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ResMed AirFit F20 Replacement CPAP Mask Headgear (Large)

(13 customer reviews)

HCPC: A7035
Included in box: Headgear with clips
Size: Large


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Headgear size Large. This is the replacement headgear for the ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face mask and F20 for her. The innovative headgear is designed for extra softness and stability, the plush straps helps ensure patients settle into therapy quickly and comfortably. The ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask is compatible with three different headgear sizes: Small, Standard, and Large, to ensure an optimal fit for the user. Includes: 1 Headgear in Selected Size or Color 1 Set of Magnetic Headgear Clips

13 reviews for ResMed AirFit F20 Replacement CPAP Mask Headgear (Large)

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  1. Tsunami

    This could possibly be a counterfeit. However, to be fair, my mask is a ResMed airtouch f20 and the description says “airfit” so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt but compared to the headgear I got from the Dr. with my airtouch F20 headgear/mask setup BiPAP machine, this looks like a complete counterfeit. The materials are similar but the quality appears to be far lower in the mask that I got from amazon. I haven’t used it yet but I’ve tried it on and it just felt a bit off. That’s actually what made me compare it directly to my original headgear. It also appears to be on the smaller side even though it says large. I have a size medium headgear that I got from the Dr. as well and it feels closer to that size than a large. Also, the one I got looks nothing like the image on the product page. The image looks exactly like my original and authentic headgear. But what I received does not look like the image.Read more

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  2. J. Goldstein

    I’m really confused as to why they list both sizes when they are identical. I was hoping for something a bit bigger than the standard the F20 comes with so it’s not pressing down on the top of my head so much. Paying $25 wasn’t a big deal but to have it be the same exact thing is frustrating. It even has F20 L screen printed on it but it’s really just the standard headgear that comes with your insurance-provided mask kit.Read more

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  3. Cee Dee

    I ordered and received the Large headgear. I have a 7 1/2 hat size skull. The 2 chin straps fit fine with plenty of adjustment either way. The top straps at maximum length are to small. I mean way to small ! Could not be more disappointed in the size. Everything else seems fine, well constructed at a fair price. Did I mention the size is misleading ?Read more

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  4. Hp5946

    When I started CPAP therapy, the headgear I received was regular sized. Once in place it fell right at the base of my head where my head and neck meet. I spent two months being extraordinarily uncomfortable. Then I finally spoke to my respiratory therapist and figured out that part of the problem I was having was that the headgear was probably the wrong size. I had assumed she would tell me that I needed something smaller, but instead she said I needed something larger. Her company happened to be out of stock on the larger headgear, so I went onto Amazon and this one was in stock. Not only in stock but I got next day delivery. Where I live I almost never get next day delivery with prime. I usually got two day delivery. Getting it the next day and trying it out was fabulous. After 2 months of struggling, I finally have a headgear that helps. I’ve had some of the best sleep over the last few days than I’ve had in years. I would not outright suggest this headgear, but I would suggest talking to your provider if you’re having issues with your current headgear to see if this would be appropriate for you. If it’s appropriate for you then it’s fully recommended.Read more

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  5. A. Atilano

    I really wanted to like this headgear. Item description said LARGE, so I was worried about it possibly being too big. Tried it, if anything it is TOO SMALL. It leaves uncomfortable dents on my forehead from my mask pushing in. Can’t adjust it any further. Had to return it. I honestly feel like it would have worked and been comfortable, had it been the right size.Read more

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  6. David A

    Sent it back. Knockoff product with no authentic packaging. This was marked as a large size on the strap, but it was smaller than the medium sized one I was replacing.Read more

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  7. Bert

    Have purchased three of these of these in the last few days,, and am completely and totally upset. The first one I purchased came to me as a “Standard” size,,, in respect to sizes I assumed it would be a medium. This item would not even allow my F20 cushion to fit to my face,,, could not get straps to lengthen enough to clip to my cushion.. Returned this Item and re-ordered the “SO CALLED ” large size headgear,, (2) at a higher price. They arrived to day, tried to fit them to my cushion and adjust,, not happening…. They are marked Large, but are EXACTLY the same size as the Standard size, yet I paid for large… I measured these against each other,, as I said Exactly the same,,, Standard size and Large size. Not happy with this kind of sales practices, and will search else where for resmed products in the future.. I guess I’m stuck wi th these lemons now,,,, I need something to use, maybe “DUCT TAPE WILL HELP. POOR quality control from,,,,,,,,,who else,,, the orient !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read more

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  8. Johann

    I seem to have received one that is larger than the Official large from ResMed, straps are too long to be used. Not happy. Do I now order a Standard ? There are comments indicating that it is the same size as the large. Why is there no quality control on these ? No response from manufacturerRead more

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  9. Rohit

    The magnetic clips did not come with the headgear depute it saying on description. Extremely disappointedRead more

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  10. LMS

    Ordered a large but doesn’t even come close to original large purchased with machine. This headgear is very small . Quality seems ok. Returned item as no extra large is available on Amazon. 1.25 inches less in circumference on circular section. All other straps are same lengths.Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    its great you need it you pay for it i did but its a big rip off i took the old one made it just like new wash it then dry it fast it will compress to original size simpleRead more

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  12. Farva Rizvi

    Headgear was supposed to be with clips as shown in the picture but the clips were missing. If it was without clips then the realistic picture of the product should be shown on the Amazon website instead of misguiding the customers and wasting their time and money.Read more

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  13. Pierre

    Product shows magnetic clip, one buyer answers that clips dont with it, BUT A seller or the seller answers Yes it comes with it, but i received it clips. It shouldnt have contradictory answers especially from someone identified as the Seller.Read more

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    ResMed AirFit F20 Replacement CPAP Mask Headgear (Large)
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