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Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz

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Wood floor restoration and polishing formula fills in scratches, restores glossy shine and protects hardwood flooring
Bonds to existing finish to resist stains and spills with no waxy build up
Pour on and mop application with our microfiber mop bonnet seals and protects wood floors for years
Perfect for all residential and commercial hardwood floor restoration and polishing projects. It’s not recommended to use Rejuvenate Professional Floor Restorer on laminate, tile, stone, vinyl or any other flooring surface
One bottle covers up to 525 sq. ft. and dries within 45 minutes | Proudly Made in America


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Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Non-Toxic Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz

Specification: Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz

Dimensions 2 × 5 × 112 in

11 reviews for Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz

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  1. Crys

    The media could not be loaded. Love this! Have an 1890’s parlor room with dry ashy looking wood. Don’t have money to refinish so i thought I’d try this and it worked so well! It not only made the wood richer color but also a little shine plus made it smooth compared to the rough unfinished flooor that it was I’m the video i show the difference with rejuvenate compared to unfinished. Also at end of video i pour some out so you can see consistency of liquid and how it spreads. I simply spread with a rag on my hands and kneesRead more

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  2. gorka

    My house is from the 1920s and well, let’s just say that the floors have seen better days. The ashy looking hardwood is pretty much filled with scratches. The fact that my dogs like running around doesn’t help either. If I could I would just replace the whole darn thing but 1- that costs money 2- i don’t want to deal with such a big project. So in the meantime I decided that I’d try my hand at restoring it. I was surprised at how straightforward it was with this product! I followed the instructions and applied it by pouring it onto the floor. I used mymicrofiber mop to spread it across the surface, it worked well I’d say. The difference was noticeable after one application, the dull wood became much brighter and shinier. I went on to apply a second layer with no problems. It leaves the floor very shiny with no buildup. Pros: I like how the product is easy to use. You just have to put it on the floor, spread it out and thats it. It took me less than 30 minutes to do the entire living room (using a stick mop makes the whole task so much more easier). One thing to remember though is that you do not want to shake the bottle before using it…that will create a bunch of bubbles that’ll make things more difficult. Just lightly rock it back and forth, that all you need to do. Another thing that I like about it is that it contains no hazardous chemicals and leaves no fumes. I’ve used some cleaners in the past with horrendous scents and I just can’t stand them. Overall, Im pleased with the results. It might not get rid of all the scratches as advertised but it definitely makes them less visible with all the shininess. I wouldn’t say that my floors look brand new but they definitely do not look like they’re from the 1920s anymore! Now the challenge is to prevent my dogs from putting new nail marks on it. I guess I can always reapply the product, though. Ive read on Amazon that some people actually use it to rejuvenate their floors every few weeks with success so thats probably what i’ll end up doing too. Cons: The product works well but its important that you apply it all at once on the floor otherwise there will be streak marks. If you have a large area to cover, it can be a race against time as it will end up drying. Depending on the size of your floor, you might need to get a few bottles. The bottles themselves come with a considerable amount of product but trust me you’ll go through it quickly. That brings me to my second point…the cost. My 32oz bottle cost me $20, which I find to be a bit expensive. I wouldn’t say that it isn’t worth it since it does what its supposed to do but just heads up that the total cost can add up if you need to buy several bottles.Read more

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  3. Irina Mugerfeld

    I’ve been using this product for years. I have really old hard wood floors. When I first moved into my house I didn’t know any better and used a steam mop to clean them for a while. Of course the got cloudy and dull fast. This product brought the finish back to life. Even the few tough spots where I left the steam mop rest for too long resulting in a hazy white triangle were gone. I apply by pouring into the floor and spreading with a microfiber washcloth attached to a Swiffer. No special equipment. One application is enough for a beautiful shine, but I’ll do two coats if I’m feeling ambitious. I like to do this about every 6-12 months. Leaves floors very shiny without noticable buildup. I took a star off because it doesn’t actually fill in scratches like the product claims. In fact I’d say it highlights them because they are so shiny after use. This doesn’t really bother me though, I have old floors and don’t expect them to be perfect. I’m just happy the finish looks so good!Read more

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  4. Jean Carr

    I am a mopping addict. I was looking back at photos when I first moved into my place 2 years ago and it was obvious my excessive mopping had taken a toll. I also had a couple of pieces of furniture that could have used some felt pads to prevent scratching. I also have a large dog that basically ice skates around my place. In short, my floor was looking ROUGH. I mopped myself out the door and kept my dog out. We returned 3ish hours later and it looks like an NBA court. Better than when I moved in. I was able to put my rugs furniture down 5 hours after the start of the application. It solved the problem quickly and easily. Only issue was that I didn’t have the correct mop that worked with the cover sold under the “frequently bought with” trio. I got a large microfiber mop from Walgreens. Problem solved. AMAZINGRead more

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  5. sandra n sims

    Excellent results. I used Rejuvenate floor cleaner first and then applied two coats of this product. I am very pleased with the results on my 18 year old oak floors.Read more

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  6. SI

    There is really nothing else like this product! My floor were really damaged by my dogs and this solution has virtually restored them! I can’t say enough about it and I appreciate that it contains no harsh or hazardous chemicals, leaves no fumes, residue or buildup. And, I use it EVERY week. I found that using a slightly lighter coat really extends the product and keep my floors looking great every day. I also find that I do not need to wait nearly as long for the product to dry as is recommended. It dries quickly and completely and so I don’t have to clear the afternoon to clean my floors. I strongly encourage users to be sure that their floors are VERY clean before applying this product as dirt, dust and other debris will stick to the floor if you apply the restorer over it. Don’t be put off by the price, it’s worth every dime and will save you money in the long run. I just LOVE this product and it’s not available everywhere so being able to purchase it here, on Amazon, is a real plus. Go on and getcha some and enjoy your beautiful “like new” floors. This product really lives up to it’s name!Read more

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  7. i.Anonymous

    Bought this based on good reviews and I have to say Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer really works and it’s so simple to apply. Just pour the liquid on the floor and use microfiber cloth to mop it in, wait an hour or so and tada! My parquet flooring looks refreshed! I did the same process over the course of a day applying 3 layers and now my parquet floor looks incredible for a DIY job. I have to caveat that this does not replace a professional polishing job where scuffs and deep scratches on the wood can be polished away (sand down). Rejuvenate works to restore the shine and look on an old flooring, and providing protection in a simple way. Definitely worth the price!Read more

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  8. Christopher Ng

    The finish on my hardwood floors were old, abused and practically destroyed from years of neglect through careless tenants, and tradesmen over the years. As we are planning to move in to house our new addition to the family, I needed a quick and easy solution to the problem that wouldn’t require us to move all the furniture out, so a proper professional refinish was out of the question. Although I had suspected that this product would not do as claimed, I decided to give it a shot as I was lacking better options. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked a treat! The floors shine like they haven’t in years, and although deep scratches and other damage were not filled, the floors look beautiful. You wouldn’t know it without close inspection! Definitely give this one a try! I applied this with a microfibre towel wrapped around a short piece of 2×4 instead of the mop head recommendation, and it was quick and easy to apply two coats.Read more

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  9. Wes

    We use the product regularly. Works well on our real oak hardwood. Hard to find in stores and when you do is a small 16 oz bottle. Was happy to find a larger one. Make sure you read and follow the bottle instructions.Read more

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  10. René

    surprised it doesn’t do laminate floors. wonder why does someone know why because I may have a bottle for sale as my floors are laminate. wonder what would happen if I use it ???Read more

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  11. Martha Alicia Arroyo Garcia

    Excelente producto algo caro pero muy buenoRead more

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    Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz
    Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Easy Mop On Application High Gloss Finish 32oz


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