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Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands +Carry Bag/Universal Pair of Stands with Bag

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Includes: (2) Tripod Speaker Stands. (1) Carry bag for the stands.
Pair Rockville RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands With Carry Bag.
Adjustable Height. Steel Construction with Nylon Clutch and Base. Black Color.
Weight Capacity: 100 lbs. Adjustable Height Range: 71 inches.
Base spread: 0-32 inches. Tube Diameter: 1.38 inches. Leg Diameter: 1.38 inches.
User needs a speaker on the stand to lower it because it lowers with weight

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This heavy-duty universal stand can be used as a Speaker Stand or a Lighting Stand! It’s sturdy steel construction adds to the quality and support this stand gives. The sturdy and expandable long tripod legs ensure that your speakers will be stable in any environment.

Specification: Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands +Carry Bag/Universal Pair of Stands with Bag

Weight 12.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5 × 36.5 in

12 reviews for Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands +Carry Bag/Universal Pair of Stands with Bag

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  1. Josh Coffey

    I bought these to support 2 peavey 15” speakers. I didn’t realize these aren’t necessarily rated for that until after I received them, but they have been on these poles for 2 weeks now and I have seen no issues or concerns. One thing I will tell you: check your bolts and nuts. Make sure everything is tight enough not to have play. It takes 2 minutes to do all of them and that may make all the difference in your experience with these. You can tell a difference between these and the higher end models but…. If you are not a touring band that requires setup/tear down every night and abuse on the road, I think you’ll be fine. Just check everything over as I mentioned.Read more

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  2. G

    Super solid tripod. Smooth action. 2 screws for tightening 2 pole extensions + cotter pin. Bag seemed well stitched and even included a thoughtful design aspect of an inner divider to keep stands from rolling/clunking around all over each other. Note: Due to the design of the tripod spread action, the center pole shoots up when tripod is at a minimal spread, and gradually shortens as spread extends to full diameter. That bumped up the shortest height number. This was a problem for me since I wanted PA to sit at the shortest height with the smallest floor spread. In a cramped home studio, not commercial stage needs, I was more concerned with footprint and top height not blocking paintings. But boy oh boy, these tripods would be safe and sturdy on a stage if they were utilised for commercial needs. Im returning, but great buy!Read more

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  3. Alan G

    I was doing a volunteer show for my 50th class reunion, and I wanted to “liven it up” a little bit, with these lighted speaker stands. They are good for the price paid, but I have a few suggestions. First, I have older DJ speakers (quite expensive) that have larger receptacles than newer speakers, (I assume). To correct this, I used 1/16″ rubber sheet to make a slip-on sleeve for the speaker posts, to solve the issue. Secondly, the clamps that hold the speaker pole in place, do not hold. The result, is that when placing the speaker on the pole, the pole slides down, making matching the 2 speaker heights, difficult. Each speaker only weighs 30 pounds, far beyond the specs given. I have no easy fix for this, as per your warning, I did not want to “overtighten” the clamps, and I agree. they would have broken. Lastly, the microphone that activates the lights are not sensitive enough to pick up average speaker volume levels. I would recommend a mini plug input to the driver box, that could be connected directly to one of the speaker leads. Of course, the added circuit would be “attenuated” to prevent damage to the driver box. I am a seasoned electronic technician, and I will have the modification done by my next volunteer event. All and all, I am pleased with the product, and I believe anyone purchasing your product will be satisfied.Read more

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  4. Wayne Stewart

    I would have given it 5 stars, but the packaging came so beat up that there was about a 1.5″ long tear in the carry bag. Otherwise, works great with my 15″ Rockville 3-way speakers. Just don’t raise it without a speaker on it or you will find it very difficult to collapse without the additional weight. One thing all these tripods do is leave the feet angled the same as the legs, when a slight bend to them would see them engaging the floor that much more firmly. The unit wouldn’t be as streamlined when collapsed for storage, but it would be a lot safer for the speakers and those are what the stands are designed to protect in the first place. Hey Rockville! Food for thought.Read more

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  5. TheAudionElectricalGuru

    I have gone through many of different speaker stands as a mobile DJ over the years. I just got these in the mail today. I can already tell that these should outlast the others. I say this because other speaker stands have only plastic where the three legs join, this one is made of metal There is no need to ratached down hard on the pole to set the stands, I would advise against it so it doesn’t leave an impression on your pole. Now for the pole you place your speaker on. This is great! The safety latch automatically engages, No need for sloppy or cumbersome safety pins/bars for this stand. It automatically engages the safety and then you tighten it and you are set. While the Air assist is a nice feature, I am not a little guy so the weight of letting down a speaker is no big deal to me, but it is a nice feature. It works like a dream slowly lowering your speaker down. These Stands are worth the 56.99 frankly and it comes with a free carrying case which is built quite well, it has two sets of straps in the carrying case to secure the top of the stand and the base, with a nylon divider in between the two sections to keep your stands looking Sharp and new like you just bought them for every event. Something I know other speaker stand bags just do not have. I will be buying 10 more sets of these to keep in the warehouse and issue them out to our DJ’s for light – medium weight speakers. **** Speaker weight for these is only 80lbs***** not 100lbs btwRead more

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  6. Amazonoholic

    I’ve had a set of these for about 5 years now and they haven’t failed me yet, I actually just realized I never left a review when I came back to buy another set. The bag has long since been lost but I still have both stands and they show a bit or wear but hold my powered 15” speakers tall and proud. I’m a boiler DJ and these are my go to stands. I have a gig coming up where I need my main 15” speakers inside the venue and a set of small 8” speakers outside, getting another set for the my 8” Rockville RPG8 speakers.Read more

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  7. Perry Rotzell

    The stands come in a sturdy cardboard box. Opening the box, the stands come fully assembled and are simple to set up and use. The tripod legs open wide enough to give a stable platform at the full 71″ height. The reason I chose these over many others was for the included carrying bag, which has sufficiently strong carrying straps. The zipper is solid and inside the carrying case, there are Velcro straps to hold everything in place. I like it and highly recommend it.Read more

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  8. Boyax

    The thing that I like about this is the air cushion but the thing is one only only works. Then I ask for a replacement but came the same one is working but not quite well. I kept a pair because of the price and this the only pair of stand that has a reasonable price. I have to return the other pair because of some defective parts and cosmetic damages maybe because of transit or whatever reason it was damaged. My advise to consumer is to think before buying this product so you don’t get disappointed when you get this. I’m a mobile dj for part time and I’m very particular about my equipment but this one I made an exception due to some stand that I don’t think is worthed to buy. I live it all to you my readers.Read more

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  9. Ian

    Item was fine, EXCEPT** a broken adjustment knob on one of the stands right out of the box. Cant use without. :(. Rockville wants all sorts of proof of purchase, pictures etc ….to send a $3 replacement knob? Going thru hoops for it to be sent, in fact asked to be sent a few more as breakage & wear will surely happen in future. Ad says “heavy duty” but they definitely are not. ok for what i need at this time mind you, secondary stands. BUT…cheap small plastic knob handles are obviously fragile, and smaller size than usual heavier stands…. makes for a rare size knob and chasing down Rockville to send the real replacement parts, is no fun. I hope i’m not out of luck as time goes on and im stucj with a waste of money that wont adjust and hold what i put on them…sigh.Read more

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  10. bill calhoun

    The media could not be loaded. Overall, the ability to “level up” video tech setup, onto one convenient rolling tripod is AWESOME! The other tripod stands I’ve tried were specifically made for lighting or boom microphones. They only handle a handful of weight before you either have to pile sandbags on the legs or keep the attached equipment very, very lightweight. The Speaker stand (like this one), can hold over 100 pounds. This has changed the way I do video productions. The best thing about it is the mobility. Now I just roll the entire system into another room, with a different background. That’s super-cool!Read more

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Just arrived, and I’m impressed so far. These black-painted steel stands are both extremely lightweight and well-braced. I have my 32lb Yamaha powered speakers at about 6′ height on these stands and they are stable. It remains to be seen whether the plastic screw knobs hold up, but if not, I imagine I can replace the nuts and bolts at any hardware store. The manufacturer’s description “User needs a speaker on the stand to lower it because it lowers with weight” makes no sense to me. You put the pin through one of the holes in the upper tube to set its height, then screw the clutch on the lower tube to keep the pin resting on the lip of the lower tube, so it won’t fall out. You can raise or lower the upper tube with or without a speaker on it, provided you are strong enough.Read more

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  12. M. Geeman

    Ok I bought because the reviews were really good. got the product and both stands were really badly scratched. Upon closer inspection the clamps and closing pieces for thumbscrews and clipps that hold the speaker up are all plastic. These are rated for 100 lbs I am not sure these will hold up well with an 80+ lb speaker resting on it so I returned. I agree with some other posters that these maybe fine for lighter speakers just not the ones I have which are almost 80lbs. Overall the stands seemed to be designed well (just more attention to detail on the packaging to keep the stands from getting trashed in transit.) I just would not trust the plastic fixtures for longterm gigging use.Read more

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    Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands +Carry Bag/Universal Pair of Stands with Bag
    Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands +Carry Bag/Universal Pair of Stands with Bag

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