect the PS4 pro. Keeps the unit from overheating in open area. Haven’t tried in a desktop cabinet for a computer desk. Still shopping for a desk. The fans are fairly quiet on hi fan speed but, not noisy to the point it disrupts the immersion of game play after a few hours. The console fits snug in on the charge base and can lift the console and charge base without it fall off the PS4. I have a cat that likes to rub on everything so, I did the knock over tests (throwing cat toy, soft sandals, bump PS4 elbow tap) and the base keeps it secure and vertical.(I’m not responsible for the loss or damages if you attempt this or other tests stated. your responsible for your own loss or damages.) The 2 charge ports for the controllers are designed well with ease to plug in even by feel without looking. Can remove controllers easy enough without any forceful effort. The adapter tray is easy to remove and put back on the base with little effort. Remove tray for PS4 pro. The fan speed switch feels cheap and sometimes doesn’t work. It will stay on hi or low fan speed but, can’t turn off with PS4 in rest mode. The switch component itself might be defective. The bright green led needs to be relocated or dimmed down. Especially if PS4 is setup in bedroom. Recommend to move it on top side of base instead of in front. I placed small scrap of dark car window tint over it since the front of the base is smooth simular to glass. (Do not attempt to remove tint if applied. It will scour the face of the charge unit. Removal would require a razorblade and chemical tint remover. A heat gun would be overkill and melt the charge station.) The 2 usb ports in front is nice for charging phones/tablets. Just remember it is drawing power from PS4 from one of the usb ports in front so it is not a speed charger. Overall, this is a nice user friendly, plug in play unit. A few tweaks on the next version, and you got a good 5 star product. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a compact charge station.Read more

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  3. psycho_raze

    Wife was very happy with it for her PS4 although she never really leaves her PS4 on which would take better advantage of everything this has to offer. Her PS4 runs pretty cool and fast though thanks to the SSD upgrade and this cooler (I recommend the SSD upgrade to everyone that hasn’t tried it yet). Only gripe I have about this fan cooler (not wife’s gripe but mine) is that the fans are fairly audible. It would have been nicer if quieter fans were used.Read more

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  4. D. L. Frison

    I bought because my kids wrapped their ps4 with decals and wanted to show off both sides, so I initially bought for the stand part. This is a great piece of equipment to organize you ps4 stuff. I like that it cools while playing, AND has two spots on the base to charge controllers. Now the area by the tv is organize by this one unit, instead of having the game and charge by the tv. Well worth the price also, and cheaper than other sites I’ve seen it on.Read more

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  5. Tom

    All in all for the price this is a significant bargain. It keeps my TV Stand looking nicer, is fairly sturdy, charges two controllers and has an additional fan. One complaint I have is with the blue led in the front — I put my ps4 into rest mode rather than turning it off completely, in this case the blue led stays on for quite a while after the ps4 is put in rest mode. It’s not terribly bright, but if your bedroom is off the room you play your ps4 you’ll notice the room is brighter at night for a while. Other than that I have no complaints. I haven’t really used the additional fan — it’s a little loud, but not too bad. But for $17 I don’t think your going to find a better vertical stand.Read more

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  6. Monty Ehninger

    Love that it keeps my PS4 cooler and doesn’t use any more power. The fan on the PS4 is a lot quieter running with this stand!!Read more

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  7. Rushisle Moon

    Just to let Kingstop know, I don’t review my products till after seven days that way I know the full use of what I have bought. In other news, this thing is amazing! I got it because my ps4 over heats and that always worries me. The cooling fan is awesome and it charges my controllers when I need them charged. It’s become habit to let my ps4 in sleep mode at night with the fan on. It’s so quiet I barely notice it unless I’m trying to find it or right in front of my ps4. It’s weird to see it stand up all the time but it’s so sturdy that it’s no a problem for me. I also love that my controllers charge quickly. I have three i rotate with so its no problem for me at all. I love it so much.Read more

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  8. tony

    Bought this for my PS4 and it works like it suppose to be. I think the spacers can be a little higher so it can exhaust more air. I’m planning to buy some 3m spacers to raise it a little higher, about half an inch or so. There are no support on the side so the ps4 can be easily tipped over (only if you have little kids around). Update** 6/25/16 Its been 3 months and the power button is not working. I have to keep holding it down for the fan to stay on. I’ve never turn off the fan because it shuts off once the ps4 is turned off. Not sure what happened but I will contact seller for a replacement if possible if its under warranty. Overall it still works.Read more

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  9. jonathan hardy

    Looks Great , Sturdy and Simple to use ! I needed one of these because my ps4 Pro always over heated laying flat on a tv Cabinet shelf . You can switch fan on and off and tbh it’s really quiet in use even on setting 2 .Without this the ps4 fans are much louder themselves in use but they don’t activate whilst using fans on stand . LED lights show power and charging status for docked controllers. All in all great product , does what it needs to do and more. Very convenient, Tidy and looks great . Highly recommend to anyone .Read more

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  10. Sophia Adams

    My boyfriend bought this as his PS4 kept overheating, needless to say, he is over the moon with this product as it has fixed the overheating issue he was experiencing. The product looks stylish and doesn’t take up loads of desk space which is handy. He loves the fact that it charges the controllers as well, its a really good and useful feature. The product is an absolute bargain with free delivery too. The dispatch and delivery was quick and arrived on the estimated date of delivery.Read more

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  11. Adam Mullen

    Brilliant piece of equipment, well made i love it. Just ensure you go into your playstation settings and make sure the usb ports are allowed to drain power when its in rest mode – otherwise your controllers wont charge unless the playstaion is on.Read more

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  12. Jack

    Very quiet when in use. Double controller charge port is sleek and effective. Didn’t realise but the base has 3 extra USB ports so I can now charge all my equipment at the same time without removing my PS headset USB!Read more

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  13. H W C

    This stand holds my PS4 Pro securely and the charging docks work well. You can feel the fans cooling the ps. In a perfect world the fans would be quieter and have some sort of temperature sensing so they cut off at a set temp. I have my ps set to provide usb power for three hours after turn off to charge the controller but you either have to put up with the fan noise or manually turn them off. Over all though very pleased with this stand so far.Read more

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    PS4 Universal Controller Charger KINGTOP PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Charging Station
    PS4 Universal Controller Charger KINGTOP PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Charging Station


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