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Quilting Tape Wash Away Tape Each 1/4 Inch by 22 Yard (1 Roll)

(13 customer reviews)

Apply for: the tape has good stickiness, you can apply it for tricky quilting piecing, applique placement, positioning patch pockets and lining up zip tape and so on
Stitch and fix: the double side type can be stitched; This tape will help you fix cloth or paper and convenient to home sewing or DIY crafts
Solubility in water:you can sew through it without your needle getting gummed up, because it has the characteristics of solubility in water and it can wash away in the water
Sew easily for small holes: the quilting type can be sewed through easily and conveniently for its small holes on the double side when you fix more layers of fabric or thick cloth
Size: 0.6 cm/ 0.24 inch in width; Material: water soluble adhesive tape


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Compatible Material: Paper, Fabric. Number of Items: 1. Size: 1 Roll. Material: Paper. Brand: Outus. Date First Available: April 19, 2017. Manufacturer: Outus. Item Weight: 0.494 ounces. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No. Best Sellers Rank: #72,057 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing. Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 408 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars. ASIN: B071R3HWFH. Package Dimensions: 8.15 x 5.83 x 0.28 inches.

Specification: Quilting Tape Wash Away Tape Each 1/4 Inch by 22 Yard (1 Roll)

Weight 0.494 lbs

13 reviews for Quilting Tape Wash Away Tape Each 1/4 Inch by 22 Yard (1 Roll)

4.1 out of 5
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  1. D. B.

    Helped to piece together curves in my quilt blocks. It really was better than trying to pin odd edges of the curves and hoping they stay perfectly aligned. This ensured that I didn’t get any stretching among different materials. Applying it was slightly tedious at first, but better than pinning, end result is near perfect. I found that you want to tape what you’re able to sew in one sitting. The un-sewn pieces began to release, a day or two after I finally got back to sew them together. No worries however, as moistened fingers pressing the pieces back together reactivated the tape nicely. I also pretaped some pieces before joining them to other pieces, the tape began to release after a day or two, so before I pulled the backing off, I used a cool and dry iron to reset the stickyness of the tape on my 1/2 piece. Bottom line, it seems to stick well, but tape and sew the same day.Read more

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  2. loveadict44

    This will work in a pinch, but it’s not as great as the actual Wonder tape. This one sometimes gums up my needles and doesn’t wash away immediately (takes about 2-3 washes). It also just is not as sticky and has a very strong odor. I bought this because I used my wonder tape so often that I was constantly running out. I thought since this was cheaper and came in a bigger roll, it’d be more practical. It’s not bad, but it’s not great.Read more

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  3. AbbyNNK

    Wonder tape! I go through a lot of Collins Wonder Tape as I use it for attaching zippers or quilt bindings before sewing them. This is the same stuff. Much Much larger roll. Make sure to store the roll flat or it won’t stay that way. Came off the roll fine. Just like with the Wonder Tape make sure to keep it away from humidity since it is water soluble. Will be buying more. Cheapest I have found.Read more

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  4. Lz3

    I hemmed 2 maxi dresses. Gave me such neat hems! One cotton and the other chiffon thin. I cut dress, put tape right below of where I want fold my hem, then press tape then peel off the layer to reveal adhesive, then fold material on tape and press down, and I also use iron for extra hold in place. After sewing It is slightly stiff so I just run luke to warm water on the finished hem and rub my fingers along the hem to help dissolve the tape quicker. Once dry then nothing is weighing the hem down (even though it isnt a heavy weigh..if you are in a hurry to wear it shouldnt be a big deal with cotton..etc) before it is actually time to wash the dress once I finally wear it.Read more

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  5. Donna

    I love this tape. It helps so much with getting your fabric started on the sewing machine, especially when using the rolled hemmer foot and going around the corners. . It’s great for holding zippers in, supporting necklines…… many different uses. Wish I had known about this a long time ago!Read more

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  6. Husker58

    This is a huge game changer when it comes to sewing in a zipper! It was great to hold my zipper in place to get it sewn in without slipping around or trying to use pins to hold it in place. I would absolutely recommend this!Read more

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  7. Clam Laker

    Planned to use it to hold a zipper in place prior to sewing. Didn’t stick even a little bit — maybe I got an old one because others seem to be satisfied. Was surprised and very unhappy that it can’t be returned.Read more

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  8. Theresa I. Vitzthum

    It is difficult to remove the backing. More importantly, the “tape” does not stick. It holds for a few seconds – literally – and then releases. Don’t waste your money on this.Read more

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  9. Ms V.

    This tape is sticky on both sides but can be moved if you need to change the placement, then iron it briefly afterwards to set the glue. I haven’t been sewing long and I had a lot of trouble with dressmaking when I began. I couldn’t cut fabric well until I invested in a rotary cutter, I had difficulty ironing straight hems until I bought an ironing ruler, I struggled to line fabric pieces up with pins until I discovered clips, and this quilting tape is the latest thing I have bought which has completely improved my results. People make sewing sound so easy, well I didn’t find it so but it has become easy with the right tools! I would recommend this tape to any beginning dressmaker.Read more

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  10. liquorice_allsorts

    I bought this as well as the more expensive Prym version and i’m almost certain they’re the exact same product. Both do the same job and are just as sticky, so i’ll be sticking to this tape in future (sorry for the pun). Its an absolute must for getting neat hems and edges in stretchy fabric. I was trying all sorts of tips and tricks i’d seen on Youtube, but just couldn’t get a good edge that wasn’t wavy. I tried this tape and couldn’t believe how good the results looked. The tape stops the fabric from stretching and gives it some rigidity, so the machine can make perfect zigzag stitches without pulling the fabric together and creating a weird creased tunnel. Also great for adding elastic to the stretch fabric for creating stretchy openings. I added some to the unstretched fabric and then stuck the stretched elastic to it and the tape is sticky enough to hold the stretched elastic. Another thing I have found it comes in very handy for sewing in zippers as pins can often distort the fabric so its hard to get a nice neat top stitch. This tape holds the zip in place and allows you to get a nice neat line of stitching. Its expensive for what is a tiny roll of tape, but the results are well worth the cost if you’re just making small amounts and want the results to look as good as possible.Read more

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  11. Natalie Simmers

    I honestly can’t do without this for my sewing projects, it’s a necessity when sewing on zips to stretchy fabrics. A total life safer of you want them to look professional, it sticks on really well and washes away with no residue left behind. Easy to use and just honestly a must have.Read more

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  12. CMcC

    I have found this good for some things such as applique and holding larger pieces of fabric in place. However I have struggled to use it successfully for narrow seams in fine materials. I have found that the needle sticks to the adhesive and won’t move forwards smoothly. This was one of the main uses that I had hoped that it would be good for but it has not worked at all for me. Hence the low rating.Read more

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  13. Chrisy_Parsnips

    Works really well, used to hem a Jersey top. Helped stop the fabric stretching and didn’t leave my needle sticky. Tried washing out by hand and didn’t work too well, but the washing machine sorted it out fine. Much cheaper than branded versions.Read more

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    Quilting Tape Wash Away Tape Each 1/4 Inch by 22 Yard (1 Roll)
    Quilting Tape Wash Away Tape Each 1/4 Inch by 22 Yard (1 Roll)


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