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Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce 1 – Pack

(13 customer reviews)

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE: Can be used anywhere around the home
SPREADS EASILY: Apply with any putty knife for a professional looking finish
WON’T SHRINK OR CRACK: Requires only 1 application to create a permanent, long lasting repair
NO SANDING REQUIRED: Simply smooth the repair flush with the wall and you are done
PAINTABLE IN MINUTES: Dries fast and saves time


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Red Devil ONETIME Lightweight Spackling makes repairing walls and ceilings fast and easy! It fills cracks, dents, nailheads and other holes in just a single applications. This premixed formula goes on smoothly, dries quickly and can be used indoors or outdoors. It won’t shrink, sag or crack after being applied, and because it’s so lightweight, it requires no sanding. Try ONETIME and you’ll see why it’s the professionals’ #1 choice in lightweight spackling!.


• Only One Application Needed

• Paintable in Minutes

• No Sanding Required

• Won’t Shrink or Crack


• Plaster/Drywall

• Stucco

• Wood

• Particle Board

Red Devil, Inc. is still a privately-owned family business with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Pryor, Oklahoma. Click on the Red Devil link at the top of this page to vist our CARTGET Brand Store.

Pre mixed formula for fast, professional repairs in just one application. Use to fill cracks, nail holes, and other holes in plaster, wallboard, wood and stucco. Won’t shrink crack or sag. No sanding required. Interior/Exterior. Water clean up

Specification: Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce 1 – Pack

Weight 3.84 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in

13 reviews for Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce 1 – Pack

2.7 out of 5
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  1. Erik Stearns

    The media could not be loaded. It does not spread well and drops messy clumps all over the place. Also, it for not have excellent adhesion either when trying to install a patch to the ceiling. This product is cheap because it isn’t worth buying at all.Read more

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  2. 12review

    I tried to finish a small drywall joint. Product seemed to have worked and filled the gap well. After sanding surface looked perfect & ready to be painted. However, during painting putty liquifed back and lost the smooth surface. Joint gap was well visible once paint was dried up. No go. This caused me to redo everything from scratch. Regular gypsum drywall compound was the much cheaper and much better solution. Bottom line – get this product perhaps if you have some money and time to waste. Otherwise just pass.Read more

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  3. Smart Shopper

    This Red Devil was pure evil for me! (Pun intended) It didn’t go on well. Spreading was terrible. It didn’t paint over well either. I had to start all over with a different product. If you are covering/filling in a small (tiny) pin hole you will be fine. Anything else…forget it!Read more

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  4. itsmewallyz

    It’s hard to get excited about spackling, but this stuff is simply spack-tacular. I’ll never buy another kind of spackling — ever. There are so many advantages that this spackling has over the competition. It really does not require sanding, which is a total pain. And while it does dry fast, it stays malleable for as long as you need it to if you have to make several passes on an area of the wall. In addition (and I really love this about it), if you apply too much on the wall and/or putty knife and some falls off, it doesn’t become embedded into the carpet. It stays in a clump and is very easy to simply pick up and discard without having to worry about smearing it into the carpet. Trust me, once you try this spackling there is no way you’ll ever purchase another brand or type. This stuff is just great.Read more

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  5. Ohm

    As others have said (see the video/pics), it’s really awful compared to the regular “mud” type stuff. This can’t spread well as it’s not liquefied. It’s clumpy like trying to spread bread crumbs or marshmallow pieces. Only for tiny nail holes, absolutely forget buying this for bigger holes, plaster holes/chips, fixing larger hammer dents or big screw holes, patching ceilings… forget it. Awful for plaster walls and sheetrock. I can’t get it to spread without crumbling whereas liquid mud/Spakling just goes on so nicely and easily fills in dents and holes of all sizes, and dries quickly for sanding. This takes FOREVER to dry, and even longer if you use more than a tiny pin hole amount. Hate it! Couldn’t find my other stuff so ordered this.Read more

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  6. Alice Pan

    I’m in the process of painting our walls of an old home. The original walls are yellow from years of use and there are countless dings, scratches, gouges, and dents in our walls allover. I was skeptical of the quality of this product due to the price, but I’m so glad I made the purchase! It’s super simple to wipe and clean if you make a mistake, the putty doesn’t dry out (I’ve had it open and in use), and surprisingly, I’ve used it on DEEP gouges and it patches beautifully! I tack on quite a bit of putty, wipe down and flatten with a putty knife, and clean the edges. I let it sit for 30 minutes to dry and then I go over with my paint. It does a great job and I would absolutely recommend this for anything from small projects like deep holes to scrapes that hit the drywall.Read more

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  7. Mat

    This spackle is fantastic. Seeing some reviews and their spackle job make me laugh a bit. You can’t blame this product for your bad handy work. This spackle is a light fluffy paste and goes on nice and clean. Spreads easily, and dries pretty quickly. I also bought their Red Divil plastic putty knives and those are also good. Fixed the holes in my walls! Once I paint it will disapear. Make your fill in holes even. I will buy more if/when i run out.Read more

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  8. R. Kim

    Let me explain. First of all, just lift the container… it feels like it’s totally empty. That’s because this stuff has the consistency of WHIPPING CREAM. In other words, it’s mostly AIR, which explains it’s low price. It spreads easily and does the job, but when you use it, you’ll find it so “snow-like” in consistency that you’ll be picking up annoyed bits of it from all over your floor. I would definitely stay with the “old-fashioned” spackle compound, and let some air head buy this version.Read more

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  9. Sylvia R.

    Difficult to gauge a half pint serving with a phot that inflates the size. A half pint of product sounds a lot but it’s not as it barely fills a teacup. It will require my purchasing more in order to complete the project. An expensive mistake in purchasing this item.Read more

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  10. Amanda

    I was thinking there would be more, but it worked great! I would love it if there were a larger size option. Anyway I piped it into cips to make hot coco cups. They turned out fantastic. Thank you very muchRead more

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  11. Tony Wang

    I’m always skeptical when I see anything that is touted as “onetime”. Because it’s never really onetime. But lo and behold this is actually one time. Get a putty knife, pack the spackling into the hole, roughly, and the area surrounding the hole, scrape away the excess and you have yourself a well filled hole that is completely flat. It also dries rather quickly making it easy to work with. It really is just apply, flatten and forget. You can sand down the dried spackling like traditional dried mud to get a smoother finish. It goes on and scrapes away easy and works very consistently. Unlike mud or drywall compound, applying this spackling, which is closer to a paste in consistency, is a lot easier and not nearly as messy. Overall great product for when you have some holes to patch or small divot in your wall that needs filling. You don’t even need to be any kind of a professionals to get great results. Note: this 1/2 pint mini tub had allowed me to fill in roughy 3 dozen holes and dents in my wall and I’ve only thus far used a little more than half of whats in the tub.Read more

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  12. Sanguine

    Weird crumbly texture. Not good for anything larger than a nail hole. Comes white, light, and dries slow. Does not fill particularly well. Prefer Dex.Read more

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  13. Ricardo Gonzalez

    El producto llego mal tapado, seco. Imposible de usarRead more

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    Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce 1 – Pack
    Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce 1 – Pack


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