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Purina | Nutritionally Complete Duck Feed for All Life-Stages | 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag

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100% complete daily nutrition Purina Duck Feed Pellets are balanced and complete, specifically formulated to meet the requirements for growing and mature ducks. If feeding laying ducks , then provide a separate feeder that contains Purina Oyster Shell.
Research proven feed Purina has been conducting poultry research for nearly a century. We have a flock of backyard birds at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center to help our nutritionists, feed formulators and flock caregivers evaluate our feeds before we put them on the market.
Key nutrients to support growth and development 19% protein to get young birds off to a strong start and to maintain older birds. A blend of calcium and phosphorus ensures strong bones throughout the life of each bird.
Strong legs with 60 ppm niacin We want your ducks to waddle along with you every day, which is why our Duck Feed Pellets are formulated to ensure that your ducks are getting the necessary niacin in every bite they take.
Healthy immune system Contains prebiotics and probiotics to support immune and digestive health.


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Purina Duck Feed is specialized to meet the unique nutritional needs of ducks. Recommended for ducklings from day one through first egg and non-egg-laying adult ducks. Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and a strong start.

Specification: Purina | Nutritionally Complete Duck Feed for All Life-Stages | 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag

Dimensions 8 × 6 × 25 in

8 reviews for Purina | Nutritionally Complete Duck Feed for All Life-Stages | 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag

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  1. HRH-FishAreFish

    I purchased two different duck foods. The other brand I purchased at Chewy is called Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance Duck & Geese Food. Absolutely nobody likes this Purina Duck Feed, not even the ducks. The woodland creatures get excited about the Mazuri brand…the neighborhood crows are crazy about Mazuri’s, the mallards that visit my ponds snack on it, even my Siamese cat goes nuts over Mazuri Duck Feed (I have to keep the bag of Mazuri’s secure from my cat). This Purina brand of duck food just goes uneaten and rots away. Another difference worth mentioning is that the Purina brand of duck feed sinks in water, while the Mazuri brand floats in water. From my experience, I can not recommend this Purina Duck Feed.Read more

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  2. Dygit Alyse

    We went up North for vacation. For the last few years we were feeding the ducks scraps and other things. This year I made the decision to bring them some good food. The ate it up like crazy. We actually called it duck hoovering because of how fast they were eating. It was great enjoyment and I felt a little better feeding the ducks. You must feed the ducks on land this stuff does not float. After we ran out of pellets, we used cracked corn. The baby ducks liked diving for it and the other ducks ate well, but it was not the same as the pellets.Read more

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  3. Delia M Willes

    Good lord, the local ducks in our neighborhood go crazy for this stuff! They come running from across the pond when they see us approach. They eat it RIGHT OUT OF OUR HANDS! They’re like little web-footed vacuums that inhale this food. My husband and I take a sandwich bag of food on our walks, and come back empty every time. It’s so much better for them than bread or crackers. No, the food doesn’t float, but just feed them on land and they’ll eat up every morsel. It’s pretty awesome, and it makes our day (and the ducks’ day, too!). Get ya some!Read more

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  4. David King

    This product is PERFECT for new baby ducks! They are strong and healthy

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  5. Dinah Green

    I feed 2 very old male ducks that were put in our pond at least 8 or 9 years ago. One is a mallard and the other is a black American duck. They have clipped wings and are really stuck here. I alternate the food with corn and they really look good. The Mallard had of one of his feet bitten off by a snapping turtle and is crippled and doesn’t walk well. They watch for me every day at 5 pm to bring them food. The food is a bit expensive to feed exclusively.Read more

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  6. Rachel

    I bought this to throw to the ducks in my pond, because the kind I usually get was sold out. These pellets sink immediately, so fast that the ducks couldn’t even get one before it sank. They were quite disappointed. These pellets may be good for ducks in your yard or wherever, but don’t get them if your ducks come to visit you by water!Read more

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  7. Rosanne Oliverio

    Giant holes in the bag, lost more than half the product. The way in which this was delivered is completely disgusting. Two giant holes in the bags and I came home to a pile of the duck feed on my front porch. I looked at my cameras and nothing crossed my porch or got into the bags so this is an indication that it was delivered in this condition. Seriously lost more than half the product just spilling out onto the ground nowhere near where I need it to be. Complete waste of money. If the company wants to reach out to me and send me another product that is not defective I am properly sealed and packaged,and delivered with care, I’d be willing to take down this review but other than that, one star for overall experience.Read more

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  8. paintmehazel

    The Pekin duck that was dumped in the water near us LOVES LOVES this food. Our herding trainer has about 60 ducks and told us this was the best duck food for her. Please take the time to educate everyone that ducks can NOT eat bread or crackers.Read more

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    Purina | Nutritionally Complete Duck Feed for All Life-Stages | 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag
    Purina | Nutritionally Complete Duck Feed for All Life-Stages | 5 Pound (5 lb.) Bag


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